Hokkaido Baby at Plaza Senayan Jakarta

August 15th, 2017. I had invitation to come to the latest outlet of Hokkaido Baby in Plaza Senayan. Actually, I saw the outlet a couple of months ago when I went to Plaza Senayan, but I had to be somewhere else, so I didn’t visit it. So, last Tuesday, I visited the place alone after I had a foodtasting nearby.


I knew Hokkaido Baby since they started the business on January 30th, 2016. First, they launched in Shirayuki MTA. then on May 2016 they opened in PIM 1. And they opened in Surabaya also. Now after some times, they finally opened an outlet in Plaza Senayan at Basement Level. It’s quite petite, but a lovely one.

IMG_3351 IMG_3350 IMG_3353 IMG_3352 IMG_3354

They served their signature cheese tarts in this outlet. They have 4 kinds of flavours: Original, Chocolate, Matcha and Salted Egg. My favourite? All of them, no two ways about it. LOL. And they produced this Choux Baby and Choux Choco. I just tried them and loved them. They told me to eat the Choux Baby right away when it’s still cold. “No need for the Choux Choco. You can enjoy it later,” they said.

IMG_3348 IMG_3347 IMG_3346 IMG_3349 IMG_3345

Actually, they invited me not only to  their latest outlet, but they wanted to introduce their new baby, Petite Chizuko. It’s a mini cheesecake with molten fillings in 4 flavours: Original, Chocolate, Matcha and Salted Egg.

IMG_3341 IMG_3343 IMG_3342 IMG_3344

Congratulations Hokkaido Baby. Keep up the good work!

Hokkaido Baby
Plaza Senayan Basement Level
Jl. Asia Afrika
Senayan, Jakarta
Phone: +62 21 29678490
IG: hokkaidobaby


Ardent Coffee at CoLab Plaza Senayan Jakarta

May 1st, 2017. I had an event in Plaza Senayan around 3pm. So, when I arrived earlier, I tried to find a place to sit, waiting for Hans. I walked around until I saw CoLab space. It was a working space with several tenants. And one of them is Ardent Coffee. I saw Berrywell, Dore, and Lewis & Carroll, but this time I only visited Ardent.


CoLab is a curated concept store for local lifestyle brands. Lucky me, I still got seat there, since it was weekend. So many beautiful things in there. I had to hold the urge to buy things there hahahaha.. The place isn’t small but not too spacious. Well, please enjoy my very very simple review.

IMG_7050 IMG_7054 IMG_7057 IMG_7063 IMG_7053 IMG_7052 IMG_7046 IMG_7047 IMG_7064 IMG_7058 IMG_7049 IMG_7045 IMG_7062 IMG_7044

Hazelnut Latte 39k

I loved it. It’s very delicious. The texture was perfect. Smell so good, with great flavour. It’s weet but not too sweet. Well, it’s like hazelnut latte in general, of course. And I love the latte art. It’s simple but beautiful.


Nutella Marshmallow 31k

I think it’s my mistake to order this nutella marshmallow toast. I ordered hazelnut latte for the drink, and this one for the food? OMG. I should order the savoury one. But it’s too late. Well, it’s just like any ordinary toast. Served with vanilla ice cream and marshmallow, it was delicious, sweet and appetizing.

IMG_7065 IMG_7066

Next time, I will try the savoury toast, for sure. Cannot wait to be back!

Ardent Coffee
CoLab Space
Plaza Senayan B1 A Floor
Jl. Asia Afrika no 8
Phone: +62 821-1140-0088
IG: @ardent.coffee

Marché Restaurant Plaza Senayan Jakarta

December 20th, 2016. I was invited to review Christmas menu from a restaurant in Plaza Senayan. At the restaurant, you can delight in the various European dishes, which are pork-free, freshly cooked in front of your eyes. Marché Restaurant.


Enjoy these dishes in an authentic Swiss Village setting, 500 years’ old Swiss Mountain Houses, cable cars, and original antiques transported from Switzerland and painstakingly installed by hand in the restaurant by a team of Swiss craftsmen. The stunning two levels architecture comes complete with a cascading alpine waterfall and a large screen showing Switzerland’s scenery. The children can enjoy a special play area called the ‘Heidi House’, named after the famous character of the Swiss children’s story. Special ‘Picky Meals’ and games are also available for them.

As a first-timer, I was like “WOW” “OMG” “Cool” when the PR took me around. It’s really like I was in Swiss Village. I won’t say much. I just show you the photos, ok?

IMG_1562 IMG_1559 IMG_1561 IMG_1537 IMG_1542 IMG_1550 IMG_1494 IMG_1502 IMG_1495 IMG_1540 IMG_1545 IMG_1538 IMG_1552 IMG_1555 IMG_1558

Swiss Mountain Houses

IMG_1520 IMG_1529 IMG_1505 IMG_1519 IMG_1514 IMG_1513 IMG_1536

Barn and Chicken Coop

IMG_1496 IMG_1497 IMG_1498 IMG_1499 IMG_1504 IMG_1508 IMG_1516

Children Spot

IMG_1535 IMG_1533 IMG_1531

Christmas Special Rosti Pizza

with Pepperoni and Cheese

This dish was only available on December 24th and 25th, 2016. Rosti is a Swiss dish consisting mainly of potatoes. It’s a pan fried potato, made of mixture local Dieng potatoes with Red Australian potatoes. Cooked with Clarified Butter until it’s Golden Brown. Best served with additional toppings such as smoked salmon, sausages, beef bacon and egg, cheese, mushroom ragout, stroganoff, etc. On Christmas Days, they used pepperoni and cheese. It contains red and green colours. Christmas colours. Delicious and beautiful.

IMG_1565 IMG_1566

Savoury Crepe Black Pepper

It’s really good. The black pepper meat was very rich in taste and texture. The crepe was also in perfect texture. Don’t forget to dip it in the tartar sauce. Recommended!

IMG_1567 IMG_1568

Cotton Cheese Cake

I love the texture, although they could make it softer. And about the taste, it needed a little bit improvement, I think. It’s too sweet, for me. I prefer more cheese!

IMG_1569 IMG_1571

Thank you Marche for inviting me. Love the place! Really love it. Definitely will come back with friends!

Marché Restaurant
Plaza Senayan Level 5 Unit CP500
Jl. Asia Afrika No.8
Phone: +62 21 57905856
IG: @marcheindonesia

Grom Lotte Shopping Avenue Ciputra World Jakarta

September 20th, 2016. Everybody loves gelato. I love gelato too, but not every kind of gelato. While everybody loves ice cream, gelato or sorbet, I’m not very into them. And, all my friends would be like, “Whoaaaa.. are you sure? Ice cream is the most delicious thing in the whole universe!” Something like that. But, when this gelato shop from Italy finally opened in Jakarta, I’m in love. Grom.


Grom is the gelato you would make for the ones you love. Grom story began in 2003, when two friends, Guido Martinetti and Federico Grom, inaugurated the first Grom gelateria in Turin, Italy. Their dream was – and still is! – to make the best gelato in the world. This is how the gelato come una volta (“like it used to be made”) was born: gelato made with high-quality fresh milk, cage-free eggs and the best raw ingredients; sorbets with 50% fruit picked when fully ripe at their organic farm Mura Mura or from trusted cultivators; no artificial colors, flavors, preservatives or emulsifiers of any kind – 100% natural ingredients.

Last year, Grom opened their first store in Jakarta at Pacific Place. Then, they spread their wings to Plaza Senayan, and now Lotte Shopping Avenue. Yaaaaay! When I knew about the LoVe outlet, I was so happy. Well, Pacific Place was not far away, but LoVe was closer. So so so so happy. And finally, grand opening. Another yaaaaay!! Psst, I’ve been there twice before their grand opening. Hahahaha..

IMG_7423 IMG_7545 IMG_7548 IMG_7549 IMG_7550 IMG_7575

I had the privilege to go there after their grand opening with some fellow foodies. Hans, Aline, Fiona, Gaby and Brian. We were having so much fun, trying all those delicious sorbet, gelato and affogato. So many flavours at Grom, such as: Crema de Grom (egg cream gelato with gluten free corn biscuit and Domori chocolate chips from Sierra Nevada, Columbia), Baccio, Pistachio, Salted Caramel, Vanilla, Coffee Gelato, Strawberry Sorbet, Mango Sorbet, Lemon Sorbet and many more. For me, I tried Crema de Grom and Baccio for my dark chocolate affogato. Grom was introducing new flavours, Raspberry Sorbet made by Forest Raspberry from Europe. Also Coconut flavour. Hans tried Raspberry and Strawberry Sorbet. I forgot to take picture of it, but it was amazing. Eye-opener! Sweet and sour were married happily!

IMG_7553 IMG_7563 IMG_7555 IMG_7559 IMG_7561 IMG_7568 IMG_7565

Say no more, just visit Grom at your nearest outlet and corrent me if I’m wrong. But, for me, it’s never wrong to Grom. Look at this gal’s face below. Trus me, you can’t go wrong with happiness.


Lotte Shopping Avenue
GF Floor
Jl Professor Doktor Satrio Kav. 3-5
Karet Kuningan, Setiabudi
Phone: 021-29889090/91
IG: @grom_indo

Chatter Box Plaza Senayan Jakarta

August 12th, 2016. I’ve got mail! When I heard about the name of the place that I should come, I was a little bit shocked. “Well well well.. They still opened there. I thought they’re closed!” And I was so excited, I went to Plaza Senayan around 3pm and waited for Aline (yes, she got the invitation too). At 6:45pm we walked to our destination. Chatter Box.


Chatter Box was one of my family’s favourite restaurant a long time ago. We used to eat at their Sogo’s Plaza Indonesia or Setiabudi One’s outlet. The Sogo’s Plaza Indonesia outlet moved to Food Hall area. And the Setiabudi One’s outlet had no longer there. Too bad, because now I’m staying near Setiabudi One. *sigh* Well, let me show you around the outlet. Not many photos, because it’s not comfortable to take pictures while people still eating there.

IMG_6874 IMG_6878 IMG_6877 IMG_6875 IMG_6879

Chatter Box is having an event. Singapore Food Festival. Nyonya cuisine blends the delectable Chinese cooking inherited from the migrants dwelled in Malacca Peninsula with local dishes. In the spirit of celebrating Singapore Food Festival, Chatter Box proudly offers these tasteful Peranakan recipes.

Nyonya Fried Rice

Typical chinese fried rice. Not so special. I think they should add the spices more.



Popiah is eaten as a snack or as an accompaniment to the main meal. It is sold in most hawker-centers and “do-it-your-self” popiah party is quite popular. Here the wrappers are set aside and the guests just add in the ingredients of vegetables and meat.


Nyonya Chap Chai


Ayam Pong Teh


Singapore Fried Meehon

This is better. I like the taste of it. And the texture of the meehon is perfect for my tastebud.


Don’t forget, they have live cooking every weekend for Popiah.

Chatter Box
Plaza Senayan
Sogo Department Store 5th Floor
Jl. Asia Afrika No. 8
Phone: 021-57900057
IG: @chatterboxindonesia

Bakerzin Plaza Senayan Jakarta

February 7th, 2015. I went to Bakerzin with my buddies. We met fellow foodies there. Actually I was in love with Bakerzin since I tried their Baileys Souffle. And it’s my 3rd time at their Plaza Senayan outlet since their new dessert bar concept.


Bakerzin is a casual dining cafeteria specialising in decadently delicious desserts. Serves a range of fabulous bakery recipes and succulent meals to indulge oneself in. Eating out at Bakerzin is at casual dining sensation that can’t be matched anywhere else.

IMG_0226 IMG_0227 IMG_0229

The Menu

I noticed that they have new menu book. It’s very pretty with lovely pictures. So elegant.



Mushroom Meat Balls 50k

Deep fried button mushroom filled with minced beef.

Someone recommended this for me. So I chose this one. And, true, it’s delicious. The mushroom and the minced beef were complimenting each other. Dip it in the sauce, put it in your mouth, you won’t share your mushroom meat balls.


Calamari Tower 50k

Deep fried stack of crispy calamari.

I wondered why I didn’t see a tower here. Maybe they need to change the name, or change the presentation. The texture of this calamari was just perfect. Calamari wasn’t my favourite. So I just tried one or two.


Vegetable Quesadillas 50k

A mixture of creamy mushroom, spinach and tomato vinaigrette.

Not a fan of vegetables. Used to love veggies, but nowadays I was a little bit picky. Like I said, got bored. I remember my mom always said that I was a goat because I liked vegetables just like a goat like grass. 🙂 Anyway, this quesadilla was delicious for those who love quesadillas. The creamy mushroom and spinach were tasty.



Roast Beef Pasta 80k

Spaghetti in basil cream sauce and tender sliced of roast beef.

Spicy. That’s all I could taste. And I don’t even like spicy food. This was not mine. I just tried a bit. Funny thing, the basil cream sauce wasn’t that creamy. As you can see, it’s just basil sauce, not creamy at all. I only loved the roast beef. It’s tender and juicy.


Mushroom Picase 80k

Spaghetti served with champignon mushrooms, parmesan cheese and poached egg.

When the dish arrived at my table, I was very skeptical. Very skeptical. And after I tried, I knew I was right!!! It was tasteless. Sorry to say, but it was. The poached egg, the spinach, the mushrooms tasted bland. Even the parmesan cheese wasn’t as tasty as I hoped. *sobbing* I need more flavours!!! Btw, I told them that day, so I hope that they have improved it already.



Black Olive Fried Rice 80k

An extraordinary fried rice cooked with black olive pesto and pan-seared salmon.

So far, I think this was the one with flavour. Too bad I didn’t really like the taste of black olive. But, the pan-seared salmon was definitely perfect for my palate. It was tender and juicy. 🙂


Thanks Mr Adriantomo and Bakerzin for the invitation.

Plaza Senayan
2nd Floor, Unit 209C, 211C, 213C
Jl. Asia Afrika No. 8
Phone: 021-57900408
IG: @bakerzinjkt