Giyanti Coffee Roastery at Surabaya Menteng Jakarta

January 2nd, 2017. I came to this coffee roastery several times. First time I came with Hans and Aline. A long time ago. It’s a small place with cozy ambiance. I took some photos, but since I wasn’t that active at the time, I forgot to post it on my blog. Then I came after that several times with different friends. But I only took photos for flatlay. And now I heard that they expanded the place. When Hans asked me to visit the place, I agreed to join him. Giyanti Coffee Roastery.


Giyanti opened its door on *if I’m not mistaken* November 2012. And it’s been the best coffee since then. Hendrik Halianto, the name behind the magic hand, put his effort to this coffee roastery. A lot of coffee lovers recommended this place to be the best. Well, maybe not the perfect one, but one of the best coffee places. And I always recommended Giyanti to all of coffee lovers. When they asked me, where to go for coffee, I said, “Giyanti! Best!” And when they tried the coffee there, they agreed with me. They always return.

IMG_2819 IMG_2822 IMG_2823 IMG_2824 IMG_2820 IMG_2838 IMG_2839 IMG_2837 IMG_2821

When I stepped inside the new area at Giyanti, I fell in love all over again. It was very lovely. Such a comfortable place to hang out with friends. And I was happy to see that the place was very crowded. Ah don’t forget that Giyanti opening hours is Tuesday to Saturday on 9:30am to 5:30pm. And I think I will come back soon. I will sit on the second floor. *tag my seat* 🙂 By the way, I met Hendrik, and he still remember the first time I went there. I was impressed! Hahaha..

IMG_2827 IMG_2826 IMG_2816 IMG_2810 IMG_2808 IMG_2812 IMG_2811 IMG_2809 IMG_2813 IMG_2815 IMG_2817 IMG_2828 IMG_2814 IMG_2843 IMG_2845 IMG_2846 IMG_2844 IMG_2848

Ok now it’s time to order drinks and food. Actually I arrived there with Cindy first. Then we waited for Hans to come.


Ice Mocca Melt 47k

When I told them that I couldn’t drink coffee, they suggested mocca, with less coffee. They gave the *very very very very weak* notes LOL. And I loved my ice mocca melt. Tasted like coffee, but safe for my tummy. Definitely will order this one again.


Cappuccino 44k


Almond Butter Croissant 45k

Actually, we thought about to wait for Hans to order the pastry. But then, my sister recommended this one when I did IG live. I remember that I used to order this, so yeah, one almond butter croissant, please! And it’s still one of the best! Love the texture, love the flavour, love everything about it. Too bad I had to share it with Cindy and Hans. Next time, I won’t give a d*mn about sharing. It’s all mine!


Carrot Cake

Nice one. It’s Hans’ order. I tried a bite, and I could say it’s really good. Not weird as any other carrot cake. Well, carrot cake was never my favourite though.


Keep up the good work Giyanti. It’s very hard to maintain a fantastic job. But, it’s almost 5 years since the opening, and you’re still the best. Kudos!

Giyanti Coffee Roastery
Jl. Surabaya No. 20
Menteng, Jakarta
Phone: +62 21 31923698
IG: @giyanticoffee

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