[EVENT] Spegg-tacular Easter at Signatures Restaurant Hotel Indonesia Kempinski Jakarta

April 14th, 2017. Hotel Indonesia Kempinski Jakarta Celebrates Easter with A Wonderful Petting Zoo. Children of all ages can hop over to Hotel Indonesia Kempinski to celebrate Easter together with their parents thanks to an egg-citing and wonderful array of dishes and fun-filled family activities at Signatures Restaurant.


An invitation to enjoy Signatures Restaurant. I was more than happy to be back to Signatures. Last time I went there with my hubby when I got the voucher for my birthday about 2 0r 3 years ago, I guess. The place was the same dim-light as it was. But still one restaurant with the best desserts!

IMG_6200 IMG_6199 IMG_6202 IMG_6226 IMG_6227 IMG_6228 IMG_6232 IMG_6231 IMG_6230

I had a Good Friday Buffet Dinner priced at 368k++ per person. It was a great dinner. As I said before, Signatures Restaurant always amazed me with their desserts. And the cute thing, they have this street food for the buffet. Well, I didn’t take photos #onthetable but I took pretty big ones on the buffet. Please enjoy my photos.

IMG_6205 IMG_6203 IMG_6204 IMG_6207 IMG_6206 IMG_6208 IMG_6209 IMG_6210 IMG_6213 IMG_6211 IMG_6214 IMG_6212 IMG_6215 IMG_6216 IMG_6217 IMG_6218 IMG_6219 IMG_6225 IMG_6224 IMG_6222

For those families who enjoy staycation vacations without the hassle of travel and who want to spend quality time with each other, the hotel’s Easter Weekend Package is the perfect fit. With a rate that starts from 2.700K net including breakfast, valid for the whole week from 14 to 24 April, how egg-citing it all is!

Signatures Restaurant
Hotel Indonesia Kempinski
Jl. M.H Thamrin No. 1
Phone: +62 21 23583898
IG: @kempinskijkt

Kopineto Coffee at Karet Pedurenan Kuningan Jakarta

April 9th, 2017. I knew about this place from an owner of coffee shop nearby. I planned to go there with friends, but evidently everybody went there already. So, before an event not far from my place, I went there, alone. Kopineto Coffee.


Located on the roadside of Karet Pedurenan near a beauty parlor, Kopineto occupied 3 levels building. The 3rd level is a rooftop. I prefer the 2nd level because it’s cooler. Hahaha.. Well, I got there around 9am, but I had to wait. There’s no barista, even though it’s written open 8am. LOL. So after about half an hour, they came. Yaaaay. Now let me share to you my simple review.

IMG_5960 IMG_5961 IMG_5963 IMG_5964 IMG_5965 IMG_5966 IMG_5967 IMG_5968 IMG_5969 IMG_5970 IMG_5971 IMG_5972 IMG_5975 IMG_5976 IMG_5977

White Coffee 30k

It’s always good to drink great coffee. But when you cannot drink too much coffee, it’s a little bit sad. Unquestionably. And I couldn’t drink coffee as much as I want. *sobbing* Actually this white coffee was a little bit too milky. But, other than that, it’s fine. 🙂

IMG_5983 IMG_5979

Pandan Cake 15k

Pandan Cake was a light cake, and I love it. I heard a lot about this pandan cake from other reviews. And I still ordered this one? Yes of course, since pandan cake is a harmless one, for me. And when I want it to be richer in texture, I dip it into my coffee. OMG! It’s really really good. So please order this one, and dip it into the coffee, booyaaaaah! Ok ok, I’m overreacting hahaha. But, it’s true. It’s good. Try it.


Toast Bread 15k

It’s banana chocolated toast bread. I prefer if it’s more crisp. It’s too mushy for a toast bread. LOL. But it tasted nice with good flavour of banana and chocolate together. 🙂


If you wanna sit in a serene place with a nice ambiance, you can drop by here. Please ignore the view from there, too much power cables in front of the coffee shop. But I tried so hard not to capture it in my photos’ blog hahahaha.. It’s quite annoying to see those cables. LOL. Anyway, enjoy the place.

Jl. Karet Pedurenan No.33A
Kuningan, Setiabudi
Telepon: +62 851-0390-0061
IG: @kopineto.coffee

Belly Bandit at Noble House Mega Kuningan Jakarta

April 8th, 2017. It’s Saturday. I went with my sister for breakfast and early lunch. Then, my hubby came home to pick me up to have lunch. We talked about where to go for lunch. It’s so hard to choose the place since we like everything. But then, I remember, I wanna try this place, since it’s not far from my apartment. So, we had lunch there. Belly Bandit.


When we decided it was time to bring Jakarta something new and something fun.. Belly Bandit takes into account the values of great food and refines the all-day breakfast and burger joint. Tucked in on the mezzanine floor in Noble House, Mega Kuningan, Belly Bandit has a cozy and casual tropical ambience.

We parked our car on basement, then we walked to the lobby. We took stairs to mezzanine level, and voila, there’s Belly Bandit. Not too spacious, but very comfortable. When we came, we met the owners. Turned out, they invited foodies for foodtasting. *waving to those foodies* I asked the owner, why Belly Bandit? She said, “Look at the bandit wolf? We surely want to steal your belly!” LOL. So they wished they could steal our belly, like they stole our heart. Such a funny meaning, right. Well, let me show you around through my several photos.

IMG_5954 IMG_5953 IMG_5955 IMG_5951 IMG_5957 IMG_5919 IMG_5920 IMG_5927 IMG_5926 IMG_5956 IMG_5918 IMG_5922 IMG_5917 IMG_5923 IMG_5924 IMG_5929


Sunrise 55k

Orange, pineapple, strawberry, raspberry & banana

IMG_5933 IMG_5941

Tropical Treat 55k

Banana, coconut, mango & strawberry


B.Y.O.Burger [Build Your Own Burger] 75k

Choose A Bun: House Bun. Choose One Patty: Double Patty (+35k). Choose Two Toppings (10k for additional toppings): Pork Bacon Jam for Jam N Salsa, Fried Egg and Pork Bacon for Protein Pick Up, U.S. Yellow Cheddar for House Cheeses. Choose One Sauce: Signature BB Sauce.

The House Bun was fluffy and delicious. And I love the patty. Well, we both love the patty. It was super juicy, super tender and super recommended! One of the best patty. My hubby loved the pork bacon. We were satisfied with the B.Y.O.Burger. The Signature BB Sauce was also delightful, a great addition to the burger.

IMG_5934 IMG_5945 IMG_5946 IMG_5935


Loaded Tots Bandito 45k

Topped with house blend ground beef, pickled jalapeno, corn relish, green onion, and melted cheese sauce

It’s a great starter. Such a tender tots. The melted cheese sauce was finger-licking good. We spotted never stop eating the tots hahaha.. By the way, the pickled jalapeno and corn relish should be on top of the tots, but since my hubby doesn’t like spicy flavour, we asked them presented separately.

Tater tots are pieces of deep-fried, grated potatoes served as a side dish. They are recognized for their cylindrical shape and crispy exterior.

IMG_5936 IMG_5938


Croissant Bread Pudding 50k

Flavour: banana. It was very delighftul. Love the texture. They use croissant for the bread. It’s different with the common bread pudding. Tasted sweet and delicious. But still, the texture is dabomb. And I still couldn’t move on from this one.

IMG_5943 IMG_5944

Thank you Belly Bandit for the hospitality. I will be back again soon with my friends. Wait for us!

Belly Bandit
Noble House Building
Mezzanine Floor
Jl. Mega Kuningan Barat
Phone: +62 21 50101862
IG: @eatbellybandit

AB Steak by Chef Akira Back at MD Place Building Setiabudi Jakarta

April 17th, 2017. I was invited to Media and Bloggers luncheon. It was very exciting. A new place. You know about Akira Back, right? Yes. There’s connection between this place and Akira Back. Turn out, this is the latest brainchild by Chef Akira Back. It’s a modern Korean Steakhouse with American style. AB Steak.


Chef Akira Back stays true to his take on cultural merging, mixing flavors and tastes of his Korean origin along with a variety of other cuisines in an exotic fashion. The innovative steakhouse concept has been developed by Chef Back for quite some times and Jakarta has been chosen to be the first city to open AB Steak. The restaurant’s door opens in April 2017 with a commitment to deliver high quality service, comfort, style and memorable experience.

The experience was like in a movie. We came in. It’s dark. A lot of meat in there. People walked around. There’s fire on the wall. Yeah, not really fire, it’s more like live wallpaper. It’s still dark. I know! We’re like coming into a private party of mafia kingpin! LOL. The difference from the movie, in AB Steak, there’s no dancing pole. Hahaha. Yup, trust me. Not even one. *please be serious Yen..* Ok, I’m not lying. It’s like private party. I could feel the elegant and luxury ambiance. There’re paper cranes on the wall. It’s so beautiful. Well, let’s begin the steak-party!

IMG_6515 IMG_6518IMG_6516 IMG_6517 IMG_6522 IMG_6532 IMG_6523 IMG_6521 IMG_6527 IMG_6528 IMG_6529 IMG_6531 IMG_6530


Shitake Croquette 225k

Sea Urchin, Sweet Shrimp Kejang, Smoked Potato Foam, Caviar

My favourite! Can you imagine? Sea Urchin with Caviar on top of croquette. Tasted marvelous. The sweet shrimp kejang was also very delightful. It’s not every day I could eat kejang. The smoked potato foam was in a quite rich creamy texture even though it’s form as a foam. Super recommended!

Gejang or gejeot is a variety of jeotgal, salted fermented seafood in Korean cuisine, which is made by marinating fresh raw crabs either in ganjang or in a sauce based on chili pepper powder.

IMG_6539 IMG_6540 IMG_6541

Amberjack “Carpaccio” 195k

Roasted Jalapeno Salsa, Oranges, Blood Orange Soy

Beautiful presentation. The lovely colour of the raw amberjack fish, blend charmingly with the colour of oranges and roasted jalapeno salsa and blood orange soy. The fresh spicy and tangy flavour of the dish was really strong. I only ate one beautiful slice of amberjack and it’s enough. The flavour burst in my mouth. Ulalaaaa..

IMG_6536 IMG_6537 IMG_6538

Scallop Crudo 135k

Chive & Kimchee Gel, Jicama, Truffle Yuja Soya

Crudo means raw in Spanish. So it means raw scallop. And it was beautiful. It’s glazy and divine in presentation. But the flavour was very strong for my palate. The sour and tangy flavour. If you like sour and tangy flavour, this is for you, then. An eye-opener starter.

Pachyrhizus erosus, commonly known as jicama, Mexican yam bean, or Mexican turnip, is the name of a native Mexican vine, although the name most commonly refers to the plant’s edible tuberous root.

Citrus junos or yuzu (from Japanese ユズ) is a citrus fruit and plant in the family Rutaceae. It is called yuja (from Korean 유자) in Korean cuisine context.

IMG_6533 IMG_6534 IMG_6535

Steamed Bun 150k

Bbq Duck, Seared Foie gras, Ssamjang hoisin

Such a delicate bun. And I think it’s very genius to serve bun with tender duck and seared foie gras. And the bun was very delicate. Ok, I said it twice. But it’s true. I just rolled the bun, put those delicious in my mouth. And it’s literally melted. Yes, melted in my mouth. This is one of my favourites too.

IMG_6543 IMG_6544 IMG_6545

Black Mussels 135k

Meatballs, Crispy Rice Cake, Kochujang Butter Sauce

Love this one too. Wow, it’s getting better! The black mussels were a rare ones. So, it’s really lucky for me to try this one. It was very delicious. I prefer they made the meatballs larger, of course. But those mini meatballs were scrumptious. Those little.. errrr.. ok now let’s talk about the crispy rice cake. It was pretty amazing. Sometimes they made the tteobokki quite hard to chew. But this one was pretty soft. Don’t ask about the butter sauce. I wanted to put warm rice on top of it. Huft.. I should did that! 😦

IMG_6546 IMG_6547

Steak Tartare 185k

Roasted Bone Marrow, Wagyu Tartare, Pine Nuts

At first I ate only the wagyu tartare. Then I combined with the roasted bone marrow. And it was unbelivable. The flavour changed all at once. As you know, bone marrow tastes meaty and buttery. Umami!

IMG_6552 IMG_6554 IMG_6553 IMG_6551

AB’s Caesar 110k

Grilled Romaine, Grilled Salmon, Herbed Yogurt Caesar Dressing, Caramel Mac-nuts

I think it’s caesar salad a la AB Steak. The romaine grilled perfectly, mingled impeccably with the well-seasoned salmon. The caramel macadamia enhanced the texture of the salad. Recommended!

IMG_6548 IMG_6549

After those starters, let’s move to the main course. And they served five dipping sauces: Sesame Oil, Bulgogi, Wasabi, Ssamjang and Chimichurri. My favourite was the sesame oil. 🙂




They categorized 6 types. Hokkaido “Snow” Rib Eye A5 850k per 100gr, Hokkaido “Snow” NY Strip A4 850k per 100gr, Flat Iron Steak A4 225k per 100gr, Chuck Eye Steak A4 385k per 100gr, Rump A4 325k per 100gr and Knuckle A4 185k per 100gr.

Flat Iron Steak 300gr 675k

Tender wagyu beef with melt-in-your-mouth texture. Super juicy.

IMG_6556 IMG_6558 IMG_6563 IMG_6564 IMG_6568 IMG_6567


They categorized 6 types also. 60 days Whiskey Aged Bone-In Wagyu Ribeye MBS +6 123k per 100gr, 45 days Porterhouse (500gr minimum) 185k per 100gr, 45 days T-bone (500gr minimum) 178k per 100gr, 45 days Bone-in Ribeye (300gr minimum) 199k per 100gr, 21 days Kiwami Wagyu Top Sirloin 9+ 168k per 100 gr and 15 days Belgian White Tongue 160k per 100gr.

45 days – Porterhouse 500gr 925k

200 days grain fed

I could still hear the sizzling sound they made. They added apple wood chips in the charcoal. Smell so good. Juicy and tender meat. OMG. But I prefer it grilled in medium well. Melt-in-your-mouth!

IMG_6569 IMG_6570 IMG_6571 IMG_6578 IMG_6581 IMG_6582 IMG_6583 IMG_6584

45 days – Bone-In Ribeye 300gr 597k

200 days grain fed

Same texture with same flavour. Aaaargh, after tried 3 kinds of meat, I still couldn’t choose which one is the best. Since they all were delicous, juicy, tender and melt-in-your-mouth. Well I think, you should try them all. OMG! To-die-for!

IMG_6585 IMG_6589 IMG_6591


Coconut Mochi Cake 65k

Butter Mochi Cake, Salted Caramel Popcorn & Macadamia, Coconut Sorbet

IMG_6594 IMG_6595

Molten Chocolate Soufflé 150k

Valrhona, Pinenut Streusel, Vanilla Frangelico Ice Cream

IMG_6592 IMG_6596

Brandy & Maple With Nashi & Crepe Flambé 150k

IMG_6598 IMG_6602 IMG_6603

OK, from those three desserts, my favourite was the Molten Chocolate Soufflé. The mochi cake was just ok for me. Maybe because I don’t really like mochi. And the crepe flambé was just a sweet crepe with additional of brandy flavour. Those two were delicious, but I love the molten chocolate soufflé more. The texture of the soufflé was flawless. Super recommended.


Thank you AB Steak for the lovely luncheon. Wagyu see is Wagyu get. Grilling on April 23rd, 2017 – currently only for dinner. Be prepared, people!

AB Steak by Chef Akira Back
MD Place Building
Mezzanine Floor
Jl. Setiabudi Selatan No. 7
Setiabudi, Jakarta
Phone: +62 21 2966 9272
IG: @absteakjakarta

Pantjoran Tea House at Glodok Pinangsia Jakarta

April 12th, 2017. I saw about this place from IG account. The area is very familiar. My parents always came to Pancoran to buy medicines, had breakfast with us, bought everything for Chinese tradition etc. So when I found out about this place, I was very happy to be back to my childhood’s area. Pantjoran Tea House.


Located on the sharp corner, in a hustle road of Pancoran Raya, standing majestically with pride, after took over Apotheek Chung Hwa as a part of the revitalization of Jakarta Old City by Jakarta Old Town Revitalization Corp (JOTRC). In front of the place, they serve Patekoan. 8 pots of tea with mugs, served free of charge for those who passing by. It was a traditional habit from Kapitein Gan Djie and his wife in 1663. When I walked into the place, I felt like I was in China. The decorations, the furnitures, even the smell of it. Reminded me of my aunt’s hause in China. 🙂 Miss them so much. Well, without further ado, let me show you around through my simpe review.

IMG_6038 IMG_6036 IMG_6035 IMG_6041 IMG_6042 IMG_6043 IMG_6045 IMG_6046 IMG_6050 IMG_6047 IMG_6052 IMG_6051 IMG_6060 IMG_6048 IMG_6049


Sencha 30k

With 11 types of affordable premium teas from Chinese, Japanese, English, and Indonesian Tea, we chose Sencha. Actually, Cindy chose it for us. I wanted to drink Chinese Tea, but it’s not available at the time. But Sencha Tea is really good. Greenish golden color, with a refreshing aroma and a good balance between astringency and sweetness. It’s a very good tea.

Sencha is a type of Japanese ryokucha which is prepared by infusing the processed whole tea leaves in hot water. It is the most popular tea in Japan.

IMG_6055 IMG_6057


Vegetable & Minced Chicken Spring Roll 28k

We’ve already had our big breakfast. So, we chose to order snack or light meal here. A spring roll is a must-order one. Spring roll is always good for snacking. Not too heavy and not too light. And the most important thing, not too oily. Just perfect for us. 4 not-too-hungry people in a tea house. LOL.


Fried Beancurd with Spices 25k

This was Aline’s order. But, who could reject a fried beancurd? Well, not me. Fried beancurd is always an option if you want to eat fritter for snack. Fried beancurd, fried banana, fried tempeh, yeah that kind of fritter, if you know what I mean. But, this fried beancurd was totally different from that fritter. It’s more delicious, more texture, and more spices. Next time I wanna try their other food. I heard that their Prawn with Salted Egg is one the best. *wink wink*

IMG_6054 IMG_6061

Recommended place for you who love to drink tea in a place with traditional ambiance. Welcome, Pantjoran Tea House. Keep writing heartwarming story.

Pantjoran Tea House
Jl. Pancoran Raya No.4-6
Glodok, Pinangsia
Phone: +62 21 6905904
IG: @pantjoran_tea

The Seas Coffee Roastery at De Ploeit Centrale Pluit Jakarta

April 1st, 2017. After several places in Pluit, we stopped by at a gas station. Then we saw a building next to the gas station. It’s called De Ploeit Centrale. I knew there’s a coffee shop there, from my friend’s IG. I asked my hubby about it, and he said, “Ok, let’s go there. I’m hungry.” The Seas Coffee Roastery.


Spacious place. They have outdoor and indoor area. They serve freshly roasted, grinded, and brewed coffee that originates from all over Indonesia, and also Western and Indonesian food. Now, let me give you my simple review about this one.

IMG_5762 IMG_5753 IMG_5757 IMG_5758 IMG_5756 IMG_5754

Ice Green Tea 20k


Chocolate Smores Brulee 35k

My hubby was a fan. LOL. He said, “It’s really good.” Well for me, it’s too sweet. But for a sweet-tooth, it’s heaven hahaha..


Original Chicken Rice Bowl 50k

Butered rice with fried chicken breast and veggies drizzled with our original sauce.

Delicious rice bowl. The tender fried chicken combined with fresh veggies. Fantastic. And the sunny side up was a great addition to the dish. The sauce was amazingly delicious. I had to fight for the dish with my hubby. And he’s the winner hahaha.. He loved this rice bowl. I could tell from his smiling face everytime he ate it.

IMG_5763 IMG_5764

Complimentary Waffles

Thank you so much for the complimentary waffles. It was super delicious. Love the texture of the waffles. Not too crispy and not too flabby. Love it. At first, I wanted hubby to finish my portion. But after one bite, I won’t share him my portion at all.


The Seas Coffee Roastery
De Ploeit Centrale Level 2
Jl. Pluit Selatan Raya Blok Q No. 1
Pluit, Jakarta
Phone: +62 21 66670811
IG: @theseascoffeeroastery