[BALI] KAUM at Potato Head Beach Club Seminyak Bali

December 11th, 2016. Finally I had a chance to visit Potato Head Beach Club. It’s been too long, right? Well, it’s better late than never. And it’s worth it. The place is magnificent. But my visit to the club was actually to visit their latest restaurant. KAUM.


Kaum, meaning “clan” or “tribe” in Indonesian, is an authentic Indonesian restaurant from the Potato Head Family. Before launching the first two outlets in Hong Kong and then Bali, the team behind Kaum embarked on an exotic culinary expedition, travelling across the archipelago to learn about the indigenous cooking methods, exotic ingredients, and authentic flavours of Indonesia’s tribal communities.

The uncommon view from the entrance. They have things like a statue with birds, horse saddle, etc. It’s a very traditional things. I think people will love taking photos of them.

IMG_0931 IMG_0930 IMG_0928 IMG_0927

The dining room of Kaum Bali was thoughtfully designed to reflect the rich culture and traditional craftsmanship of Indonesia. Concrete wall panels have been stamped with motifs from genuine Torajan wood carvings, known as pa’sura (or “the writing”). Bespoke ceramic tableware by Gaya is used for serving and the long communal table in the centre encourages guests to eat in the traditional family-style manner of Indonesia’s tribes.

Located on the second floor of Potato Head Beach Club, KAUM is really beautiful. Comfortable ambiance with Balinese atmosphere all around us. Actually we had to wait downstair before the place opened. Love the view of course. So many gorgeous western guys hahahaha.. Me and my flirty eyes. LOL. But when it’s time to go upstair, I had to leave the beautiful scenery.. errr.. “scenery” hahaha..

IMG_0923 IMG_0926 IMG_0972 IMG_0973 IMG_0964 IMG_0965 IMG_0935

Coconut Water 50k

Beautiful presentation. Different from other place that use the coconut shell, they used a pretty glass jar.



Rocket Juice 65k

Strawberry, pomegranate juice, citrus & bar-made rosella syrup. Shaken & served long.

Love this one. Fresh and very pretty in colour. Such an eye-opener.


Indo Calypso 65k

Mango, citrus, pineapple & sugar cane juices. Built & served tall with dried pineapple & grated nutmeg

It’s really combination between mango and pineapple. The mango didn’t overpowered the pineapple. And vice-versa.

IMG_0939 IMG_0940


Cappuccino 45k

Equal parts of espresso & steamed milk, a hint of foamed milk



Urutan Babi Sambal Bawang 75k

Sautéed Balinese house made pork sausage served with spicy shallot & red chilli relish

I was surprised when the dish came to our table. It’s supposed in the category of small plates. Turned out, it was quite big for starter hahaha.. Actually I didn’t know there’s a dish named Urutan. It was in fact a traditional pork sausage from Bali. It’s a spicy, so I didn’t eat much.



Sambal Rica Rica 30k

Crushed lemongrass, ginger, red chilli & fresh lime juice relish


Ayam Betutu Klungkung 225k

Slowly roasted free range baby chicken filled with mixed Balinese spices & wrapped in banana leaves

It arrived on our table in a pot with a lid. Delicious aroma came out once it opened. The presentation maybe a little bit in a mess, but it surely tantalizing. A little bit different from any other betutu dishes. It’s wrapped in banana leaves. It’s not steamed, but roasted. I just knew that there’s two kinds of betutu. Steamed or roasted. I used to eat the steamed one, so now it’s time for the roasted, I guess. It was one of the best dishes there. I think my friends agreed with me. Tender and flavourful. Recommended!


Udang Bakar dengan Pacri Nanas 280k

Grilled jumbo prawns served with pickled spicy pineapple

Delicious and fresh jumbo prawns, combined with pickled spicy pineapple. Superb! The texture of the prawns were impeccable. Fresh and juicy. That’s what we need in prawns, right? Such a drooling dish!

Pacri is a traditional dish from Malay, using fruits or vegetables.



Naturally grown Jatiluwih specialty rice

Nasi Putih 20k

Steamed white rice


Nasi Goreng Cabe Asap 130k

Wok fried rice with home smoked chilli paste, fresh prawns, fermented krill, lemon basil & stinky beans

I hoped they ordered pork fried rice, but turned out they ordered another fried rice. Hahahaha.. But, I had to admit that this fried rice wasn’t a disappointment at all. The fresh prawns added a really nice touch for this fried rice. Also love the texture of the rice. Excelent. One recommended dish here. It’s spicy, but my friends really know me too well. They asked for a less spicy dish. Thanks guys. *happy face*



Terong Balado 65k

Sautéed eggplant with a garlic, shallot & red chilli sauce

I love eggplant!!! My mom’s eggplant dish was my favourite. Well, everything my mom cooked was my favourites! *love you mom* Back to this dish. They used a lot of shallot, amazing! And I love texture of the eggplant. But maybe they could cut it thinner. I prefer that way. LOL. Me and my ego. Well, I love their terong balado because I could enjoy the spiciness. Thanks to less spicy option.

IMG_0963 IMG_0958


Klappertaart 75k

Coconut bread pudding, coconut sorbet, chocolate meringue & rum-soaked raisins

Never put Klappertaart as a favourite dessert. But, they said their Klappertaart is their best-seller. So, yeah, let’s try it. And it was delicious. The coconut bread pudding was almost perfect. It just needed more rum in the pudding. LOL. It will be 100% perfect! Hihihi.. Btw, the coconut sorbet was also very good.

IMG_0969 IMG_0971

Kacang Mete Karamel 75k

Flores cashew nuts, coconut shortbread, Amed sea salt, caramel & Bedugul vanilla ice cream

Love the coconut shortbread. Well, maybe because we’re in the beach area, our desserts were about coconut hahaha. I didn’t really like coconut, but I could eat it. So, it’s okay for me to order coconut desserts. The Bedugul vanilla ice cream enhanced the flavour of the coconut shortbread.

Amed Sea Salt: Smooth and delicate, this local salt is processed by just 32 craftsmen using aged coconut trunks, giving it a clean taste with no bitterness. As a certified Geographical Indication product from Indonesia, Amed sea salt is used to season all of the dishes at Kaum Bali.



Kopi Martini 130k

Kettle One vodka & coffee bean infused arak, Mexican coffee liqueur, double shot of espresso & a dash of spiced sugar syrup

Perfectly end those delicious meal of the day.


Happy tummy! All of the dishes were perfectly delicious. I heard they will open in Jakarta. Cannot wait!!! Please come quickly! By the way, thanks KAUM for the nice lunch. It was indeed a memorable moment in my Bali holiday. Keep up the good work!

Potato Head Beach Club
Jl. Petitenget 51B
Seminyak, Bali
Phone: +62 361 300 7990
IG: @kaumrestaurant

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