[BALI] Pork Star Restaurant Seminyak Bali

December 11th, 2016. I heard about this place even before it opened. LOL. Yes, I know the owners. I met them on May 2016 when they searched for a spot for their restaurant. And when I knew that they got the place, opened a restaurant, I was very happy. Finally, I visited them. Pork Star.


One of the owner of Pork Star was actually my Instagram buddy @nestdarmawan. When he came to Indonesia from Singapore, he brought his brother who happens to be a chef @andrisjuliawan. The chef has a girlfriend (now: wife) and introduced her to me @shantyjp. So I knew all 3 of them, hooraaaay. That’s why I had to try their food when I came to Bali. It’s a must.

Located in Nakula Street, it’s very easy to find because the colour of their container. It’s pink. Well, I never asked them why they chose pink colour. But I guess, it’s because pork is pink. Remember Miss Piggy? Piglet? LOL.

IMG_4264 IMG_4263
credit to @bali_porkstar

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Pork Dynamite 38k

Mozzarella Cheese Wrapped with Pork Bacon

Love it. Even though one of my friends didn’t like it, but I love it! Well, maybe because we ate it when it’s already cold, so the cheese wasn’t as melted as we hoped. But it tasted so good, I had this urge to order it again, but I didn’t do it. Too much pork in my blood hahahahaha

IMG_1008 IMG_1007


Pork Star’s Pork Belly 50k

Pork Belly with Steamed Rice or French Fries (or with Butter Rice additional 5k)
choice of sauce: Truffle of Blackpepper

It was one of the best pork belly! Well, I never liked roasted pork. It’s always hard to chew. But this pork belly.. an exceptional. It was tender and juicy and appetizing. The roasted skin was extraordinary. I could enjoy it very much. Just like I said before, everybody made it hard for me to chew the skin. But this one.. ugh.. marvelous! We chose Truffle sauce. And it was really really a hellacious choice. DABEST! Ooh, don’t forget to try their butter rice. Fantastic! Even though, I prefer steamed rice for this one. It will enhanced the truffle sauce flavour. Maybe for butter rice, you should try blackpepper sauce. Next time lah. 🙂

IMG_1003 IMG_1006

Nasi Campur Pork Star 48k

Steamed Rice with 4 Kinds of Pork (Babi Sambal Matah, Babi Sambal Hijau, Babi Rica-rica, and Dendeng)

Another best dish at Pork Star. One dish with 4 flavours. You could try all the good pork in the meal. They were all delicious in their own way. Even though I only tried the dendeng because it’s the one without sambal. LOL. But, the dendeng was scrumptious. I think I will try another dish when I come to Pork Star. I will come. Soon! Cannot wait!!!

IMG_1004 IMG_1005

Like I said before, I will come back to Pork Star. Be prepare, tummy! Hahahaha.. I think I will try all their menu. I will bring my husband’s super power tummy. LOL. Wait for us!

Pork Star Restaurant
Jl Nakula No.88 Ruko C
Seminyak, Bali
Phone: +62 818-817-760
IG: @bali_porkstar