Kin No Taki Plaza Semanggi Jakarta

December 22nd, 2014. I went to Kin No Taki with my mom and niece. I knew this place since a long time ago but never tried the place, until that day. My niece insisted me to eat there LOL. She told me that she went to this place with her parents and my mom, and she really loves the sushi roll. So, she wanted to eat this to introduce to me to their sushi. She knew that I love Japanese food so very much. 🙂 Btw, while me and mom did the talking with the server in front of the restaurant, my niece was already inside hahahaha.. Ok mom, we should go inside then.. *sigh*


Now, let’s talk about the place. The place was dominated with red colour and wooden furnitures. It was also full of flowers and lovely displays. It’s not a spacious place, actually. But quite comfortable to eat your lunch. I will share here the pictures of their lovely displays.

IMG_7875 IMG_7873 IMG_7865 IMG_7864

And below, I will show you the tables. They have a larger place on the other side, but my niece insisted to sit at her preferred seat. Yeah right, I had to follow her again hahaha..

IMG_7874 IMG_7868 IMG_7867

Nihon Cha (Cold) 17.5k

Free Refill


Dorifish Furai 36.5k

Fresh Snapper fish rolled with Special Japanese flour.

 Too bad, their sushi rolls were sold out, so the cute little face had to order another dish. And she picked this dorifish furai. It’s like a karaage in our daily food. Hahaha yeah, karaage is like our daily food, right? If we have nothing to eat, just fry a karaage hahaha.. Btw, I didn’t try this dorifish because that cute little face was a little bit possessive of her food. So, I just saw her face ate the dish happily. *such a mean girl!!*


Tori Charsiew Don 45.5k

Grill chicken charsiew with oriental tasted on delicious Japanese steam rice.

Love it!! Actually it looked just like an common rice dish, but after one spoonful, I was in love. The grill chicken charsiew was tender and juicy. It was delicious!! The sauce was sweet. Really love it. Recommended dish.


Chicken Katsu Don 43.5k

Chicken Katsu and Egg on delicious Japanese steamed rice.

It’s my mom’s. Generous chicken katsu and egg. And I’m literally drooling right now. The chicken katsu was crunchy yet tender. The egg melted in my mouth. And it was such a big portion. Generous steamed rice too. Another recommendation from me.


Definitely I will come back again with that mean little girl LOL. Err.. I mean, my lovely little girl 😀 Next time I should try their sushi rolls. Anyone wanna keep me a company there? Just text me, okay 🙂

Kin No Taki
Plaza Semanggi, Ground Floor
Jl. Jenderal Sudirman
Phone: 021-25536329



  1. Isn’t their signature dishes are Yakiniku? I often eat when their Ciputra outlet still available. Sadly they closed down now, and i was too lazy to go to Plaza Semanggi

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