Kopi Kotaku at Wijaya 1 Petogogan Jakarta

October 12th, 2017. Finally I could come to Kopi Kotaku. I heard about them before they opened. Sorry, forgot who gave me the information about them. They opened September 23rd, and I couldn’t come *sobbing* yeah, I was in Tangerang at the time. After Tangerang, I went to Singapore, then Pontianak. Well, finally today I came yaaaay.


When I arrived at the place, I fell in love with their simplicity. There’s one barista there. And he helped me to choose which coffee to order. Then, my eyes opened so wide when I saw there’s rice menu LOL. After ordered coffee and food, I went around the place to take photos. They have semi private room with 2 long tables and cold AC. Yes, I sat there. All by myself. Hahahaha. They also have smoking area at the back. It’s a really nice place.

IMG_6469 IMG_6470 IMG_6471 IMG_6473 IMG_6474 IMG_6476 IMG_6475 IMG_6482 IMG_6477 IMG_6481 IMG_6478 IMG_6487 IMG_6486 IMG_6480 IMG_6479 IMG_6485 IMG_6484 IMG_6483

Ice Daily KOTAKU 20k

Well, before I arrived, I thought that I have to try their es kopi susu. So I ordered this one. Well for me it’s a lil bit too milky. But it’s my fault. I told the barista to make it with more milk. That’s why, right? But, tasted so good. Maybe next time I tried the original dose. 🙂

IMG_6489 IMG_6488

Almond Croissant 35k

They have their croissant with the texture a bit dense. It’s not too crumbly. Not too sweet. Perfect almond croissant.

IMG_6490 IMG_6491

RICE BOWL by Panic Pantry
Salted Egg Chicken 41k

Yup, it’s a must to try salted egg chicken dish. Hahaha. Well, honestly, I think they can do better with this one. The salted egg sauce was.. hmm.. what should I say ya.. they need to make it bolder. Make it richer, I will fall in love, trust me! Next time I should try the gyutan don and gyusteak don hahahaha..

IMG_6493 IMG_6492

Congratulations Kopi Kotaku. Definitely will visit again soon!

Kopi Kotaku
Jl. Wijaya I No.73
Petogogan, Jakarta
Phone: +62 813 1724 9555
IG: @kopikotaku


Kula Coffee House at Kavling DKI Meruya Jakarta

September 15th, 2017. Before I went to our staycation in Cengkareng area, I visited Kula Coffee House first.


Located in Bamed Healthcare, Kula occupied a petite area just next to the pharmacy. I almost missed the place, actually. So lucky, I can read maps. LOL. But I came from the healthcare, so I had to ask someone in the foyer, “Where can I find Kula?” And the nice lady there pointed to a corridor, voila, there’s Kula. Actually I knew about them before they opened. When they finally opened, I couldn’t come right away. That’s why I was very happy that I had this chance to visit them. Hooray!

IMG_5121 IMG_5122 IMG_5116 IMG_5120 IMG_5117 IMG_5118 IMG_5115 IMG_5119 IMG_5123 IMG_5113

Iced Kopi Keluarga 18k

Love the presentation. So adorable. It’s like layers of the coffee and the milk. And I hated to mix it LOL. It’s really good. The coffee and milk mixed to perfection. Not too sweet, not too creamy, not too coffee. Definitely one of the best es kopi susu. I hope they will open many outlets in Central Jakarta hahaha.. So I don’t have to go far to drink their signature coffee.


Kula Coffee House
Bamed Healthcare
Jl. Penyelesaian Tomang IV
Kav. DKI Blok 95 No. 1
Meruya, Jakarta
Phone: +62 21 5843456
IG: @kulacoffee.id

Ardent Coffee & Kitchen at Pesanggrahan Puri Indah Jakarta

September 15th, 2017. Yaaaaay.. finally I visited Ardent Coffee & Kitchen! I once came to Ardent Coffee in Plaza Senayan. And they also have another outlet in Soekarno Hatta Terminal 3 Ultimate. When they opened another one in Puri Indah, I didn’t have time to come right away. I needed to find a right moment to visit their latest outlet.


A marriage between specialty coffee with gastronomical comfort food, to keep your tummy always satisfied and charged up for your daily routines. Have a good cup of specialty coffee before you start your day and enjoy by ending your day with our specialty mocktails.

Located in Jalan Pesanggrahan, Ardent Coffee & Kitchen is very easy to find. Beautiful facade, followed by a gorgeous interior inside. They have smoking area on the back area. But true, the interior inside is unbelievable. White walls, green plants on pots, and blue colours everywhere. I was so in love with the place. By the way, they have Tea from Lewis and Carroll, Ice Cream from Sore Sore, Cheesecakes from Dore by Le Tao, and Doughnuts from Dough Darlings.

IMG_5101 IMG_5102 IMG_5103 IMG_5105 IMG_5106 IMG_5097 IMG_5098 IMG_5099 IMG_5112 IMG_5093 IMG_5094 IMG_5095 IMG_5096 IMG_5104

Latte 33k

I love my hot latte. It really helped me to calming my head from noisy moms beside me. LOL. Sure, they have every right to being noisy, but I think they’re too much. The latte art was beautiful. It’s not too coffee, with creamy texture and delicious flavour.


Strawberry Ichigo 45k

Beautiful presentation with refreshing and delicious flavour. Fyi, Ichigo means Strawberry. So, it’s really a fun name. Ichigo Ichigo or Strawberry Strawberry. Fun, right? But trust me, it’s one recommended drink.

IMG_5109 IMG_5108

Dough Darlings: Dark Chocolate Crack Cookie 18k

I love the texture of the doughnut. I love the flavour of the doughnut. I love everything about this doughnut. Oh dear darling, no wonder they called you dough darlings.


Anyway, great job Ardent. You impressed me. Definitely a keeper.

Ardent Coffee & Kitchen
Jl. Pesanggrahan No. 168F
Puri Indah, Jakarta
Phone: +62 21 58352717
IG: @ardent.coffee

Pok Fan Crispy and Braised Pork Rice at Pesanggrahan Kembangan Jakarta

September 15th, 2017. Finally, another pork place. Yaaaaaay. Pok Fan opened on August 2017. I just had time that day to visit it.


When I arrived to Pok Fan, I was familiar with the place. Turned out I’ve been there before, when I had foodtasting at a place belong to someone I know. I just realized that she closed her place. *sobbing* Well, now it’s time for me to try this new pork place. Cannot wait!

IMG_5076 IMG_5077 IMG_5079 IMG_5078 IMG_5080 IMG_5081 IMG_5082 IMG_5083 IMG_5087 IMG_5084 IMG_5085 IMG_5086

Ice Tea 6k


Pokopi 15k

pokoknya kopi pilihan

Actually this was a bit different from any other es kopi susu that I’ve tried before. It’s lighter and not too coffee. I couldn’t find the right word to describe it. Why don’t you try it by yourself and tell me. 🙂


Braised Pork Belly Rice 45k

rice, braised pork, braised pork belly, tea egg, preserved vegetable

Love the pork belly. It’s tender and juicy. At first, I didn’t think I will like this. The pork belly didn’t look so tempting. But, after one bite, I was bewildered. It’s really addicting. Actually, I took away another portion for my afternoon meal hahaha..

IMG_5088 IMG_5089

Pok Fan
Jl. Pesanggrahan No.168B
Kembangan, Jakarta
Phone: +62 21 5809172
IG: @pok.fan

[HOTEL] Dwijaya House of Pakubuwono at Gandaria Jakarta

September 21st, 2017 – September 22nd, 2017.

I was quite stunned when I had invitation to stay at Dwijaya House of Pakubuwono. But, I was very happy. At first, I thought it’s in Pakubuwono area. Turned out, it’s in Gandaria area. Hahaha silly me. I told hubby, wrong address hon. LOL.


Dwijaya House of Pakubuwono is the new preferred choice of serviced residences in Jakarta, available for rent, for both business and leisure travelers, offering the most comfortable urban living experience in the city. Featuring fully-furnished 1-Bedroom to 2-Bedroom residences, Dwijaya House of Pakubuwono provides the comfort of a home with natural light cascading into the spacious interiors through the full-length windows.

When I stepped inside Dwijaya House, I was in love with their simplicity. Love their hospitality too. It was a very nice place. Made me feel very welcome.

IMG_5499 IMG_5500 IMG_4100 IMG_5495


Elegant fully furnished 1-BEDROOM Serviced Residences with beautifully proportioned living room and spacious bedroom with en-suite bathroom. Available for rent.

55 sqm (592 sqft)
1 King-Size Bed
No Smoking
Living/Sitting Area
Dining Area
Bathtub with Shower
Dining Area with Table & Seating for 2
Living/Sitting Area with Sofa
Fully Equipped Kitchen
High Speed Wireless Internet Access
40-inch LED TV

What a lovely bedroom. Love the living room, bedroom, kitchen. LOL. No, not the kitchen. I didn’t use it, for sure hahahaha.. But, I really love the living room. It’s not so big, not so spacious, but very comfortable to sit there with hubby, talking about everything while watching TV. And the bedroom, amazing. Big bed with cute bathroom.

IMG_5477 IMG_5464 IMG_5466 IMG_5462 IMG_5463 IMG_5465 IMG_5461 IMG_5459 IMG_5460 IMG_5458 IMG_4071 IMG_4069 IMG_4068 IMG_5448 IMG_5449 IMG_5457 IMG_5454 IMG_5456 IMG_5453 IMG_5450 IMG_5452


Nasi Goreng 66k

Indonesian fried rice with egg, beef sausages, fried chicken and crackers

Love the fried rice. Tasted like my mom’s fried rice. And the beef sausage was so gigantic. Super love! LOL. Well, this fried rice was super recommended.


Chicken Teriyaki 66k

Charcoal grilled chicken with homemade teriyaki sauce served with rice and salad

I was so hungry that I ate all the rice and salad and the chicken teriyaki all at once hahaha.. Sweet flavour from the teriyaki sauce, mixed with the tender chicken, absolutely delish.



They have gym, swimming pool and playground. They also have Zen Garden on their rooftop. It’s not big, but quite cosy. You just have to visit the Garden near sunset hour. If not, it will be super hot!

IMG_4099 IMG_5494 IMG_5493 IMG_4101 IMG_5479 IMG_5480 IMG_5487 IMG_5482 IMG_5478 IMG_5483 IMG_5484 IMG_5488 IMG_5496 IMG_5498

Thank you Dwijaya House for the lovely staycation. Really made my day.

Dwijaya House of Pakubuwono
Jl. Dwijaya II No.7
Gandaria, Jakarta
Phone: +62 21 27513800
IG: @dwijayahouse

Pourology Brew Bar at Metropark Residence Kedoya Jakarta

September 15th, 2017. I visited Pourology Brew Bar after I came out from another coffee shop at the same apartment tower.


Pourology offered a nice place to sit or just having fun with your notebook or chit-chat with the baristas. They have smoking area outdoor. Not too big, but quite nice. I thought I will be just a second there, but when I spoke to the baristas, I forgot the time LOL. It’s just really fun to see their reaction every time they asked me, “Have you been to A? Have you been to B? Have you been to C?” And I answered, “Yes” all the time hahaha..

IMG_5065 IMG_5066 IMG_5067 IMG_5073 IMG_5064 IMG_5063 IMG_5074 IMG_5061 IMG_5068 IMG_5062

Red Velvet Frappe 39k

It’s one beautiful drink, for sure. I really like it, since it’s been coffee coffee and coffee all day long. It’s very delicious. It is unquestionably the best choice for those who prefer for a non coffee drink.

IMG_5069 IMG_5070

Pourology Brew Bar
Metro Park Residence
Jl. Pilar Mas Utama
Kedoya, Jakarta
Phone: +62 21 22581039
IG: @pourology.id