[EVENT] Chinese High Tea at Keraton Lounge, Keraton at the Plaza Thamrin Jakarta

February 1st, 2017. Chinese New Year 2017 had passed. But I still felt the vibe. So, when there’s an invitation to enjoy Chinese High Tea, I was excited. After matching the schedule, finally we had a date compromise hahaha. So, let’s start the elegant high tea time. Keraton Lounge.


Located in Keraton of The Plaza, Keraton Lounge was an elegant and classy lounge. I’ve been there several times and still amazed by their ambiance. But, their hospitality was one of the best.

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Keraton Lounge announced its latest exclusive high tea selection, for Chinese New Year 2017, called Chinese High Tea. The Executive Chef, Gennaro Avagnale have created the most tantalizing sweet and savory Chinese-themed canapés inspired by the traditional Chinese cuisine. Chinese High Tea served in a sophisticated and elegant all-white drawer. The drawer gives curiosity to all high tea lovers who will discover more when they slide open the drawers. The Chinese High Tea is available all day only from January 16, 2017 until March 5, 2017 at 298k++ per set for two persons including 2 pot of TWG tea of your choice.

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Silver Moon Tea

A TWG Tea blend of green teas accented with a grand berry and vanilla bouquet. Suave, with just a hint of spice. A tea for that special moment.


Tier 1

chicken wonton, tapioca pearls and cassava in coconut milk, moon cake, sticky rice with jelly

I love the tapioca pearls and cassava in coconut milk. It’s not extremely sweet. The chicken wonton was delicious. Crunchy and crispy. Finger-licking good. There’s fortune cookies. Tempting to open it, it said: “Your heart is a place to draw true happiness.” Nice!

IMG_2796 IMG_2795 IMG_2798

Tier 2

sweet potato mantou, matcha ganache praline, chinese steamed cupcake

Surprisingly the sweet potato mantou was delicious. No need to say anything about the matcha ganache praline. It’s always good hahahaha. The chinese steamed cupcake was better eating while it’s warm.


Tier 3

duck pancake, onde onde, short rib steamed bun

Love the duck pancake. And they told me that everybody loves it. The onde onde was my less favourite. It’s too hard to chew. The short rib steamed bun was delightful. Love the texture of the bun. Fluffy and soft.


Tier 4

green bean scone, red bean scone

Not too hard, like any other scones.


Thank you Keraton for the great hospitality. Thank you for the beautiful and elegant Chinese High Tea drawers. 🙂

Keraton Lounge
Keraton the Plaza
Jalan M.H. Thamrin No.15
Jakarta 10350
Phone: +62 21 50680000
IG: @keratonjakarta

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