The People’s Cafe (New Outlet) Grand Indonesia West Mall Thamrin Jakarta

January 9th, 2017. I didn’t plan anything this morning, when my friend texted me and asked me to join him. “Come here. I’m at The People’s Cafe Grand Indonesia.” I was stunned. “What?” He said, “Yes, they’re opening today. Come!” And so I came. The People’s Cafe.


Located at the same level in Grand Indonesia, The People’s Cafe opened their new outlet. It’s bigger and more comfortable. I love it! Still with friendly gesture and hospitality from the people. I really felt at home here. By the way, they have their own smoking area. Cool right? Well I won’t make a long review. Just a simple one. Yes, because I don’t like complicated things. Hahahaha.. *big grin*

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Crispy Hot Tofu 35k

Slices of crispy fried tofu. Served with sweet chili soy sauce



Nasi Uduk Ayam Goreng 50k

Indonesian style steamed rice cooked in coconut milk. Served with fried chicken, sweet soy egg, stir fried tempeh & tofu, fried glass noodle, crackers & lalapan

Love the fried chicken. But I think I prefer more coconut milk in the rice. And please make the texture of the rice softer. Well, I know everybody has their own palate. This review based on my judging hahahaha.. Well, it’s still delicious, for sure.

IMG_1922 IMG_1923

Salted Egg Chicken 45k

Chunks of deep fried battered chicken coated with salted egg yolk sauce & fragrant curry leaves. Served with rice & a sunny side up egg

Still the best dish at The People’s Cafe. If you haven’t tried this, please do. Please! It’s heaven in your mouth. The chicken was appetizing. Tender and juicy. The salted egg yolk sauce was superb. Perfect way to eat the chicken. OMG! I finished a portion almost by myself, and now I still craving it while writing about it. LOL!


Mie Nyonya Bun 38k

Egg noodles with minced chicken, mushroom & vegetables. Served with fried wonton. With beef meatballs add 10k

Love the texture of the noodle. Slim. I hate thick noodle. And yes, you should order additional beef meatballs. A great bonus in your noodle. I didn’t try the fried wonton. I let my friend finished it. By the way, pour the broth into the noddle. Another boost for the noodle. Perfect!


Mie Ireng Dori 48k

Charcoal infused noodles with fried dory, topped with spicy sambal

I didn’t try this one. Too spicy for me. But, many people loved it. So, I was sure, it must be very good. Maybe I will try this one, next time. And ask them to make it not so spicy. Hahaha..


Thanks The People’s Cafe and Ismaya. Always a favourite.

The People’s Cafe
Grand Indonesia Mall
5th floor West Mall
Jl. MH Thamrin
IG: @thepeoplescafe

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