XCoffee at Neo Tendean Hotel Jakarta

March 31st, 2017. I knew there will be a new coffee shop around Tendean area. I didn’t know the concept, I didn’t know the atmosphere, I didn’t know everything about it. But, I couldn’t wait to come there. So, let’s start the simple review about this new one. XCoffee


Located inside Neo Tendean Hotel, XCoffee wasn’t a fancy coffee shop or that kind of coffee shop that intrigue you to do #OOTD. It’s just a coffee shop inside a hotel. But, it’s by the pool, so it’s really comfortable. Actually they’re not 100% ready, because they still want to change the sofa and the coffee machine. But, overall, I love the place. Small but cozy. Why X? Don’t you remember, when you learned in school, some calculations in homework, wanted us to find X? The owner told us, that’s why she chose the name X Coffee. She wants people to find the coffee shop. Remember, find the X, not your E(X). LOL.

IMG_5646 IMG_5647 IMG_5648 IMG_5650 IMG_5651 IMG_5663 IMG_5669 IMG_5670 IMG_5658

x-a 30k

kopi + susu almond

coffee with almond milk. freshly made-by-order by the barista. served on a plastic cup, it’s really a good coffee. i don’t know about others, but i think this is one delicious coffee. the almond milk added a creamy flavour and nutty texture to the coffee. recommended.


x-ac 35k

kopi + susu almond + chia seed

well, it’s literally x-a with foam and chia seed. sweet and soft chia seed enhanced the flavour of the coffee, of course. and it’s healthier hahaha. they pack a mean nutritional punch and high in fiber. its the first ever coffee shop in jakarta using the mix of freshly brewed coffee and organic chia seeds. hmm.. 


z-co 20k

cookies shot [kopi + susu dingin]

a unique way to serve coffee. i knew that dominique ansel made a cookie shot. and after that i think several places in jakarta made it also. but, it’s the first time i tried it. it’s really cute. but since i didn’t really like cookies, i let aline finish it.


z-co2 20k

cone shot [kopi + susu]

i captured a similar cone shot last year at another coffee shop in serpong area. i didn’t try the cone shot, but this time i tried. it’s coffee with milk and served in a cone. the cone coated in chocolate. tasted delicious. and again, i let aline finished it. hahahaha..

IMG_5660 IMG_5661

Welcome XCoffee. Congratulations on your opening. Cannot wait to be back again.

Hotel Neo Tendean
Jl. Wolter Monginsidi No.131
Phone: +62 877 1818 1000
IG: @xcoffee.id

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