Ole Cafe at Mall Ambassador Satrio Karet Kuningan Jakarta

March 3rd, 2017. My sister told me about this new cafe around us. She said it’s her friends’ cafe. So, when I was on my way to a place nearby the cafe, I stopped by. It’s in the area of Mall Ambassador. Not in the mall, outside the mall to be exact, but still in the area. Ole Cafe.


Located near East Lobby of Mall Ambassador, it’s very easy to find the place. You just go to the last gate of the mall, and voila. When I arrived, there’s a bunch of people there, but after I took photos there, they went back to their office. Then, I ordered drink and pastry and sandwich. LOL. A lot, right? The place wasn’t big, but quite nice. They have indoor area and outdoor area for smokers. I sat at the indoor area. Small table and seat with cold AC and friendly barista. It’s really a nice place to have some me-time.

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Caffe Mocha 37k

My sister told me that their ice mocha was delicious. So I ordered the mocha, but the hot one. And it was very delicious. I could drink it because it’s more chocolaty than coffee. Amazing texture with rich flavour.


Chocolate Croissant 27k

It’s hard to finish the croissant, since it’s quite big, and my tummy was almost full. But I love the texture of the croissant. It’s crispy and crunchy at the outside, and fluffy at the inside. I guess they can make the filling more generous hahahaha..


Smoked Beef Sandwich 28k

I had to choose between 2 options. Chicken or Beef. I asked the barista and he said, “Beef.” So I chose beef. And it was delightful. He said that it’s homemade. Wow.. no wonder it’s tasty. Well, it’s not a special presentation. The appearance was just okay, not beautiful. But it’s not really a matter for me. Since I took photos from afar, nowadays hahaha..


Great job Ole Cafe. I think I will come back for your ice mocha hahahaha.. See you soon.

Ole Cafe
Jl. Prof. DR. Satrio No.14
Karet Kuningan, Jakarta
Phone: +62 813-1977-9770
IG: @olecafejkt

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