Tuan Rumah Food Centrum Sunter Jakarta

September 10th, 2016. On our way to check-in to a hotel in Sunter area, my hubby said that he was very hungry. So I said to him, “I know a place nearby the hotel. Food Centrum. We can find a place to eat there.” After we checked-in, I asked Front Office the nearest way toContinue reading “Tuan Rumah Food Centrum Sunter Jakarta”

Botany Restaurant Holiday Inn Jakarta Kemayoran

February 21st, 2016. Kemayoran was not my playground area.  I just knew that they have Jakarta International Expo (JIExpo), a convention and exhibition center where some of Jakarta’s largest events are held annually, including the Java Jazz Festival. And I never went there too hahaha. So, when Holiday Inn Jakarta Kemayoran asked me to comeContinue reading “Botany Restaurant Holiday Inn Jakarta Kemayoran”

Pizzeria Cavalese Sunter Jakarta

December 24th, 2015. After PIK, we went to Pizzeria Cavalese at Ruko Green Lake, Sunter. Pizzeria means a place where pizzas are made or sold; a pizza restaurant. And Cavalese is a comune of 4,004 inhabitants in Trentino, northern Italy, a ski resort and the main center in the Fiemme Valley. So, the combination of the nameContinue reading “Pizzeria Cavalese Sunter Jakarta”