[EVENT] BAHARAT is BACK at The Ritz-Carlton Jakarta, Pacific Place

May 29th, 2017. Yaaay BAHARAT is back! When I got the invitation, I was very happy. I remember last year it’s the first time I went to The Ritz-Carlton Jakarta, Pacific Place. Wow, it’s been a year. Continuing the popularity for last two consecutive years, Baharat is now ready to open its door from MayContinue reading “[EVENT] BAHARAT is BACK at The Ritz-Carlton Jakarta, Pacific Place”

The NEW Asia Restaurant at Ritz Carlton Mega Kuningan Jakarta

March 26th, 2017. There’s something new near me. It’s not a new restaurant, it’s not a new hotel. But it’s a new appearance at the restaurant in a hotel. Well, so many hotels are doing renovation ya. Hmm.. the power of.. what? social media? happening places? It’s really intimidating, right? I just hope there’s noContinue reading “The NEW Asia Restaurant at Ritz Carlton Mega Kuningan Jakarta”

[EVENT] Frisian Flag Purefarm Coconut Delight

September 27th, 2016. Frisian Flag Indonesia presents their latest innovations: Frisian Flag Purefarm Coconut Delight, milk with coconut flavour. First in Indonesia. Frisian Flag Purefarm Coconut Delight is made from a unique combination of the benefit of milk containing 7 vitamins and 3 minerals combined with the fresh taste of coconut. It really help theContinue reading “[EVENT] Frisian Flag Purefarm Coconut Delight”

Asia Restaurant Ritz Carlton Hotel Mega Kuningan Jakarta

January 23rd, 2016. Finally, I finished editing my photos. So busy this week for Chinese New Year, I need more time to do my homework. And yeah, right now I wanna tell you about Asia Restaurant. Well, it’s my first time there, so please be nice hahaha. I was there for Saturday brunch with my fellowContinue reading “Asia Restaurant Ritz Carlton Hotel Mega Kuningan Jakarta”