Simetri Home Coffee Roasters at Wijaya Melawai Jakarta

May 13th, 2019. Gw tau kalo Simetri Home Coffee Roasters bakal buka di Wijaya, dikasi info sama salah seorang barista. Trus pas gw mampir ke area sana, eh beneran ada bannernya mo buka di situ hihihi. Langsung dah gw tungguin sampe buka LOL. Pas udah buka, baru deh gw samperin. Dan gw suka karena parkirannyaContinue reading “Simetri Home Coffee Roasters at Wijaya Melawai Jakarta”

Sagaleh at Rumah Sagaleh Wijaya Melawai Jakarta

April 25th, 2019. Udah sering denger orang minum kopi susunya Sagaleh. Ada yang suka, ada yg biasa aja. Tapi gw sendiri belon pernah coba. Hahaha. Norak ya. Trus akhirnya ada buka tempat baru di Wijaya situ. Namanya Rumah Sagaleh. Ya mumpung lagi main ke daerah situ, cobain lah. Pertama, parkiran luas hahaha. Trus pas masuk,Continue reading “Sagaleh at Rumah Sagaleh Wijaya Melawai Jakarta”

Stack + Gordi Coffee at Wijaya Senopati Jakarta

April 25th, 2019. Ada tempat lucu nih di Wijaya. Namanya Stack. Katanya jualan lobster gitu deh. Trus pas sampe sana, eh ada Gordi juga. Sekali mampir, dapet 2 tempat deh. Begitu sampe, masuk ke Stack-nya buat pesen makanan dan minuman gitu. Tapi kalo untuk makannya, harus naik ke atas. Di atas itu ada 2 area. AreaContinue reading “Stack + Gordi Coffee at Wijaya Senopati Jakarta”

Eastern Opulence at Cipaku I Wijaya Dharmawangsa Jakarta

March 23rd, 2018. It’s been a while since Eastern Opulence invited me to come to their place. I was very busy at the time, but I think, better visit them before I go to Japan. So, when they asked me (for a million times hahaha) that morning, I said, “How about today’s lunch?” And theyContinue reading “Eastern Opulence at Cipaku I Wijaya Dharmawangsa Jakarta”

Agneya Restaurant at Wijaya Dharmawangsa Jakarta

December 7th, 2017. I knew about Agneya Restaurant around November when they just opened. So when I had a chance to visit the new place, I was very happy. We almost missed the place. Then I realized, it was previously a restaurant with bird cages in front of the place. Turned out that restaurant wasContinue reading “Agneya Restaurant at Wijaya Dharmawangsa Jakarta”

Kopi Kotaku at Wijaya 1 Petogogan Jakarta

October 12th, 2017. Finally I could come to Kopi Kotaku. I heard about them before they opened. Sorry, forgot who gave me the information about them. They opened September 23rd, and I couldn’t come *sobbing* yeah, I was in Tangerang at the time. After Tangerang, I went to Singapore, then Pontianak. Well, finally today IContinue reading “Kopi Kotaku at Wijaya 1 Petogogan Jakarta”

Twenty Fifth Coffee and Kitchen at Wijaya Kebayoran Baru Jakarta

February 18th, 2017. Six days after León, finally back to the place. But we’re not visiting León. This time, we visited the coffee shop, which located side by side at the same building. If you arrive at the building, to go to León, you must turn right. But, if you want to visit the coffee shop, turn left.Continue reading “Twenty Fifth Coffee and Kitchen at Wijaya Kebayoran Baru Jakarta”

León at Wijaya Kebayoran Baru Jakarta

February 12th, 2017. After one unsuccessful food tasting this afternoon *we have to reschedule* we drove ourselves to Wijaya area. There’s a new place just opened 2 weeks ago. Well, it’s always a fun thing to try new place. We didn’t want to be competitive, but what the heck, everybody’s a rival! LOL. I presentedContinue reading “León at Wijaya Kebayoran Baru Jakarta”