William’s Casual Dining at Tulodong Atas SCBD Jakarta

September 11th, 2017. I heard a month ago about William’s from Teddy, owner of Nitro Coffee. It belonged to his cousin, I think. Then the day before, Hans sent me the photo of William’s from someone’s Instagram. I asked him, Aline and Cindy to visit the place this afternoon. Too bad, Hans and Cindy hadContinue reading “William’s Casual Dining at Tulodong Atas SCBD Jakarta”

Chamber Food and Spirits Pacific Place Sudirman Jakarta

May 22nd, 2016. I came to Pacific Place with my best friend, Aline. I asked her to accompanying me to an invitation. I knew that there’s a new place in Pacific Place, but I thought it’s a super fine-dining place. Turned out it’s not that intimidating. LOL. In fact, it’s a very unique place. TheContinue reading “Chamber Food and Spirits Pacific Place Sudirman Jakarta”