[EVENT] Celebrity Chef Joins in Aryaduta Hotel Group Relaunch

February 23rd, 2017. I was invited to a hotel event. A collaboration between Celebrity Chef with the Hotel Group. Actually I didn’t blogging for event anymore, since I realized that it’s not my thing, but I’ve never came to Aryaduta Hotel. I think it’s time for me to come inside the hotel LOL. And met Ollie, of course. So please enjoy my simple review about this event.


The event held in Ambiente Italian Restaurant. I met several bloggers and also met Chef Rinrin Marinka again. *hi Chef, looking beautiful as always* I came 11am, and they started the event around 12pm I guess. They delivers canapes and drinks. Then they did live cooking at first, then press conference, then they gave us small portions of the food for our lunch, then doorprize! Too bad I didn’t get any of their doorprizes. Well I guess I have to print new namecards. *big grin*

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“Back in the early 90s Aryaduta was a name associated with innovative dining concepts and it’s now time to reestablish that recognition and we found an ideal collaborator with local chef, Rinrin Marinka,” said Rob Cunningham, Group Director of Food & Beverage at Aryaduta Hotels Indonesia. Rob Cunningham says the tie up with Marinka is one that neatly matches Aryaduta’s vision as a dedicated patron to classic-modern Indonesian cuisine. “We see Indonesian gastronomy protected but also in transition, much like the position Thai food was at a few decades ago and it’s our desire to support the practice or art of choosing, cooking, and eating great Indonesian food.”

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Known amongst Indonesians as “Marinka,” the talented chef, restaurateur, MasterChef judge and host of Asian Food Channel’s Wonderful Indonesia Flavors, will design a signature menu of contemporary Indonesian dishes unveiled quarterly at Aryaduta Hotels throughout Indonesia. Her first menu launch event will be held Feb. 23-24 at Aryaduta Jakarta. “I push myself to cook uncompromising and authentic Indonesian dishes yet with a degree of finesse and an artistic French style of plating,” says Marinka. “There can be an engaging masquerade to good cooking and that’s where the fun comes in.”


Congratulations #AryadutaXMarinka

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