Coffee AYA at Muara Karang Jakarta

January 2nd, 2017. There were new places at the end of 2016 and I didn’t have a chance to come to those places. Some of my friends had been there, and I felt a little left behind, so yeah, on the second day of 2017, I wanted to try a new place. There’s a coffee shop just opened currently. We headed right away to the place. Coffee AYA.


Located in the busy area at Muara Karang, Coffee AYA offers a different atmosphere by the time you step inside. A minimalist ambiance with simple colour all over the place. They have 2 levels. The first one is a very humble milieu with only cement as seats. The second level is more relaxed with wooden furnitures and comfortable seats. It’s one lovely place if you’re tired with common places in Jakarta.

The name AYA derived from a couple of different origins. For our case we focus on the japanese word origin. In japanese the word AYA means design and beautiful. Also in the Arabic word meaning amazing and wonderful. In which these two origins reflects what we want our coffee and cafe to be.

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Surely Someday Kitchen‘s Cookies

Black Sesame (15k for 3 pcs), Caramel Sea Salt (15k for 3 pcs), Cocoa Earl Grey (15k for 4 pcs), Honey Lavender (15k for 4 pcs) and Pandan (15k for 3 pcs)


Cotton and Tartlets

Specializing in hand-crafted tart in a bite size.


Cappucino 37k

For those who loved strong cappuccino, they won’t find it there. Their cappuccino was light and milky. In fact, I was the one that finish the cappuccino hahahaha..


Matcha 32k

I thought I ordered matcha latte. Evidently, it’s matcha tea. My hubby tried it first, then he told me, it’s not sweet at all. LOL. Yeah, it’s matcha tea. It’s tea with matcha flavour. Prefer matcha latte *sigh*


Chocolate 32k

The iced chocolate was just okay. I needed a darker chocolate. And I also didn’t like the texture of the iced chocolate. It’s like they put crumbs in the iced chocolate. Hope they will make it a better one for me next time.


Congratulations Coffee AYA for your opening. Good luck!

Coffee AYA
Jl. Muara Karang Z8 No 19
Pluit, Jakarta
Phone: +62 21 26080486
IG: @coffee.aya



  1. lah, loe ngerasa ketinggalan apalagi gw ??? list gw makin memanjang sampe gw bingung mo kemana dulu LOL

      1. gw ud ga pernah list-in saking ketinggalan banyak. sistem pasrah aja. paling kalo mau intip blog kalian2 hahahaha

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