[BALI] KAUM at Potato Head Beach Club Seminyak Bali

December 11th, 2016. Finally I had a chance to visit Potato Head Beach Club. It’s been too long, right? Well, it’s better late than never. And it’s worth it. The place is magnificent. But my visit to the club was actually to visit their latest restaurant. KAUM. Kaum, meaning “clan” or “tribe” in Indonesian, isContinue reading “[BALI] KAUM at Potato Head Beach Club Seminyak Bali”

[BALI] Pork Star Restaurant Seminyak Bali

December 11th, 2016. I heard about this place even before it opened. LOL. Yes, I know the owners. I met them on May 2016 when they searched for a spot for their restaurant. And when I knew that they got the place, opened a restaurant, I was very happy. Finally, I visited them. Pork Star.Continue reading “[BALI] Pork Star Restaurant Seminyak Bali”

[BALI] Expat. Roasters Seminyak Bali

December 11th, 2016. Coming to a new coffee shop was always a fun thing to do. Especially when you’re coming with your friends. You could order many beverages and pastries, took many photos, and reviewed it in your blog. It’s so happy to have many friends. That’s what friends are for. Ok back to thisContinue reading “[BALI] Expat. Roasters Seminyak Bali”

[HOTEL] Ramada ENCORE Bali Seminyak – Deluxe Pool Side Room

March 23rd, 2016. Last day at Bali, I stayed at hotel in Seminyak area. I will tell you about my previous hotel after this. I went there with Uber. A nice driver. He said that Uber wasn’t allow at the area, so I asked him to wait for me because I needed to go toContinue reading “[HOTEL] Ramada ENCORE Bali Seminyak – Deluxe Pool Side Room”

[BALI] Petitenget Restaurant & Bar Seminyak Bali

January 19th, 2016. We arrived at a cafe in Petitenget. I heard it’s quite famous in Bali. Ah by the way, it’s called PETITENGET. *big grin* Since opening in 2012 PETITENGET has established itself as a food destination in the culinary scene in Bali. Our commitment to adapting our menu with locally sourced produces is reflectedContinue reading “[BALI] Petitenget Restaurant & Bar Seminyak Bali”

[BALI] Warung Cahaya Seminyak Bali

January 19th, 2016. Finally. Another pork dish. OMG. Bali is heaven for pork lover like me. So when I went to Bali, I always searching for new pork place. And yes, this was another mouthwatering place to eat pork. Warung Cahaya. Located in Jalan Dewi Ratih, Nakula, Warung Cahaya isn’t so big. It’s like aContinue reading “[BALI] Warung Cahaya Seminyak Bali”

[BALI] Corner House Seminyak Bali

January 19th, 2016. Last day in Bali. OMG! I remember, I didn’t wanna go home. Huhuhuhu *sobbing* I wanna stay forever in Bali. But yeah, life goes on. I had to go back to reality. But before that, let me enjoy the day. Corner House. Located in Kayu Aya, Kerobokan, Corner House both expressed feminineContinue reading “[BALI] Corner House Seminyak Bali”

[BALI] Sisterfields Cafe Seminyak Bali

January 17th, 2016. Let’s start our BALI culinary journey. First destination. Sisterfields. Sisterfields represents the iconic café culture of Australia, bringing a love of good food and great coffee to the heart of Seminyak, Bali. A favourite catch up spot for the island’s in-crowds and travelling foodies, Sisterfields serves an all-day breakfast, brunch and lunchContinue reading “[BALI] Sisterfields Cafe Seminyak Bali”

[HOTEL] W Retreat & Spa Bali Seminyak

March 22nd, 2014. Finally, W Retreat & Spa Bali at Seminyak. Thanks to Hans, me and hubby could stay there for 2 nights. We couldn’t thank you enough. The place was amazingly beautiful. Until now, we still feel grateful for those days. And, yes, we stayed last year. Yes, very very late post. But, better lateContinue reading “[HOTEL] W Retreat & Spa Bali Seminyak”

The Holy Crab Petitenget Bali

January 9th, 2015. I was invited to The Holy Crab for new information. Btw, you can see my previous review about this place Just click here. So, what’s the news? Yes. Holy Crab is swimming to Bali. Yaaaay.. And this gathering was for introducing their new menus. It’s a new “dessert.” LOL. The Holy Crab introducedContinue reading “The Holy Crab Petitenget Bali”