Heather Restaurant at Best Western Premier The Hive Cawang Jakarta

January 30th, 2017. I’ve been invited since a long time ago hahahaha.. And the inviter waited patiently until I said, “Yes, I can come on Monday.” LOL. So, that morning, my sister’s driver picked me up to her home. I asked my niece to join me. We drove to Best Western Premier The Hive and waited there to have lunch together. Heather Restaurant.


BEST WESTERN PREMIER The Hive is a five-star hotel offering urban luxury and infinite comfort in Eastern Jakarta. Conveniently located within 10 minutes drive from Halim Perdanakusuma Airport and strategically situated close to government offices, BEST WESTERN PREMIER The Hive is the perfect choice for both business and leisure.

I just found out that the name of the restaurant was Heather. It was quite bizzare, the name is like a girl name. Reminded me of hurricanes’ names. When I asked about the name, they said that it was a bee hive. There’s a honey called heather. It’s only in Scotland. Quite interesting, right?

IMG_2693 IMG_2694 IMG_2696 IMG_2697 IMG_2698

Mango Prawn Salad 75k

Salad with mango sauce was never my favourite. It’s always spicy and sour. But when it came to my table, I was stunned with the presentation. It was indeed very beautiful. Thank you Chef for making such a lovely dish for me.

IMG_2699 IMG_2700

Buntut Balado 75k

I asked Vivi *my lovely niece* to order this one, because they recommended this buntut balado for me, but I didn’t have courage to order this. Well, balado was definitely a spicy dish. That’s why I asked them to serve me another dish hahaha.. The Chef asked me what kind of dishes I want to try. And I said, “Surprise me!” Anyway, when Vivi tried this one, she told me that it’s not that spicy. It’s more like sweet-spicy. So I tried the buntut balado and I told the Chef, “It’s very delicious. Not spicy! Hohohoho me so happy.

IMG_2701 IMG_2702

Ayam Goreng Kremes Sambel Ijo 105k

I love this one. Surprisingly very good! The chicken was tender and flavourful and very tasty. Love the “kremes.” OMG! One of the best chicken dishes. The sambel ijo was also delicious. Not really spicy. And the aroma was mouthwatering. It’s very very recommended.

IMG_2703 IMG_2705

Classic Cheese Cake 45k

In love with the presentation. Tasted divine. But I didn’t really like cheese cake. Some of you must knew already about it hahahaha.. So, it’s just another cheese cake for me. But the texture was overwhelming. The cherry was a nice touch, though.

IMG_2706 IMG_2707

Thanks Heather and Best Western Premier The Hive for the lovely delicious lunch. Definitely a keeper.

Heather Restaurant
Best Western Premier The Hive Hotel
Jl. D.I Pandjaitan Kav. 3-4 Cawang
Phone: +62 21 2982 1888
IG: @bwpthehive



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