Onthree at Senopati Suites SCBD Jakarta

December 29th, 2017. Aline told me about this new place in Senopati Suites. And that lovely Friday morning, I went to Onthree with hubby. Then Aline came with her friends. We were having fun in that beautiful place. They have indoor and outdoor area. Different theme, for sure, but it’s a very stunning place. If it’s a good weather, such a very comfortable choice to sit outside. The bright natural light is overwhelming. But at that time, we sat inside. The sun was too strong.


Located on the 3rd floor of the new Senopati Suites apartment (tower A), it was very easy to find. Just search for a new Senopati Suites, just beside the previous apartment. Then they will direct you to the nearest path to Onthree. And when the elevator open its door, you will find the dazzling place.

IMG_9595 IMG_9607 IMG_9601 IMG_9597 IMG_9608 IMG_9600 IMG_9598 IMG_9599 IMG_9606 IMG_9602 IMG_9603 IMG_8546 IMG_8547 IMG_9605 IMG_9604

Flat White 36k


Kurogoma Coffee 45k

Cappucino with roasted and ground black sesame

It was Aline’s order. It’s one of their signature coffee. And when I sipped, I knew right away why it’s their signature coffee. Love the texture and the flavour. It was such a delicious coffee. The black sesame was interesting. A very interesting flavour. Recommended!


Ice Coco Latte 40k

Iced latte with hints of coconut freshness

Actually I didn’t really like coconut, but I wanted to try this drink since it’s one of their signature too. And too bad, I also didn’t like it when it’s in my iced latte. LOL. Maybe I should try the hot one. Hmm.. maybe..


Lychee Ice Tea 30k

It’s like any other lychee ice tea. Sweet and refreshing.


Green Tea Latte Iced 40k


Chocolate Almond Croissant

I forgot to ask them about the croissant whether is it homemade or not. Actually, it was very good. The texture of the croissant was very particular. Not too crispy and made it like crackers, and not too mushy and made it like common breads. Just perfect. And the taste of the chocolate with almond was just scrumptious. I think it’s one of the most delicious croissant I’ve ever tried.

IMG_9622 IMG_9623

Congratulations Onthree for the opening. Definitely will be back soon.

Senopati Suites
Tower A, 3rd Floor
Jl. Senopati No. 40
SCBD, Jakarta
Phone: +62 21 27533333
IG: @onthree.id


Koiki Eatery Senopati Suites Jakarta

February 22nd, 2015. I went to Koiki Eatery with hubby for lunch date. I won 250k voucher from IG competition.. yaaaaay. *dancing all around the place* Ok, back to Koiki. Located in Senopati Suites Apartment, the 2-storey-place wasn’t too spacious, but enough for a nice brunch, lunch or dinner. First, I was worried that it will be super fine dining because it’s in Senopati Suites, come on!! It should be very expensive, right? But, turned out, it’s not that scary hahaha.. And the place was so quiet, with only 2 guests. Yup, just the two of us LOL.


Actually I went there again on 12th April 2015 for brunch. They’re launching new brunch buffet every Sunday with live music. Very nice. Love the concept. Will tell you more about it later. And the price wasn’t horrifying!! Trust me.



The place was very comfortable. I came in and I found it very calm and cozy. But, on the second time, of course it’s different. There’s live music. What a different atmosphere, but still comfortable. Amazing, right?

IMG_0907 IMG_0906 IMG_0903 IMG_0899 IMG_0904 IMG_0914

Let’s order!!


Ocha 22k

Authentic Japanese green tea [hot/cold – refill]

Love the ocha. The colour was very beautiful. I rarely said green is beautiful 🙂

IMG_0922 IMG_0923

Okonomi Yaki 68k

Pan fried food consists of batter and cabbage

The okonomiyaki was one of their stars, I guess. Topped with generous seaweed and mayonnaise, it was very thick with generous filling too, like squid, crab stick, and everything else. And it was so huge, I had to take home half of it.

IMG_0966 IMG_0968

Chicken Katsu Don 95k

Rice, chicken and egg served in bowl

Actually, we’re not give this don a high expectation. We just thought, “Ah, it’s a safe dish. Chicken Katsu. Must be just so-so taste.” But, one spoonful, it blew my mind right away. So delicious, I literally took hostage the don. LOL. The texture was tender. Well-seasoned and very savoury. I’m looking at my picture and literally drooling. Very mouthwatering.


Shake No Tsukuri 95k


Love the presentation, love the texture, love the freshness, love the taste. No complaint.

IMG_0928 IMG_0927 IMG_0947

Koiki Sushi Roll 120k

Chopped Salmon, chopped chili, tempura flakes, Spring onion and flying fish roe

This sushi rolls were very simple. I told them not to use the chopped chili. We never like chili 🙂 This sushi rolls tasted fine. I love the tempura flakes. Crunch crunch! Love every crunchy rolls 🙂

IMG_0949 IMG_0948 IMG_0960

For Sunday Brunch Buffet, they served almost everything, I guess.

Selection includes Japanese Style Egg Station, Ramen Station, Our speciality Curry Rice Station, Gindara, Chicken Teriyaki, Sushi, Sashimi, Sushi Rolls, Sukiyaki, Shabu Shabu, Takoyaki and Eskimomo for Koiki Japanese Flavor Ice Cream with Japanese Style Crepes Station

Adult IDR 270k ++
Children (under 12) 20% discount

Due to limited seating capacities please make your reservation first!


Healthy drinks. Yaaaay. Hmm.. I love the orange juice and ocha 🙂

IMG_3077 IMG_3078

Japanese Style Egg Station [Hamburg with Sunny Side Up and Omelette]

Egg never failed me. Never. This was my favourite station, of course 🙂 The hamburg with sunny side up was fantastic. Not too big, so I could spare my tummy for the omelette. And the generous filling of the omelette, wow.. Say no more.

IMG_3082 IMG_3110 IMG_3111 IMG_3125 IMG_3114 IMG_3117 IMG_3121

Gindara Teriyaki, Chicken Teriyaki, Ebi Furai and Salmon Creme Croquette

They were all delicious, but our favourite was the gindara teriyaki. So tender and tasty. I could stood there, at the station, all day long, only to eat the gindara teriyaki. What a nice treat 🙂

IMG_3097 IMG_3098 IMG_3100 IMG_3104

Sushi, Sashimi and Sushi Rolls

IMG_3132 IMG_3080 IMG_3094





Banana Tsusumiyage, Strawberry Mochi, Gomae Dango and Fruits

IMG_3085 IMG_3087 IMG_3089 IMG_3084

Eskimomo for Koiki Japanese Flavor Ice Cream with Japanese Style Crepes Station

Tokyo Banana Ice Cream with Ovomaltine

Love it. Ovomaltine was my favourite, beside Nutella, of course. The crunch crunch from ovomaltine, mixed with the tokyo banana ice cream. I could feel they’re dancing in my mouth. What a sexy taste.


Thanks Koiki Eatery for the lovely lunch and brunch. Definitely will come back again for more delicious Japanese food.

Koiki Eatery
Senopati Suites Apartment
Senopati Raya no 41
Phone: 021-29248351
IG: @koiki_eatery