[NEW LOCATION] Sugabites Patisserie at Senopati Jakarta

August 13th, 2017. I once went to Sugabites Patisserie on November 2015. Whoaaaa.. time flies, right? And then it was shut down. Suddenly, on August 9th, 2017, it opened again at a new location. It’s bigger and prettier.


I learned that Sugabites belongs to sisters, Fanda Soesilo and May Soesilo. Whoaaaa.. I wish I could have such talents like them. Well, you can look at their website about the story of Sugabites. It’s really a nice one. Located in Senopati area, Sugabites wasn’t very spacious but quite big for a patisserie. Dominated with warm ambiance, Sugabites caught my heart all at once. It’s really different from the previous one. They used to be a small shop with a petite area to eat. Now they re-opened with a better version.

IMG_3113 IMG_3121 IMG_3122 IMG_3123 IMG_3124 IMG_3126 IMG_3125 IMG_3127 IMG_3115 IMG_3116 IMG_3119 IMG_3120

Java Jasmine 15k

Love the big glass! OMG. I was very happy hahaha..


Latte 33k

They used TGC for the coffee. I think I never tried it before. I loved it. Bold with not-too-creamy texture and beautiful after taste flavour, it’s no wonder I could finish it in a flash. They have es kopi susu too, but maybe next time. Funny thing, when I asked the barista how they serve the es kopi susu, she answered with a little bit too cheerful. “Well, it’s coffee and milk!” Well, actually I asked about the glass. Will it be in a glass or plastic cup. LOL. I know it’s coffee and milk, for sure. Hahahaha.. Yeah, it’s quite funny.


Cappuccino 33k

Cindy’s order, from my second visit. A little bit bitter for me.


Darren’s Greenies 18k

Matcha, Vanilla

Love the combination of matcha and vanilla in this cake. Not too sweet with a hint of bitter from the matcha. The texture was also very good. Sometimes other cake was too creamy. But this one was just a perfect cake with perfect texture and perfect flavour. No wonder only 1 cake left in the cake display.


Lemon Meringue Tart 18k

Lemon Curd, Sweet Dough, Meringue

Super love with thies lemon meringue tart. The texture of the tart was totally perfecto. It’s not hard to chew and not too tender to bite. Sometimes it’s too crumbly. But not with this one. The flavour was also fantastic. I could eat this one 2 portions, alone. The combination of lemon curd and meringue: overwhelming. Super recommended. Addicting!


Najela’s Favourite 18k

Rose, Vanilla, Pistachio, Almond

Too creamy for me but the rose flavour was just perfect. Not overpowering the other flavours. But like I said before, it’s too creamy. The texture was too moist, for me. But it was one pretty cake to eat. ūüôā


Rock and Roll 18k

Peanut, Strawberry, Chocolate

I think they need to put more strawberry to this cake. It’s hard for me to find the flavour of strawberry in the cake. The peanut and ¬†chocolate flavour combined perfectly. The texture of the cake was impeccable. One recommended cake.


The Red Dragon (Dragon Fruit) and Yellow Sunset (Pineapple, Orange) @ 27k

The Gelato was from Fiore di Gelato. Like they said: Feel the Happiness from every flavour of Gelato in our first outlet! I love the flavours. The red dragon was refreshing, same with the yellow sunset. Next time we should try their gelato and choco.


Congratulations Sugabites Patisserie for the re-opening at the new location. Definitely will be back again and again.

Sugabites Patisserie
Jl. Senopati No.66
Phone: +62 21 7261129
IG: @sugabitespatisserie

[HOTEL] Mercure Karawang – Superior Room with 1 King Size Bed

July 29th, 2017 – July 30th, 2017.

Thursday night. I got offered a night at Mercure Karawang. At first, I said that I have to think first. But then, they told me about the event there, Intimate with Afgan. Ok, hold the thought.. I asked my hubby immediately, and he approved LOL. So, we went to Mercure Karawang! Woohoo!


Located at Galuh Mas complex in the heart of Karawang City, Mercure Karawang is within walking distance to Karawang Central Plaza. The hotel is also only 10 minutes by car to the industrial estates and 5 minutes to city hall of Karawang.

IMG_2177 IMG_2178 IMG_2179 IMG_2180 IMG_2181 IMG_2182

Lunch Time

We had lunch at Kemuning Café, their 24hour All Day Dining restaurant, serves authentic Indonesian delicacies and international cuisine including Western, Chinese and Japanese dishes. We ordered food from menu. Ala Carte.

IMG_2183 IMG_2184 IMG_2186 IMG_2185 IMG_2187 IMG_2188 IMG_2189 IMG_2190 IMG_2191

Ice Tea 30k


Es Tjendol Kemuning 35k

Iced rice flour spatzzle with coconut milk, brown sugar syrup, jack fruit, served with vanilla ice cream


Sop Buntut Original 95k

Traditional Indonesian famous “boiled oxtail” served with steamed rice, melinjo crackers and spicy green chili “sambal”


Nasi Goreng Tuparev 75k

Our signature of fried rice, served with beef satay, fried chicken. Sunny side-up egg, shrimp crackers, vegetable pickles and ¬†“sambal”

IMG_2201 IMG_2202

Mercure Karawang has 242 modern, sophisticated rooms. Each room features a 32″ LED TV screen, in-room safe, fridge, separate bathroom with standing shower, hairdryer and free Internet access.

Superior Room with 1 king size bed (room 606)

The 258 sq.ft. (24 m²) room features a modern artistic design, a king size bed, International TV cable channels, cooler, electric kettle, bathroom with shower, amenities, hairdryer, and Free WIFI access.

When we checked-in to our room, we were so happy with the room. It’s comfortable and lovely.

IMG_1258 IMG_1259 IMG_2209 IMG_2211 IMG_2205 IMG_2207 IMG_2206 IMG_2204 IMG_2210 IMG_2203 IMG_2208


Pool, Fitness Centre, Playground, Daiyokujyou

IMG_2296 IMG_2297 IMG_2298 IMG_2299 IMG_2301 IMG_2302 IMG_2303 IMG_2304 IMG_2305

Dinner Time

We had dinner at Kunoichi. It is the Japanese restaurant that serves sushi, sashimi, teppanyaki, udon and bento with cold beer or sake for a memorable dining experience. We got private room. We could do karaoke there. They ordered us the food and they’re all amazingly delicious.

IMG_2228 IMG_2229 IMG_2226 IMG_2225 IMG_2223 IMG_2218 IMG_2219 IMG_2224

Intimate with Afgan

Proudly present “Intimate with Afgan” at Mercure Karawang. OMG! This was the main reason I was agree to go to Mercure Karawang hahahaha.. And he’s very humble. I attended the “Meet and Greet” then of course, the Concert. It’s funtastic! I took photos with him 3 times hahaha.. And after the concert, I came back to my room, and cried! I was so very happy and excited! Thank you Afgan for making my Saturday nite, one funtastic nite.

IMG_2213 IMG_2231 IMG_2257 IMG_2258

Breakfast and Lunch Time

We got buffet for breakfast and lunch before going back to Jakarta. Definitely a lovely ones. Actually they didn’t have very much variants for the food, but we had delicious breakfast buffet and lunch buffet. The most memorable one was the chocolate rainbow balls. Dabest!

IMG_2281 IMG_2268 IMG_2270 IMG_2271 IMG_2272 IMG_2273 IMG_2276 IMG_2282 IMG_2283 IMG_2284 IMG_2285 IMG_2286

Thank you Mercure Karawang and Accor Hotels for a great staycation opportunity. So happy! Cannot wait to have another lovely staycations.

Mercure Karawang
Jl. Galuh Mas Raya
East Teluk Jambe, Karawang
Phone: +62 267 8638888
IG: @mercurekarawang

Makna Coffee at Kuningan City Mall Jakarta

August 10th, 2017. I saw this first on my sister’s Instagram Story. I asked her about Makna Coffee. She said, it’s in Kuningan City near main lobby. She said, “I saw Keenan Pearce, the owner! But he’s inside.” Well, she couldn’t get him to take selfie with her.. LOL. And yes, the place belongs to Keenan Pearce and Ernanda Putra.


Well, the day after, I was having foodtasting at a cafe nearby Kuningan City with Aline and Cindy. Then I saw Hans’ message on my IG. He said that he wanted to go to Makna Coffee. So I asked Aline and Cindy to go there, since it’s only 5 minutes away from our foodtasting venue. While we waited for Hans, we took photos and ordered first. Evidently, it’s intended for coffee-to-go. They had tables outside the place, but only 3 tables. They had working space inside the place but turned out it’s for Makna Creative. It’s their office. It’s a very comfortable place, but too bad it’s not for customers.

IMG_2939 IMG_2938 IMG_2942 IMG_2929 IMG_2930 IMG_2941 IMG_2940 IMG_2944 IMG_2933 IMG_2934 IMG_2935 IMG_2936 IMG_2931 IMG_2937

Latte 20k

Something broke my heart at the time I sipped this latte. That’s why I couldn’t think anything else. The latte tasted bitter and sad. Like my feeling. Well,¬†I think I have to go there again, find Keenan Pearce, take selfie with him, and be happy LOL.


Cappuccino 20k

Cindy said that the cappuccino was better than the latte. Well after I set my mind into a beautiful mind, I could try the cappuccino properly. And yes, I think it’s better than the latte.


Congratulations Makna Coffee for the opening. Will be back soon!

Makna Coffee
Kuningan City Mall
Ground Floor
Jl. Prof Dr Satrio
Kuningan, Jakarta
Phone: +62 21 50101560
IG: @maknacoffee

Coffee Passion – COPAS at Ruko Elang Laut PIK Pantai Indah Kapuk Jakarta

August 13th, 2017. I knew about Coffee Passion from one of my followers *waving to Penny* thank you for tagging me in your instagram story. Yes, anyone are welcome to tag me in your insto when you find a new place. I will be happy to visit the place.


Located at the road side of Pantai Indah Selatan, Coffee Passion looked just okay from the facade. There’s nothing special. It’s like any other coffee shops. The sign was big enough for you to see from across the street. But when I stepped inside, I was amazed by the beauty of it. And the serene ambiance from their playlist, love it! Funny thing, when I came in, I instantly took photos on my mind. I could imagine which corners I should captured.

IMG_3043 IMG_3044 IMG_3045 IMG_3046 IMG_3048 IMG_3050 IMG_3047 IMG_3049 IMG_3051 IMG_3053 IMG_3062

Lemonade 30k

My hubby’s order. It’s really good since I didn’t have to add sugar on it. It’s not too sour and not too sweet. Just a perfect lemonade. Such an eye-opener.


Cafe Latte 35k

The cowboy barista *yes he looked like a cowboy with the hat LOL reminded me of Chicco Jerikho in the original FilKop Movie* told me that for less coffee drink, I should order cafe latte. So I ordered the cafe latte. And it was delicious. It’s just perfect for my taste bud. Not too bitter, not too creamy. Delightful cup of latte in the morning.


Cold Brew Caramel 40k

I saw this one on their chiller. Then I tempted to order one. So I chose the caramel. It’s really good with the not-too-sweet flavour. I thought it will be super sweet. *dancing around the coffee shop* Well, I couldn’t finish it since I still have to go to other places. Yes, places. Still 2 or 3 more to go. *will be a tiring day*

IMG_3065 IMG_3067 IMG_3070 IMG_3072

Brownies Cheese 25k

Super in love with the brownies cheese cake. I ate it with silly way. Took a bite of the brownies, and in a jiffy slurrrrrp the latte. Then chew the brownies with the latte in my mouth hahahhahahaha.. Do not imagine that! Just do it! LOL. It’s super geeeewd! Trust me.


Anyway, congratulations Coffee Passion for the opening. Yup, it’s just their 2nd day opening today. Hurry up. Pack the place with your groups and enjoy the coffee.

Coffee Passion – COPAS
Ruko Elang Laut Boulevard Blok D 12 A
Jl. Pantai Indah Selatan 1
PIK, Jakarta
Phone: +62 21 29866471
IG: @coffee_passion17

Beer Pairing Dinner AWkitchen and Beervana at Plaza Indonesia Jakarta

July 27th, 2017. I was invited to an event about beer pairing dinner at AWkitchen Plaza Indonesia. It’s a pairing with Beervana Indonesia. I knew Beervana from another event. But I didn’t have a chance to try the beers. Well, now I got the chance. Yaaay.


Beervana travels the world in search of the finest craft beer, handpicks our faves, and brings them to the very best tables in the places we call home. Beervana was born in 2012 when two American beer nerds met in Bangkok. Though Aaron and Brian had very different backgrounds, each grew up brewing, drinking and of course, sharing craft beer. Realizing their commong destiny, they dropped everything and set up a Beervana to import the very first fresh, modern, mouth-popping craft beer to Thailand. Our family has grown a lot since those early days of 2012, but we’re all still driven by the same fanatical devotion to the world’s best beverage. Beer is front and center of everything we do; everything else flows from there.

AWjutchen Jakarta, Japanese-Italian restaurant who served Italian food with Japanese twitst, colaborate with Beervana Indonesia to make a Pitch Perfect Pairing between AWkitchen delectable dishes with New Zealand very own hand craft beer, Tuatara. Tuatara is one of hand crafted Beer from New Zealand, which now available in all AWkitchen restaurant in Jakarta. Well, I will share about the pairing below.

IMG_2069 IMG_2068 IMG_2067 IMG_2070 IMG_2071


Bohemian Pilsner with Fish & Shrimp Fritt and Pizza Pescatore

Malt and yeast foundation loyal to its Czech pilsner roots – with a fresh New Zealand hop twist. This is not your daddy’s pilsner!

IMG_2079 IMG_2081 IMG_2086 IMG_2087

Sauvinova with Fried Fishball with Shrimp and Pappardelle Salmon

100% hopped with Nelson Sauvin to create the closest thing you can imagine to a Sauvignon Blanc.

IMG_2092 IMG_2102 IMG_2094 IMG_2097

Aotearoa Pale Ale (APA) with Meatballs Garbanzo and Black Angus Sirloin with Porcini Sauce

A deep, long, new age flavour profile with jutting complexity and the taste of herbs, citrus, and grapefruit.

IMG_2103 IMG_2104 IMG_2105 IMG_2107

I love the Tuatara APA. A deep and rich texture with great combination of Black Angus Sirloin.
The previous beers were good but I didn't really like them. I prefer the last beer.
About the food, they were good pairing with each of the beer.
The fish and shrimp fritt - the pizza pescatore: get along with Tuatara Pilsner.
The papardelle pasta and the fried fish ball: great combination with the Tuatara Sauvinova.
But the best combination was Meatball Garbanzo and Black Angus Sirloin with the Tuatara APA.


Oolong Ice Cream 35k


Vanilla Ice Cream 35k


As part of their beer pairing collaboration, they have a special package Buy 3 Get 1 Free Tuatara Pilsner to be enjoyable with your favourite AWkitchen’s mouthwatering meals. The promotion valid at all AWkitchen outlets from July 15th to August 15th, 2017. Thank you AWkitchen and Beervana for the lovely dinner.

Plaza Indonesia 2nd Floor
Jl. MH Thamrin Kav 28-30
Phone: +62 21 29924325
IG: @awkitchenjkt

E&O Indonesian Flavours at Menara Rajawali Mega Kuningan Jakarta

August 4th, 2017. E&O contacted me to come to taste their new menu. Actually it’s an event to¬†celebrate Indonesia‚Äôs 72nd Independence Day. They asked me to bring friends, so I asked Aline, Cindy, Natasha and Sovi to keep me company.


Enjoy a limited-time menu of authentic Indonesian dishes crafted by Executive Chef Will Meyrick. Explore the diversity, depth and complexity of Indonesian flavours with regional dishes like Aceh-style Sea Bass Curry, Malang-style Sate Kambing and Spicy Jagung Bakar with Ikan Teri Butter and Andaliman Aioli.

“Rawon” Beef Short Ribs 190k

with Galangal, Lemongrass, Baby Carrot, Salted Duck Egg, Beansprouts

IMG_2637 IMG_2638 IMG_2653 IMG_2656

Aceh-Style Sea Bass Curry 130k

with Tomatoes, Okra, Belimbing Wuluh and Asam Kandis

IMG_2633 IMG_2634 IMG_2636

“Ayam Betutu Kuah Gilimanuk” 150k

with Galangal, Ginger, Turmeric, Shallots and Garlic

IMG_2639 IMG_2640 IMG_2641

“Sie Itek” – Slow Braised Duck Curry 125k

with Lemongrass, Coriander and Curry Leaves

IMG_2642 IMG_2643

Spicy “Jagung Bakar” 45k

with Ikan Teri Butter and Andaliman Aioli

IMG_2623 IMG_2624

Malang Style “Sate Kambing” 70k

with Peanut Sauce, Pecel Salad and Rempeyek

IMG_2625 IMG_2626 IMG_2627

I really love how E&O added Indonesian flavours to their menu. I hope it will be forever. LOL.
My most favourite was the Sea Bass Curry. Well-seasoned with flawless texture of the fish.
Don't forget to add rice to the broth. Dabest.
Another favourite was the Rawon. One of the best rawon in town.
Tender meat with a strong rich broth traditional Indonesian beef black soup.
It's really hard for me to find a delicious rawon. And this E&O "Rawon" was perfect!
Ayam Betutu and Duck Curry were also delicious. OMG! They were overwhelming.
The Jagung Bakar was really good. I had them with rice hahahahaha..
My friend maybe thought I was crazy LOL. Don't care lah..
And the "Sate Kambing" was good. Not a single smelly meat.

So, for me, I couldn’t find any non-delicious food there. Kudos to Executive Chef Will Meyrick for his magic hands and creative mind. Great job Chef! Super love to all the food. Keep up the amazing work, Chef. Last but not least, thank you E&O for always serving delicious food to us.

E&O Jakarta
Menara Rajawali, 1st Floor
Jl. Dr Ide Anak Agung Gde Agung LOT#5.1
Kawasan Mega Kuningan
Phone: 021-29023418
IG: @eandojakarta