Dancing Goat Coffee Co. at Puri Kencana Kembangan Jakarta

February 28th, 2017. When I heard the name, I was interested. It’s such a thrilling name for a coffee shop. And I was very curious. But, before I asked to the people there, Ivan had already asked his friend that happened to be one of the owners there. And it’s a new fact for me. Dancing Goat.


Once upon a time, there was an Ethiopian goat herder named Kaldi. He noticed that when his flock nibbles on the bright red berries of a certain bush, they became more energetic, dancing and jumping around. Kaldi tried the berries himself and felt exhilarated; so he brought the berries to an Islamic monk in a nearby monastery. The monk disapproved of their use and threw them into a fire, resulting in an enticing aroma. The roasted beans were quickly raked from the embers, ground up, and dissolved in hot water, yielding the world’s first cup of coffee.

Well, such a legendary story. But it’s my first time hearing about this one. As a matter of fact, I think many people was just like me. LOL. Dancing Goat have 2 levels. And when I saw the 2nd level, I chose to be there. It’s more spacious with more beautiful set. Please enjoy my modest review with several photos.

IMG_4104 IMG_4106 IMG_4107 IMG_4110 IMG_4111 IMG_4108 IMG_4109 IMG_4112 IMG_4115 IMG_4116 IMG_4113

Cappuccino 31k

Love the cappuccino because it’s light. For some coffee lovers, they will say that it’s too milky. Well, we cannot make everybody happy, right? LOL. But, I love the presentation. I don’t know why. It’s just lovely, for me.


Frozen Matcha Affogato 38k

A cute drink. Special beverage, I guess. The word affogato comes from the Italian affogare, meaning to drown,  in which a scoop of ice cream is submerged in a shot of espresso. And they use matcha instead of espresso. A very nice substitute, since I cannot drink espresso hahahaha..


Chocolate Salted Caramel Tart 37k

LOVE LOVE LOVE! It’s very sweet, but since I drink matcha, it’s a great combination. The texture is superb. I could still taste it right now, while blogging about this. Please someone, send this tart to me. Right here! Right now! Such an indulging tart. The perfect end to any special meal!


Definitely will be back for the tart. LOL!

Dancing Goat Coffee Co.
Ruko Grand Puri Niaga
Jl. Puri Kencana Blok K6/2P
Kembangan, Jakarta
Phone: +62 815-1400-4176
IG: @dgcoffeeco