[SINGAPORE] Forty Hands at Tiong Bahru Singapore

January 14th, 2017. I never heard about this cafe even though it’s been opened since October 2010. They had facelift after 4 years, and reopened April 2014. It’s my first time there, and I adored the place. Well, it’s almost 7 years and a friend of mine still recommended this place to visit. So theContinue reading “[SINGAPORE] Forty Hands at Tiong Bahru Singapore”

La Maison Patisserie at Grand Indonesia East Mall Thamrin Jakarta

January 19th, 2017. I heard about this place some times ago. They said it’s the best macaron place in Medan. Now, we don’t have to go to Medan to find this one. They opened their first store in Jakarta. And I had the privilege to come with my best friend. I present to you. LaContinue reading “La Maison Patisserie at Grand Indonesia East Mall Thamrin Jakarta”