Hardware Lane at Pluit Jakarta

April 1st, 2017. Actually I planned to go to this new place on Sunday, but this morning, when I strew flowers with family at Ancol, my sister asked me to accompany her to the same place. So, we went to Pluit area and tried this new venue. Hardware Lane.


Located at Pluit Indah Raya, it’s very easy to find it. Occupied a nice area, Hardware Lane will be one of my favourite place when in Pluit. Spacious parking area with comfortable ambiance inside the place. They also have and outdoor space for smoking area. Open kitchen concept, so we can see what they’re doing inside the kitchen. The people were very friendly. Funny thing, when I saw the chef, I asked the barista there, “Excuse me. Your Chef is quite familiar. Who is he?” And when he told me, I was like, “OMG! No wonder!” Hello Chef Ridwan. Long time no see. And turned out, he’s one of the owners. Nice job, Chef.

IMG_5720 IMG_5719 IMG_5723 IMG_5722 IMG_5748 IMG_5726 IMG_5727 IMG_5733 IMG_5734 IMG_5729 IMG_5724 IMG_5735 IMG_5732 IMG_5730 IMG_5736 IMG_5725

Ice Green Latte 40k

Love it! It’s very very good. Not too sweet and not too bitter. Just perfect for my taste bud.


Ice Lychee Tea 33k

Nothing to complain.


White 7 Oz 35k

A shot of espresso with 210ml of milk steamed up to 65C for maximum sweetness (latte/flatwhite)

My sister asked the barista to make it lighter. And it was very very light hahaha. It’s like latte with a hint of coffee. Even I prefer they made it stronger. LOL.


Poutine 58k

French fries, sunny side up, streaky bacon or beef bacon, onion gravy, cheddar cheese sauce, cream cheese, fresh parsley.

We just had breakfast, so we chose to eat light. They told us that poutine is delicious but not pretty enough to be captured. Well, challenge accepted! Hahahaha. I ordered poutine and took pretty photos. LOL. Look below, please. Very pretty, right? And it was sure as can be, a delicious one. Love the texture of the french fries. It’s really good with the cheddar cheese sauce and cream cheese. And the sunny side up enhanced the creamy of the dish. I wish I could order white rice!! *big grin* And by the way, I need a bigger streaky bacon. Pretty please!

IMG_5742 IMG_5740 IMG_5744 IMG_5745

Overall, Hardware Lane is one recommended place to visit. Since they open at 7am, it’s really convenient for those early birds. Great job, Hardware Lane!

Hardware Lane
Jl. Pluit Indah Raya No.33
Pluit, Jakarta
Phone: +62 21 22664594
IG: @hardwarelanejkt