Kaffeine at Senayan City Jakarta

September 27th, 2018. Lagi iseng keliling Senayan City, eh liat Kaffeine baru buka ternyata. Mampir deh ke situ, pas banget emang lagi pengen duduk2 cantik sendirian gitu. Lokasi Kaffeine ada di dalam Fashion Link di lantai 2. Pas masuk Fashion Link langsung nengok ke kanan aja, ada tempat duduk dan coffee bar di situ. AdaContinue reading “Kaffeine at Senayan City Jakarta”

Nudles at Senayan City Jakarta

September 27th, 2018. Pas banget main ke Senayan City, trus liat ada Nudles resto. Seinget gw pernah diundang pas opening tapi gak bisa datang. Seinget gw ya hahaha. Soalnya sering dapet email dari Boga group, tapi hampir selalu gak bisa datang. Apalagi sejak gw review lebih sering private. Sekali lagi gw info, gw pengen privateContinue reading “Nudles at Senayan City Jakarta”

PIPPO at Senayan City Jakarta

June 4th, 2018. Udah lama tau tentang PIPPO, bahkan sebelum mereka opening, kebetulan temen gw ada yang kerja di Senayan City hahaha. Tapi pas PIPPO buka, gw gak sempet samperin buat exist ala-ala foto di sana. Ya maklum gw sibuk *lalu ditendang* hahaha. Kebetulan hari itu gw sama Cindy ke tempat baru, kita akhirnya sepakatContinue reading “PIPPO at Senayan City Jakarta”

Union Cafe at Senayan City Jakarta

June 25th, 2018. Waaaah, begitu liat postingan Hans udah ke Union Cafe, gw langsung putar otak di kepala. Akhirnya Senin 4 Juni 2018 mampir ke sana bareng Cindy. Iyes, gw paksa Cindy nemenin ahahaha. Hans pun mau ikut ke sana lagi, tapi karena banyak kerjaan, dia telat mampir. Berhubung gw ke sana bukan invitation, pasContinue reading “Union Cafe at Senayan City Jakarta”

Devon Cafe at Senayan City Jakarta

April 20th, 2018. Such a coincidence when I saw Devon Cafe IG account, but it hasn’t opened yet. So, I asked them about the opening date. Around end of March, they sent me invitation for gathering that Saturday. Too bad I couldn’t come. So, a week after the gathering, I came to the place withContinue reading “Devon Cafe at Senayan City Jakarta”

BAE by Socieaty at Crystal Lagoon Senayan City Mall Jakarta

September 30th, 2017. I went to BAE by Socieaty this morning. It’s my first time to see the place. Well, yeah, I heard about this one from one of the owner, who happened to be my friend’s sister. And yes, she’s my sister now. *kiss kiss sis* LOL. She told me earlier this month thatContinue reading “BAE by Socieaty at Crystal Lagoon Senayan City Mall Jakarta”

DELICAÈ: A Kitchen with a Soul at Senayan City Jakarta

May 31st, 2017. I was invited to grand opening of DELICAÈ. It’s a delightful dining experience curated by Senayan City spotlighting the best of Jakarta’s favourite culinary under one roof. DELICAÈ introduce the most exciting food concepts and menu creations with the people that give Jakarta its heart. Vegans, omnivores, pescetarians, gluten-free, and everything inContinue reading “DELICAÈ: A Kitchen with a Soul at Senayan City Jakarta”

The Halal Guys Indonesia at Senayan City Jakarta

April 26th, 2017. From New York to Jakarta. It’s been too long! And I was happy when I saw the flier. Yaaaaay. End of April 2017. The Halal Guys. From humble beginnings as a New York City hot dog cart to a world-renowned international restaurant chain, The Halal Guys story is the quintessential American Dream.Continue reading “The Halal Guys Indonesia at Senayan City Jakarta”

aROMA Gelato Experience at Senayan City Jakarta

November 30th, 2016. I wasn’t a gelato person. Unlike my hubby. So when I heard about this place, I thought about him. A lot. But, it’s been a very busy month. For me and for him. When I had a chance to visit the newest gelato place in Senayan City, I had to left him behind. SorryContinue reading “aROMA Gelato Experience at Senayan City Jakarta”

St. Marc Café Senayan City Jakarta

January 1st, 2016. I stranded in Senayan City. Oh my, a new dessert house is in town! St. Marc Café, a franchise dessert house. I heard this from Hans, so I guess it must be very famous. And it is famous indeed in Japan, Singapore, Philipines and everywhere else. Well, now it spreading their wingsContinue reading “St. Marc Café Senayan City Jakarta”

[EVENT] Magical Ramadan Cold Stone Creamery Senayan City Jakarta

June 27th, 2014. Cold Stone Creamery proudly presents Seasonal Ice Cream Cakes, since 20th June to 31st July 2014. Just order 3 days before the delivery day. Well, ice cream is one of those things that will make your life good. When you feel blue, you just need to eat ice cream. Then you willContinue reading “[EVENT] Magical Ramadan Cold Stone Creamery Senayan City Jakarta”

Kitchenette Senayan City Jakarta

February 3rd, 2014. I went to Kitchenette with fellow bloggers. Kitchenette was launching its newest creations featuring new, delicious, innovative items made fresh daily by their chefs. Kitchenette is a heart-warming concept from Ismaya Group, where you are the heart and soul of our kitchen. Kitchenette is now open to serve you home-cooked goodness, greatContinue reading “Kitchenette Senayan City Jakarta”