[EVENT] Afternoon Chocolate Buffet at Le Chocolat Lounge Pullman Jakarta Indonesia

July 18th, 2017. It’s always happy to be back to Pullman Jakarta Indonesia. And I got good news guys! *dancing* Le Chocolat Lounge is having Afternoon Chocolate Buffet. What?!?!?! Yes, you heard it right. Chocolate Buffet. Le Chocolat Lounge of Pullman Jakarta Indonesia is one of the places to see and to be seen inContinue reading “[EVENT] Afternoon Chocolate Buffet at Le Chocolat Lounge Pullman Jakarta Indonesia”

[HOTEL] Pullman Jakarta Indonesia – Grand Deluxe Executive Suite

June 10th, 2017 – June 11th, 2017 Pullman Jakarta Indonesia is right by the iconic Thamrin Roundabout in the heart of Jakarta. We know what the capital city has to offer, what needs to be seen, heard, tasted. Because Pullman is cosmopolitan. My sister and her family stayed here 3 years ago, a complimentary forContinue reading “[HOTEL] Pullman Jakarta Indonesia – Grand Deluxe Executive Suite”

[EVENT] Sana Sini by Pullman Jakarta Indonesia

March 23rd, 2015. I was invited to Sana Sini by Pullman Jakarta Indonesia. I really love Sana Sini because they serve delicious buffet. They have Chinese, Japanese, Mediterranean and Indonesian food in separate section. They also have a desserts section. And they were all delicious!! Actually you can read my previous review about Sana Sini,Continue reading “[EVENT] Sana Sini by Pullman Jakarta Indonesia”