Three Folks Coffee Creamery and More at Taman Aries Jakarta

February 28th, 2017. I heard this place from barista who works at the coffee shop that I came earlier. Well, I was a little bit shocked actually. Because it’s not common for a barista to tell other people about another coffee shop. Sometimes people kept something a secret to their friends. So, it’s really nice for him to tell us about the new coffee shop. Three Folks.


Located at Rukan Aries Niaga, it’s not hard to find, especially when you go there with a person that live nearby hahaha.. The place isn’t spacious. Quite small with Japanese ambiance. When I asked them, why Japanese. The owners told us, “Because we love Japan.” As simple as that. And if you see their logo, it’s a octopus. Why octopus? They are very proud to serve three things: specialty coffee, artisanal ice cream, and more. And octopus has three hearts. See the connection?

IMG_4128 IMG_4126 IMG_4137 IMG_4139 IMG_4133

We were full from previous places, so we only ordered 1 drink and 1 cake. So please enjoy my very very simple review. 🙂

Earl Grey Macchiato 25k

I didn’t really like earl grey, but the word “macchiato” made me wanna try this drink. And it was worth the try. It was delicious. I thought it would be like milk tea, but turned out it’s very different. It’s really extraordinary. They told me that it’s one of their signature. Please order this one when you’re there. Stunning.

IMG_4130 IMG_4132

Baileys Brownies 28k

It’s a marvelous thing how a mint leaf could make a different impression. When I took up the mint leaf, it’s just a plain brownies. Not attractive. But when I put back, it looked very dazzling. Ok, stop talking about the looks. Let’s talk about the taste. It’s delicious but I prefer more baileys. And the texture was overwhelming. Moist and tender. Addicting!


Great job Three Folks. Hope to visit you again for more drinks and food.

Three Folks Coffee Creamery and More
Rukan Aries Niaga
Jl. Taman Aries Blok A1 – 3E.
Phone: +62 21 5300301
IG: @three_folks

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