MAM by 3SkinnyMinnies at Senayan City Jakarta

March 16th, 2017. It was a busy day. I happened to have food tasting in Senayan City, when Hans asked me to join him to try a new place that just opened. Well, I had my invitation 2 days ago, but I had another engagement with Hans, so we missed it. Let’s do the simple review about this place. MAM.


MAM. The photos have been scattered all around Instagram accounts of every influencers. MAM owned by 3SkinnyMinnies. 5 gorgeous ladies. Dian SastrowardoyoTana SuwardhonoReina Latief Wardhana, Putri Hardiman Alamsyah and Jessica Halim. They offered a new gourmet diet catering service for those who tired of tasteless diet food. And, they opened a restaurant together, to present a healthy food to everybody. Their tagline: Feel Good Food, is a concept that you can still feel a good food even though it’s a healthy one. Healthy food doesn’t need to be a bad food. It can be a good food too. Don’t trust me? Just try them by yourself. Errr.. I think that’s the meaning of the tagline. I wanted to ask them, but hey were so busy at the time, I didn’t have a chance to ask anything. So yeah, CMIIW. Hihihi..

When I came inside MAM, there’s someone called me. Turned out, I knew one of their servers. Hi Windy! Long time no see. She used to work at a coffee shop near my place. I am the loyal customer. She recognized me, for sure. She said, “I am waiting for you to come!!” It’s so sweet of you, dear. I didn’t really know the owners of MAM, but at least, there’s a familiar face when I came there. Not a spacious area, MAM located on LG floor. Very easy to find since it’s colourful with particular facade.

IMG_4702 IMG_4703 IMG_4707 IMG_4706 IMG_4704 IMG_4705


The Disastr Burger 116.5k

Double Wagyu Beef Patties with 2 Slices of Cheese, Paires with Snow Patrol & Fire Hazard Sauce in Wholewheat Bun. Accompanied with our Rainbow Chips.

When I saw it all over Instagram accounts, I thought it’s just another pricey burger. Turned out, it’s worth the price. Double wagyu beef patties. Double! No wonder it’s pricey, right? Tender double wagyu beef patties. Overwhelming! And look at the generous portion of those melted cheese! They used Snow Patrol and Fire Hazard Sauce, so it’s a spicy one. Not really my favourite. But I believe it became viral for some good reasons. Actually, I tried this one when my tummy was full. So, I shall try it again. Wait for me Disastr Burger!



K-POP Sandwich 96.5k

Korean-Inspired Sliced Tongue Marinated in Bulgogi Sauce in a Wholewheat Sandwich Roll with Pickled Radish & Carrots, Fresh Coriander and Fire Hazard Sauce. Accompanied with our Rainbow Chips.

I didn’t get a chance to try this. But according to my friends, it’s good, but they still loved The Disastr Burger LOL.



K-POP Bowl 86.5k

Thinly-Sliced Beef Tongue Marinated with Bulgogi Sauce, Sunny Side Up Egg, Scorched Kimchi on a bed of Rice (Choices of Red/Brown/White Rice).

They used the same beef tongue in K-POP Sandwich. But this time they added kimchi. Aline chose red rice. I loved it! The sliced beef tongue was heavenly luscious. If you’re on a diet, don’t worry, you still can eat this delicious rice bowl with pleasant feeling. And the verdict is: Not Guilty!


Choice of Sauces

Ms. Hunny Bunny: Our Version of the Classic Honey Mustard Sauce: Sweet & Tangy with a Touch of Peppery Goodness.
Ms. Snow Patrol: Our Take on the Classic Mayo: Creamy & Lemony Garlic Yoghurt with Fresh Basil Leaves & Spring Onion.
Ms. Holy Herb: Spicy & Sweet Gochujang Paste, Ginger, Garlic & Soy with a Special Secret Blend of Sesame & Coriander.
Ms. Fire Hazard: Colourful, Fiery Peppers Blended with Tomatoes, Light Sour Cream & a Bucketful of 3 Skinny Minnies’ favourite Herb, Coriander!
Ms. Tart Art: Our Lighter Version of the Classic Tartar Sauce, Whipped into Perfection with Added Bits of Herbs, Capers & Pickles.

Congratulations MAM and 3SKinnyMinnies. Thank you for creating delicious healthy food for us food lovers!

Senayan City
LG Floor | Unit L39-40
Jl. Asia Afrika Lot 19
Senayan, Jakarta
IG: @mamjkt