Asuka Japanese Dining at JW Marriott Hotel Jakarta

February 9th, 2017. I’ve been eyeing this place since the first time I stepped inside JW Marriott Hotel Jakarta. LOL. Yes, I love Japanese food. That’s why when I spotted that there’s Japanese Dining inside the hotel, I was very happy. Hoping that one day I will have a chance to try it. And, finally, I was there last week. Woohoo! Asuka Japanese Dining.


Experience chef-prepared, exceptionally fresh and exquisitely presented specialties from our authentic Jakarta Japanese restaurant, Asuka. Discover a Zen-inspired setting featuring the best sushi in town and cuisines made from the unique Omakase concept.

When you go inside JW Marriott, you just turn right. It was just around the corner. At first I thought Asuka was just like any other Japanese restaurant. Turned out it was the most premium restaurant at JW Marriott. The ambiance was very Japanese with Sushi Bar in the middle, then you can sit at the dining area or tatami. The decorations were imported from Japan. Wow, right?

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IMG_3261 IMG_3262

Asuka Chirashi 500k++

Chirashi: assorted sliced raw fish with sushi rice.
This new Asuka Chirashi is contain 3 slots in 1 box.
1st slot contain: chirashizushi (assorted slice raw fish with sushi rice); the famous sliced raw fish that included are toro (tuna), shake (salmon), uni (sea urchin), and ikura (salmon roe).
2nd slot contain: Japanese Pickles.
3rd slot contain: Grilled unagi (eel) on top of sushi rice.

Love those dishes. The freshness of the sliced raw fish were unbelievably marvelous. And I think that’s the first time I ate uni. Well, I didn’t really realize since I never ate a sea urchin before. LOL. And at the 2nd slot, I tried one of the best tamago. I asked for more hahaha.. Too delighftul. And of course the most favourite was the 3rd slot. The unagi was perfectly grilled. No fishy smell at all. It was enjoyed with top-grade rice, and tantalizing sauces. I wonder about the other dishes. OMG!

IMG_3264 IMG_3267 IMG_3268 IMG_3270 IMG_3271 IMG_3277

Gyu Tataki Donburi 450k++

Torched japanese wagyu on top of special sushi rice

It’s Calen’s. I tried the wagyu. It was amazingly tender and juicy. Perfect texture of the sushi rice, simmered in a mildly sweet sauce flavored. The wagyu smelled so good, I planned to finish it. LOL.

IMG_3274 IMG_3275

Thanks Asuka and JW Marriott Hotel for the scrumptious lunch. Cannot wait to come again.

Asuka Japanese Dining
JW Marriott Hotel Jakarta
Jl. DR Ide Anak Agung Gde Agung
Kav E 1.2 no 1 & 2 Kawasan Mega Kuningan
Phone: +62 21 5798 8898
IG: @Asuka_JWMarriottJkt

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