Toby’s Estate at PIK Avenue Mall Pantai Indah Kapuk Jakarta

January 24th, 2017. Finally! Visited the most talked coffee shop in town. *sigh* When they had opening event, I was in Bali. When everybody came to the place, I was in the middle of staycation. Well, so sad. I was left behind *crying* Hahahahahaha, that’s okaaaay..  I think everybody had their own reasons. So, after more than a month, finally I could come to the coffee shop with Cindy. Yaaaay. Toby’s Estate.


Located at PIK Avenue Mall, near the North Lobby, Toby’s Estate attracted everybody with the place, the coffee, the food and the ambiance. I was there around 9am, and there’s already a bunch of moms. Chatting, taking photos, chatting, taking photos, and so on. But I didn’t blame them. Toby’s Estate offered a really nice place to hang out with friends, social gathering for moms, or just doing some “me time.” Well, I don’t wanna bore you with story behind Toby’s Estate. You can find it elsewhere, in another blogs of course.

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Cappuccino 40k

Espresso, 65°C steamed milk, 2 cm milk foam

It tasted light but actually it’s very strong for me. I only tried a sip, and I had to take my medicine LOL. Yes! I couldn’t take strong coffee. Hohoho..


Ice Chocolate 55k

Cocoa and 65°C steamed milk

I ordered hot chocolate, and instead, I got ice chocolate. Hahaha. Fortunately I loved ice chocolate too. They offered to change the drink but I said no need. I could drink this as well. For me, the ice chocolate was very good. Not too milky, not too creamy, not too sweet. Perfect.


Eggs Benedict Brooklyn Style 125k

Poached eggs with ham and homemade hollandaise on a warm toasted brioche

Cindy ordered this one for us. When it came to our table, I spotted  the chilli powder on top of the poached eggs. Well, I asked Cindy to try it first. She said, “It’s spicy!” *cry* Well, I tried hard to ignore the spiciness LOL. Actually, we loved the toasted brioche. It was fluffy and very soft. They had 2 poached eggs, and only one that having a perfectly runny yolk. We loved the ham too. Tender and juicy. Such a perfect dish for us.

IMG_2516 IMG_2517 IMG_2520

Chocolate Cake 65k

Look at the cake. Drooling, right? But when I tried a bite, it’s a little bit dry. I was hoping that it was spongy or mushy. Lucky us, the chocolate paste was delicious. Not too sweet. The texture was overwhelming. But, I hope next time will be better.


It’s a little bit too late.. but.. Congratulations Toby’s Estate.

Toby’s Estate
PIK Avenue Mall GF Floor
Jl. Pantai Indah Kapuk
Kamal Muara, Jakarta
IG: @tobysestateid


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