Becca’s Bakehouse at Pluit Jakarta

April 27th, 2019. Ini kedua kali deh kayanya gw ke Becca’s Bakehouse. Pertama kali tuh yang di Kelapa Gading pas baru buka outletnya. Sayang banget sekarang udah gak ada outletnya di KElapa Gading ya.  Trus ke Pluit ini sama Tanti pertama kalinya. Nah sekarang iseng deh, kabur bentar ke sana. Hubby gw tinggal di coffeeContinue reading “Becca’s Bakehouse at Pluit Jakarta”

Delapan Gram at Pluit Muara Karang Jakarta

March 3rd, 2018. I knew about this coffee shop from Selvi *thank you dear* She told me that there was a new coffee shop opened in Pluit area. She was nice to tell me the name of the coffee shop. Delapan Gram. Well, some people won’t sharing anything new to others, even though it’s theirContinue reading “Delapan Gram at Pluit Muara Karang Jakarta”