Afternoon Chocolate Buffet at Le Chocolat Lounge Pullman Jakarta Indonesia

July 18th, 2017. It’s always happy to be back to Pullman Jakarta Indonesia. And I got good news guys! *dancing* Le Chocolat Lounge is having Afternoon Chocolate Buffet. What?!?!?! Yes, you heard it right. Chocolate Buffet.


Le Chocolat Lounge of Pullman Jakarta Indonesia is one of the places to see and to be seen in town. It is not only known for its cosy atmosphere and modern take on decorated sofas and city scenery magnificently framed by floor-to-ceiling windows, the only chocolate lounge in Jakarta recently introduced a delightful chocolate-themed Afternoon Tea Buffet from 3pm to 6pm daily. For only 188k++ per person, guests can delight in selections of savory Indonesian snacks before moving on to the chocolate-inspired cakes, pastries, fondue and more while sipping their choice of signature chocolate drink, tea or coffee.

Le Chocolat Lounge is a very comfortable place. I was happy to be back there again. When I stayed at Pullman, I forgot to bring my hubby to enjoy the lounge. Well, next time I think I will ask him to join me to this Afternoon Chocolate Buffet.

IMG_1647 IMG_1648 IMG_1650 IMG_1649

To please the palate while enjoying the signature chocolate drink, the Chefs offer Indonesia’s favorite savory snacks and an extensive choice of delectable flavours on its chocolate buffet spread. Guests can enjoy hot dishes, such as Deep-fried Beancurd with Vegetables, Combro, Fried Cassava with Five Spices, Crab Fritter and Banana Fritter with Cheese. The main star of the buffet is of course the generous selection of chocolate-inspired delicacies, including Chocolate Fountains Trio – Milk Chocolate, Caramel Chocolate and White Chocolate, Mini Chocolate Eclairs, Macarons, Chocolate Spiced Chocolate Fondue Cake, Tiramisu, Spiced Chocolate Ganache Tart and the Caramel Roche. Chocolate lovers can indulge endlessly in assorted praline or the chocolate fondue.

Can you guys imagine, all you can eat, not food, but chocolate? OMG! Have you ever seen the movie Charlie and the Chocolate Factory? OMG! *drooling* When I saw the movie, I imagined that I was Charlie. I wanted to swim in the chocolate hihihi. And now Le Chocolat made it come true.

IMG_1643 IMG_1645 IMG_1626 IMG_1627 IMG_1644 IMG_1628 IMG_1629 IMG_1630 IMG_1631 IMG_1632 IMG_1633 IMG_1634 IMG_1635 IMG_1636 IMG_1637 IMG_1638 IMG_1639

Le Chocolat Lounge
Pullman Jakarta Indonesia
Jl. M.H. Thamrin 59
Phone: +62 21 31921111
IG: @pullman.jkt.indo


[HOTEL] Pullman Jakarta Indonesia – Grand Deluxe Executive Suite

June 10th, 2017 – June 11th, 2017

Pullman Jakarta Indonesia is right by the iconic Thamrin Roundabout in the heart of Jakarta. We know what the capital city has to offer, what needs to be seen, heard, tasted. Because Pullman is cosmopolitan.


My sister and her family stayed here 3 years ago, a complimentary for Vivi’s sweet 17th birthday *my lovely niece*, and I was very happy to be back here again. Love the lobby area. Very spacious and friendly. And I just realized that they have children playground there. They also have an area for internet connections. I really love their lobby. Spaciously huge hahaha. High ceiling with elegant stairs.

IMG_9166 IMG_9159 IMG_9155 IMG_9160

Grand Deluxe Executive Suite (Room 1058)

97sqm. Entertain in style with panoramic Thamrin Roundabout views in a suite. Modern design complements the amenities in a Grand Deluxe Executive such as spacious separate lounge area with dining table and access to Executive Lounge.

WOW! I was stunned with the beauty of the room. They have a very spacious living room, with gigantic sofa. My hubby instantly fell in love with the sofa and the TV remote control LOL. Love the huge bathroom too. What about the bedroom? Super love. One thick bed with comfortable pillow. Super cozy. And by the way, they have another toilet in the living room. Fantastic!

Living Room

IMG_9805 IMG_9806 IMG_9807 IMG_9808 IMG_9809 IMG_9810 IMG_9811 IMG_9812 IMG_9814

Bedroom and Bathroom

IMG_9124 IMG_9117 IMG_9820 IMG_9821 IMG_9819 IMG_9813 IMG_9818 IMG_9125 IMG_9817 IMG_9816 IMG_9815

Executive Lounge

I didn’t get a chance to try their executive lounge. But I think it’s as lovely as the executive room.


Swimming Pool and Spa

IMG_9163 IMG_9865 IMG_9866 IMG_9869 IMG_9867 IMG_9830

Breakfast Time

SANA SINI, the hotel’s signature restaurant, puts new definition to all-day dining by featuring four culinary centers of the world.

Breakfast at SANA SINI. Pretty amazing with a lot of choices from egg station to desserts station. Definitely a keeper. Spacious area with many food stations and friendly gesture from the people.

IMG_9863 IMG_9862 IMG_9848 IMG_9846 IMG_9847 IMG_9844 IMG_9843 IMG_9845 IMG_9857 IMG_9855 IMG_9852 IMG_9854


IMG_9849 IMG_9851 IMG_9860 IMG_9859 IMG_9861

Thank you so much Pullman Jakarta Indonesia and SANA SINI restaurant. We love you!

Pullman Jakarta Indonesia
Jl. M.H. Thamrin 59
Phone: +62 21 31921111
IG: @pullman.jkt.indo

[EVENT] Ramadan Kareem Festivity at Sana Sini by Pullman Jakarta Indonesia

May 28th, 2017. It’s been so long since I went to Sana Sini by Pullman Jakarta Indonesia. Finally *woot woot* a week before, they invited me to celebrate the Holy Month of Ramadan. So I visited Sana Sini Restaurant with hubby. We ordered online car *yeah their parking area was never our favourite* and we were so excited with the welcome Tanoura Dance. LOL.


Hotel Pullman Jakarta’s restaurant, Sana Sini, features the anticipated return of Lebanese Guest Chef Zein Rahhal behind the kitchen. Welcoming the guests in a sumptuous Lebanese-inspired cuisine with Egyptian Tanoura Dance Performance highlight the Holy Month. Tanoura is the Egyptian-influenced sufi dance distinguished by the use of a multicolored skirt. The entertainers are scheduled to perform on weeknights. Sana Sini transformed into an Middle Eastern Souq with colored silks, antique lanterns and exquisite buffet. And they still amazed me with many variants on the buffet.

IMG_8852 IMG_8850 IMG_8851 IMG_8859

Executive Chef Cameron Chef prepares the signature dishes and guests’ favorites at Sana Sini. After a successful collaboration with Chef Zein in 2016, he will be back by popular demand to bring guests to a culinary pilgrimage to Middle East with trademark dishes such as Lamb Ouzi, Chicken and Beef Shawarma, Fish Harrah, and the famous Baklava. In addition to the popular buffet menus, guests cannot miss the Middle-Eastern and Indonesian-inspired thirst quenching beverages such as Turkish Coffee, Bajigur, Es Campur and the Ramadan Tower Mocktail. Guests dining at Sana Sini enjoy complimentary sweet Ta’jil selection, served with coffee or tea. During the Holy Month, Sana Sini Restaurant will also be open for lunch service with power lunch set menus on offer.

IMG_8821 IMG_8822 IMG_8823 IMG_8825 IMG_8826 IMG_8827 IMG_8828 IMG_8829 IMG_8838 IMG_8839 IMG_8840 IMG_8841 IMG_8842 IMG_8860 IMG_8843 IMG_8845 IMG_8854 IMG_8855 IMG_8856 IMG_8853 IMG_8847 IMG_8848 IMG_8824 IMG_8830 IMG_8834 IMG_8835


IMG_8861 IMG_8863 IMG_8864

Breakfasting at Sana Sini, starts from 468k nett including ta’jil. Thank you Sana Sini for inviting me.

Sana Sini by Pullman
Pullman Jakarta Indonesia Hotel
Jl. M.H. Thamrin 59
Jakarta Pusat 1035
Phone: 021-31921111
IG: @sanasinipullman
IG: @pullman.jkt.ind

[HOTEL] Pullman Jakarta Indonesia Hotel – Deluxe Room

July 12th, 2014. My sister got a complimentary stay at Deluxe Room Pullman Jakarta Indonesia Hotel at MH Thamrin when she had Sweet 17th Birthday Bash at Sana Sini Restaurant for her daughter. I took the chance to look at their room and took pictures there.

This sleek, elegant hotel is situated in the heart of Thamrin, one of Jakarta’s liveliest neighbourhoods, and it overlooks both the Plaza Indonesia and Grand Indonesia shopping and entertainment centres. Here on business? Not a problem. Pullman Jakarta Indonesia’s conference and meeting facilities are second to none.

DELUXE ROOM, 2 Single Size Beds
Modern 39 sq.m. room featuring sofa lounge and ergonomic work desk. Enjoy an elegant raised bath and separate tranquil rain shower, with bathrobe and Roger & Gallet toiletries. Complimentary high-speed WIFI and espresso machine.


Let me share the pictures that I took at that time.

The Sofa

It’s really nice to have sofa in the room. Even though we cannot sleep there, but it’s so comfortable for chit chat or just sit there.

IMG_4846 IMG_4828 IMG_4847

The Twin Bed with Details

For me, I prefer Double Bed, but hey.. it’s not my decision to make. LOL. The bed was comfortable. I think I slept a little while there before the birthday bash. Nice view too from upstairs. The room view was Thamrin street. So nice!

IMG_4840 IMG_4830 IMG_4827 IMG_4829 IMG_4842

The Bathroom

IMG_4832 IMG_4835 IMG_4833 IMG_4834 IMG_4836 IMG_4838

Thanks Pullman Jakarta for the hospitality. I didn’t stay at that time, so I couldn’t take more pictures of the hotel and the breakfast. Hope I can stay next time I go there. See you soon 🙂

Pullman Jakarta Indonesia Hotel
Jl. M.H. Thamrin 59
Jakarta Pusat 1035
Phone: 021-31921111
IG: @pullman.jkt.ind

Instagram Competition Le Chocolat Lounge Pullman Jakarta Indonesia

Le Chocolat Lounge managed by Pullman Jakarta Indonesia will award 5 lucky winners with Rp 500.000 vouchers. Regram this photo as much as you can and tag / mention @pullman_jkt_ind and don’t forget to put #CHOCOHOLICREGRAM & #LECHOCOLATLOUNGE on your photo caption. This competition will start on 19th May and finish on 25th May 2014. Seize your chance to win!


Well, when I saw the picture, I was so tempted to join the competition. I didn’t think about winning. Just wanna had some fun. And what a surprise, I won the competition with 4 others IGers. So, on the June 3rd, 2014, I went to Le Chocolat Pullman Jakarta to get my prize.

IMG_2900 IMG_2901 IMG_2933 IMG_2924 IMG_2931 IMG_2944

While waiting for the others, they ordered high tea for us with sandwich and waffle and some others Indonesian traditional desserts.

Monday – Friday, 14:00 – 18:00 hours


Signature pistachio and apricot Scones
French butter, fresh cream, homemade jam and preserve

Chicken and mushroom vol-au-vent
Salmon rillettes with baguette crostini
Mini Quiche of the day
Assorted Indonesian deep-fried delights

Mango short cake
Chamonix tart
Walnuts, lemon, cinnamon, apricot jam
Ruby Cream of white chocolate and olive oil
Macedoine of strawberry
Mousseline of caramel hazelnuts
Sablé Breton lemon, raspberry cremeux
Macaron and praline
Hot chocolate, coffee, TWG tea or Infusions


Signature Hot Chocolate 60k

Hot milk with Nutty ganache

This is very unique. They give you the hot milk, separate from the nutty ganache. Then, you have to dowse the ganache into the milk until it melts. Then, you drink it. It was so delicious. The best thing about hot chocolate, it’s warming and very comforting, like a big hug in a big mug. It was perfectly thick and creamy. Love every single sip. No wonder it said “Signature”! 😀

IMG_2886 IMG_2887 IMG_2888 IMG_2889 IMG_2892 IMG_2895

Classic Belgium waffle 65k

Red fruit compote and vanilla whip cream.

Waffle is one of the classic American breakfast. It’s so classic that everyone likes it. But actually, some people made the waffle crunchy, and some people made it so soft. I like it in between. Not too crunchy, and not too soft.  The strawberry was sour, as usual, hahahaha.. The vanilla whip cream made it more sweet. So, it’s like sweet and sour waffle 😀


Smoked salmon club sandwich 110k

White or wheat loaf bread, triple decker with Norwegian smoked salmon lettuce, tomato, cucumber and dill-caper mayonnaise, chips.

This was new for me. Usually, club sandwich is using beef or turkey or pork. But, tell you the truth, this delicious smoked salmon was hard to resist. The smoky flavour was not too strong. But when you eat the sandwich, instantly you could taste it. Anyway, I always love club sandwich. Remind me of my childhood. Sandwich was a luxury that time. 🙂

A club sandwich, also called a clubhouse sandwich, is a sandwich with toasted bread.` It is often cut into quarters and held together by hors d’œuvre sticks. It frequently has two layers which are separated by an additional slice of bread.

The classic ingredients for a club sandwich are turkey, bacon, lettuce, tomato, and mayonnaise. Other common club sandwiches generally vary the bottom layer, for example a “chicken club” or a “roast beef club” or a “breakfast club”. Variations might include ham (instead of, or in addition to bacon) and/or additional cheese slices. As with a BLT, the club sandwich is usually served on toasted bread. Mayonnaise and mustard and sometimes honey mustard are common condiments. The sandwich is commonly served with a side portion of either coleslaw, or potato salad, and often accompanied by a pickle. The coleslaw or potato salad is often reduced to a “garnish” portion, when the primary side item is an order of French fries or potato chips.



 I love how they set the traditional desserts in one place. The colour was appetizing. Surprisingly, the taste was very enjoyable. But unfortunately, fighting over food was not allowed. Hahahaha..

IMG_2903 IMG_2904 IMG_2905

While having a great conversation, I noticed that a lovely lady was doing the cooking. So, I approached her. Turns out, she’s the one who makes all the Indonesian traditional desserts. Love all the food that she made that day.

IMG_2919 IMG_2921 IMG_2923 IMG_2942 IMG_2907 IMG_2912 IMG_2941

After that, it’s time for me to get the voucher. Hahaha.. I was so happy I couldn’t wipe the smile from my face.

DSC_3792 IMG_2943

Thanks Le Chocolat for the vouchers and the treats. Cannot wait to come back soon.

Le Chocolat Lounge
Pullman Jakarta Indonesia
Jl. M.H. Thamrin No. 59
Jakarta Pusat
Phone: 021-31921111

Lunch with Michelin Starred Chef Jarad Galagher Sana Sini by Pullman Thamrin Jakarta

June 18th, 2014. Pullman Jakarta Indonesia was having an event with Michelin Starred Chef, Jarad Galagher, at Sana Sini Restaurant. I was so lucky that I got the chance to try some of Chef Jarad’s creations, because he’s only in Pullman since 17th until 22nd June 2014.

IMG_3620 IMG_3607

Jarad Gallagher is the first in a series of Michelin star chefs who will be invited to cook at the Sana Sini Restaurant. Pullman Jakarta Indonesia has gone through an extensive renovation of its rooms and public facilities over the last eighteen months and General Manager Philippe Le Bourhis says “we now want to show the new face of the hotel”. By welcoming Chef Jarad he adds “we can highlight our western kitchen with new Earth and Ocean signature dishes from California.”


The term ‘Michelin Star’ is a hallmark of fine dining quality. They are often described as the Oscars of the food world. The French-originating star system comes from the Michelin ‘Red Guide’ which has been published for more than one hundred years. It remains the key yardstick by which all Western restaurants and their chefs are judged.

Now the young and dynamic head chef of the famous Chez TJ restaurant in the US, Jarad Gallagher, is coming to visit Jakarta to cook in the unique open kitchens of Sana Sini Restaurant at Pullman Jakarta Indonesia. Jarad Gallagher, a Seattle native, began cooking at the age of five alongside his chef father. As a Sous-Chef at nineteen and Executive Chef at twenty-one, Gallagher refined his natural skills at cooking at a young age. He has a strong passion for French cooking and took intensive training classes at Le Cordon Bleu in Paris and London. This led to Jarad obtaining work at the acclaimed Bras Restaurant in Laguiole, France. He then went on to work at Michelin starred restaurants Michael Mina, One Market and Plumed Horse before moving to his current home Chez Tj in San Francisco, California.

Complimentary Bread

This was the same bread that I ate last time when I went to Sana Sini. Whoaaaa, love the butter. Errr.. I mean, I love the bread, but prefer dip it in the butter hihihihi.. The texture was delicate. The sweetness from the raisin and the crunchiness from the nuts. The combination was unexceptional.

IMG_3608 IMG_3612

As usual, I ordered drink first 🙂

Ice Lychee Tea

Always love lychee tea. Always. Always. Always. So refreshing and sweet. What I love most of this lychee tea was the glass is so tall hahahaha..


Ice Chocolate

After ice lychee tea, I ordered ice chocolate as Mas Reza’s recommendation. And I loved it!!! Not too sweet, so it didn’t ruin my appetite.  Sometimes an ice chocolate was too sweet and I hated the after taste of the drinks.


And for the three courses..

Chilled Asparagus Velouté

textured beef tendon, quail egg yolk, romesco sauce

Let start with the starter. First sight: hmmm.. so small.. Hihihi.. First bite: OMG! nom nom nom.. Yup, it was delicious!!! The annoying thing was that the portion was too small. We had to ask Mas Reza to bring us another 4 portions in 1 plate hahahaha.. And he’s like.. “Sorry Miss, cannot.” Hahahaha.. OK, I mentioned him twice. You must be curious who the hell is Mas Reza. Mas Reza is one of the best servers in town, I guess. He’s so polite and wonderful. Too bad I didn’t have chance to capture him. Next time, ok? LOL. Ok, back to the dish. I love the appearance. So beautiful. Heavenly luscious!! The cheese cracker was crunchy. The tobiko was popping deliciously. So fun!

A velouté sauce (French pronunciation: ​[vəluˈte]), along with tomato, Hollandaise, Béchamel and espagnole, is one of the sauces of French cuisine that were designated the five “mother sauces” by Auguste Escoffier in the 19th century, which was a simplification of the “Sauce Carême” list of Marie-Antoine Carême. The term velouté is from the French adjectival form of velour, meaning velvet.

IMG_3613 IMG_3617 IMG_3614 IMG_3615

Coffee Flavoured Rack of Lamb

garden roots, caraway, spinach

Main course!! Rack of Lamb!! Yup yup.. I was very excited. I thought lamb always smell no good. But this one was different. I think it’s because the coffee. The lamb became a nice smell lamb. Hihihi.. It was juicy. Moist and tender. Mimi kama!!! Err.. do you know what mimi kama means? Googling it. LOL.. By the way, they cooked the lamb in medium level. So, it’s not too hard, and not very soggy. Served with mashed potato, caraway and spinach. Gorgeous, right?

Caraway (Carum carvi), also known as meridian fennel, or Persian cumin, is a biennial plant in the family Apiaceae,[7] native to westernAsia, Europe and Northern Africa. The plant is similar in appearance to other members of the carrot family, with finely divided, feathery leaves with thread-like divisions, growing on 20–30 cm stems. The main flower stem is 40–60 cm tall, with small white or pink flowers in umbels. Caraway fruits (erroneously called seeds) are crescent-shapedachenes, around 2 mm long, with five pale ridges.

IMG_3622 IMG_3624

Grapefruit Consome

mint, avocado, orange

Before they served dessert, they gave us some kind of before-dessert-thing hihihi.. I thought it will be sweet. I totally forgot about the “grapefruit.” So, I ate this grapefruit consome with passion. And.. eeew.. bitter!! Hahaha.. gotcha.. But, I love this, because it’s unique. And the fragrant from the mint, made it more bizarre.. Amahzeeeengg!!


Gold Bar

coconut sorbet, caramel, milk chocolate

Save the best for last!!! Oh my, oh my, this was very exquisite. I was addicted with the caramel biscuit. I saw Ellyna’s gold bar, and hoped that she won’t eat the biscuit. Too bad, she loved it too hahaha.. The milk chocolate was perfect. The coconut sorbet was delicious with a vanilla flavour crunch crunch. Love it!! I won’t share, of course. Don’t forget to try this one ya. Must-try!!!

IMG_3636 IMG_3641

Wanna have a delicious experience like I did? Come to Sana Sini Restaurant at Pullman Jakarta Indonesia. Lunch starts at 288k++ per person. Dinner starts at 888k++ (for 6 courses) per person. Don’t forget, only 17th to 22nd June 2014. Be there!!

Thanks Sana Sini and Pullman. See you in the next event.

Sana Sini by Pullman
Pullman Jakarta Indonesia Hotel
Jl. M.H. Thamrin 59
Jakarta Pusat 1035
Phone: 021-31921111
FB Fan Page: Sana Sini Pullman
twitter: @SanaSiniPullman