Wilshire at Senopati Jakarta

January 31st, 2017. The place was previously opened in SCBD Foundry 8 area. I visited them one time, when Jktgo had event there. Around mid year 2015, they moved to Senopati. Well, I finally had time to visit this place at their new location. I came with Cindy and Hans. Then we met Fiona on the spot. Always happy to be around them. Well, I present to you, Wilshire.


We came on dinner time. Please pardon my photos’ quality. It’s too dark hahaha. Actually I had options to come on daylight, but most of my friends could join only after office work. Located on 2nd floor, it was easy to find because it’s on the roadside of Senopati. Elegant looks with friendly atmosphere. Basically, almost the same ambiance with the old Wilshire, but it’s more affectionate.

IMG_2746 IMG_2749IMG_2750


Whisky Shower 112k

Frangelico, Speyside Single Malt and Lemon.


Indonesia Lovers 105k

A perfect blend of Brandy, Chocolate, Cream and Cassava.



Tropical Rainforest 49k

A mocktail consisting of Strawberry, Apple, Pineapple, Orange, Lemon.


New Menu

Insane Fried Rice 65k

A new twist to traditional Indonesia fried rice that has been known as nasi goreng gila topped with sausage,
meatballs and tomato stir-fry.

I loved this. Even though, all the foodies said that it’s too watery, but I loved it!!! Very tasty with mouthwatering looks. Why insane? Because they heave absolutely everything into it. It’s like crazy hahaha.. That’s why they call it insane fried rice or crazy fried rice. And it made me crazy too.. nearly blew my head off..

IMG_2733 IMG_2739

Pepper Beef Sirloin Sandwich 145k

Focaccia bread sandwich, containing USDA Prime Sirloin, sauteed mushroom, monterey jack cheese, fried onion rings, mesclun and served with chips.

Prime Sirloin. Difficult to cut. But tasted delicious. Good thing they served it in slices inside the focaccia bread sandwich. Not my favourite, but I found it pretty good. Love the sauteed mushroom. 🙂



Chicken Tortilla Soup 85k

A chicken soup made with corn tortillas, red onion, sliced avocado, cilantro, lime and sour cream.

Never liked sliced avocado. *sobbing* Well, chicken soup was always good for rainy nite. But, I prefer without the avocado. Other than that, no complaint. Mix them together before consumed. One particular dish. You won’t find it easily in any other place.

IMG_2755 IMG_2759

Grilled BBQ Chicken Tacos 95k

Tacos containing guacamole, monterey jack cheese, red onion and cilantro.

Love it! Well, it’s not every day I would say a taco is a delicious starter. Taco is not my thing. But this one, different. Of course, I threw away the guacamole *sorry* but I ate the rest of the ingredients hihihi.. The grilled BBQ chicken was dabomb.


Main Course

Thai Coconut Roasted Pork Ribs 225k

with prik nahm pla sauce, the classic Thai condiment sauce and coconut stock cooked with pork ribs roasted.

The texture of the pork ribs was a little bit dry. But when you ate it, it was quite tender. Surprise!!! Hahaha.. That’s true. When Cindy cut it and put it in my plate, I wasn’t ready for a tender meat. I thought it will hard to chew because I look at the texture. But, it’s tender and tasted fantastic.


Pan Seared Dory Infused with Passionfruit 155k

Fresh passionfruit sauce poured over Pan Seared Dory and served with potato cubes.

The Pan Seared Dory was tender. Like, super tender. The passionfruit sauce was an innovative idea. It made the dish fresher. I didn’t eat the potato cubes. I was busy with the insane fried rice ahhahahha..



Chocolate Dream 65k

Comes as the latest addition for chocolate fans because it is made of dark chocolate ganache, chocolate glaze, vanilla ice cream, chopped caramelized cashew.

Not a fans of dessert anymore. Errr.. gotcha!! Hahahaha. I think those chocolate lovers will love this one. Not very pretty in presentation, but sure you will find it one delicious dessert.


Thank you Wilshire for the lovely dinner.

Jl. Senopati Raya No.64
Phone: +62 21 7228129
IG: @wilshirejkt