[BALI] Elgin Avenue Cafe Kerobokan Bali

December 11th, 2016. After a coffee shop, we headed to a cafe for heavy meal. I never heard about this place. I thought it will be like a modern cafe, judging from the name, but turned out it’s not very very modern. They still had this Balinese ambiance with the table and big umbrella in the facade. Before I talk too much, I present to you. Elgin Avenue Cafe.


Away from the hustle of Sunset Road Seminyak, Elgin Avenue Cafe offers a very simple ambiance with comfortable black and white furnitures for indoor area. High ceiling, definitely a perfect choice for cute cafe. It will look cozier. They have back area that much bigger, but I have no idea the function.

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It’s so hot inside, I think their AC wasn’t working at all. And the food was taking so long to come to our table. And they couldn’t turn off the light because their kitchen will be dark. Yup, all the lights were connecting hahah.. Well, I hope they fixed their AC. It’s too hot!

Simple Ice Tea 18k

I almost killed someone because it’s too hot, but good thing, they had this simple ice tea. Cold and very thirst-quenching.


Elgin Big Breakfast 75k

Chipolattas, egg (your way), grilled tomato, bacon, sautéed mushroom and sourdough toast or hashbrown

They’re not just exaggerating the name of the dish. It’s indeed big breakfast. The perfect sunny side up, golden runny egg yolk, with delicious hashbrown and those freaking crispy bacon. Don’t forget about the mushroom. It was well-seasoned with perfect texture. The chipolattas caught my attention right away. It was different from any other big breakfast. Other place used sausages. But, do not judge by the size.  It was very delightful in every bite. I tip my hat to this dish.

A chipolata is a type of fresh sausage, believed to have been created in France, similar to Italian sausage but often prepared as a relatively thin and short breakfast-style sausage, often grilled rather than fried.


Elgin Crispy Egg Benedict 70k

Deep fried bread crumbed Poach egg on sourdough, ham & smashed avocado with hollandaise sauce

There’s a difference about this egg benedict from other places. They had their poach egg in a deep fried break crumbed. It gave a nice touch to the taste. More texture with perfectly appetizing taste. I didn’t like avocado, so sorry for the smashed avocado, I cannot tell you the taste of it. But it was surely generous avocado LOL. So my opinion about this dish. Big Applause!

IMG_0913 IMG_0917

Rich and Creamy Scramble 55k

Buttery smooth scramble egg with roast cherry tomato, mushroom and sourdough toast

Always love scramble egg. I think you cannot go wrong with this dish. It’s the simplest egg dish. And Elgin could make this dish not as simple as it should be. The mushroom and sourdough toast added a luscious touch to the dish. And the buttery smooth scramble egg never looked sexier.


I will come to this place again for their egg dishes. Drooling now, literally.

Elgin Avenue Cafe
Jl. Mertanadi, Kerobokan Kelod
Bali 80361
Phone: +62 877-6131-4449
IG: @elginavenue

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