Tempura Tendon Tenya Grand Indonesia Thamrin Jakarta

October 21st, 2014. I went to Tempura Tendon Tenya for the first time. Located in Level 3A at Grand Indonesia Shopping Mall, Tenya opened the 2nd outlet, replaced the place formerly a japanese casual pasta and cafe restaurant. I was surprised when I reached the location. Hmm.. how come I never realized it had already closed? Anyway, I was so happy that I could come to the place. I waited for my friend at another place, then I came to Tenya with him. Thanks dear for taking me there.

IMG_4667 IMG_4665 IMG_4668

The place was cozy enough to eat with family and friends. You can see the tables and seats were very comfortable.

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Let’s see the menu. What should I order for this late lunch?



Cold Ocha 10K

The cold ocha was very fresh. Love it. Taste good too. šŸ™‚



All-Star Tendon 65k

Rice with all tempura on top: shrimp, squid, salmon, crab stick, baby corn and green beans.

I rarely eat tempura. So, when I know that they serve tempura, I was a little bit less confident about the taste. I told my friend, “We should share the tendon, coz tempura wasn’t really my thing.” They ordered All-Star Tendon for me. After one spoonfull, I never let the spoon out of my hand šŸ˜€ Sorry my friend, I think you should order for yourself. Hahaha. True, it’s so delicious I didn’t wanna share. The tempuras were crunchy and savoury. I ate them all. OMG!



Tempura Udon Cold Kakiage 70k

Choose your tempura platter, your noodle (udon or soba) hot or cold, and get your tsuyu soup with condiments.

Love the noodle, love the tempura. But I had to share with my friend. Why? Because my tummy was already full with the tendon. Huft. I totally forgot about the tempura noodle set. It didn’t cross my mind. *poke my tummy* *try to find empty spot in my tummy* *sigh.. so hard*

IMG_4706 IMG_4710


Jakarta Moriawase 40k

Moriawase = combination platter. Tempura platter: Cheese wrapped in nori, sweet potato, tempe and tofu.

OMG! Another tempura platter. Kyaaaaa.. I hate you Tenya, for making such a delicious tempura.. I really hate you. Err, actually, I don’t hate you. The one that hate you will be my purse hahaha.. I’ll beĀ back, wait for me. I’ll be back.



Wakame Cucumber with Kani Salad 20K

This salad was very fresh. The wakame tasted so good. And I love Japanese cucumber, not smelly at all. The shredded crab stick added a lovely flavour in the salad. Recommended!

Wakame is a sea vegetable, or edible seaweed. It has a subtly sweet flavour and is most often served in soups and salads. Sea-farmers have grown wakame in Japan from the Nara period.

Kani salad is a Japanese salad that is primarily composed of imitationĀ crab sticks. The ā€œcrabā€ is actually made up of white fish that is condensed into sticks and is quite a bit cheaper that actualĀ crab meat. Kani salad is served in most Japanese restaurants with other ingredient such asĀ cucumber,Ā mangoĀ and panko, which is a crispy bread crumbs, and tends to be a bit spicy. The panko is typically sprinkled as a garnish just prior to serving so that it does not become too soggy. The dish is usually served cold.



Tempura Ice Cream 20K

Whoaaaa.. Now I had another favourite here. The tempura ice cream was fantastic. It consists of vanilla ice cream with banana tempura. The banana tempura was out-of-this-world delicious. The vanilla ice cream was outstanding. Believe me. I definitely should be back here. Ugh, drooling!!


Thank you so much Tenya for all delicious meal. I had so much fun. So did my tummy. See you soon. šŸ˜€ Btw, congrats for this 2nd outlet opening. Cannot wait to come to your 3rd outlet opening at Mal Taman Anggres. Ganbatte!!

Tenya Tempura Tendon
Grand Indonesia Level 3A
East Mall GD-1
Jl. MH. Thamrin
Phone: 0210-23580012
FB Fan Page: Tenya Indo
twitter: @TenyaIndo