Momo Paradise at Plaza Indonesia Thamrin Jakarta

March 30th, 2019. Begitu tau Mo-Mo Paradise buka di Plaza Indonesia, langsung sebar2 beritanya hahaha. Saking girangnya deh. Akhirnya nongol juga di pusat. Iya, pertama kali kan buka di PIK. Itu saat pertama coba langsung jatuh cinta. Trus ternyata buka di Senopati, eeeeh skr buka makin deket di Plaza Indonesia hahaha. So happy. Begitu masuk,Continue reading “Momo Paradise at Plaza Indonesia Thamrin Jakarta”

Lumine Cafe at Plaza Indonesia Thamrin Jakarta

March 2nd, 2019. Udah lama tau ada Lumine Cafe di Plaza Indonesia. Tapi baru berani samperin Maret kemaren hahaha. Biasa deeeeh, nunggu gak terlalu heboh lagi. Ntar nunggu udah gak antri hahaha. Dan emang gw ke sana, gak ada antrian sih. Jadi langsung masuk deh. Seneng banget, liat tempatnya bagus. Banyak spot menarik buat foto.Continue reading “Lumine Cafe at Plaza Indonesia Thamrin Jakarta”

CHAVATY at Plaza Indonesia Thamrin Jakarta

January 31st, 2019. Udah lama tau CHAVATY buka di Plaza Indonesia, tp baru sempet ke sana bareng Cindy. Cindy udah duluan sih, tapi pas gw mo ke sana, ya dia barengan lagi secara dia suka banget sama tea latte-nya. Tempatnya ternyata gak gitu gede. Gw pikir bakal nemu tempat yang luas, tapi ternyata meja cumaContinue reading “CHAVATY at Plaza Indonesia Thamrin Jakarta”

Joe & Dough at Plaza Indonesia Thamrin Jakarta

November 3rd, 2018. Sebelum Joe & Dough launching di Plaza Indonesia, gw udah tau tentang mereka waktu gw ke Singapore. Itu pun iseng banget pas hubby kerja, gw jalan sendirian di Orchardgateway, eh liat ada coffee shop kecil dan lucu gitu. Yawdah mampir deh. Waktu itu gw sebutnya Jodoh. Jadi gw blg hubby, “Ketemu JodohContinue reading “Joe & Dough at Plaza Indonesia Thamrin Jakarta”

OSO Ristorante by Colleoni & Chiarini at The Plaza Thamrin Jakarta

September 13th, 2018. Lebih dulu dikenal dengan GAIA by OSO Ristorante, sekarang mereka memakai nama OSO Ristorante untuk konsep baru restonya. Lokasi masi di tempat yang sama dengan GAIA, masi menonjolkan konsep lunch or dinner with breathtaking view. Lantai 46 The Plaza memang sangat memungkinkan untuk makan dengan pemandangan sekitar Thamrin di siang dan malamContinue reading “OSO Ristorante by Colleoni & Chiarini at The Plaza Thamrin Jakarta”

Mother Monster at Plaza Indonesia Thamrin Jakarta

April 8th, 2018. I heard about Mother Monster from the owner’s boyfriend. He told me about the upcoming place in Plaza Indonesia. I was excited but at the time it was opened, I couldn’t come. So I just let everybody came first hahahahaha.. Finally, after my trip to Japan, I came home and asked myContinue reading “Mother Monster at Plaza Indonesia Thamrin Jakarta”

[EVENT] Declare You Love at PAUL Indonesia on Valentine’s Day

February 9th, 2018. In celebration of the most lovely day in the world “Valentine’s Day”, PAUL Indonesia presents a wide array of Valentine’s Menu start from appetizer, main course until dessert from February 12th until March 15th, 2018. When they invited me, I asked them to bring Aline, Cindy and Fiona. But too bad, FionaContinue reading “[EVENT] Declare You Love at PAUL Indonesia on Valentine’s Day”

[EVENT] Exclusive Winter Dinner with Pasta House AWkitchen by Akira Watanabe

December 13th, 2017. After lunch and afternoon tea, we visited AWkitchen by Akira Watanabe at Plaza Indonesia for an exclusive Winter Dinner with several foodies. We arrived on time, but still waited for some people to come. In AWkitchen, they served dishes in 4 seasons. Spring, summer, autumn and winter. Now, we were in winterContinue reading “[EVENT] Exclusive Winter Dinner with Pasta House AWkitchen by Akira Watanabe”

Senju Omakase, Teppanyaki & Sake at Plaza Indonesia Thamrin Jakarta

July 27th, 2017. I was in Plaza Indonesia to have some event, but I was hungry, so I walked around and found Senju. My friend told me that it was quite expensive. She never went to Senju because she heard like that. Well, I haven’t tried it too. But I was curious with the taste, soContinue reading “Senju Omakase, Teppanyaki & Sake at Plaza Indonesia Thamrin Jakarta”

[EVENT] Beer Pairing Dinner AWkitchen and Beervana at Plaza Indonesia Jakarta

July 27th, 2017. I was invited to an event about beer pairing dinner at AWkitchen Plaza Indonesia. It’s a pairing with Beervana Indonesia. I knew Beervana from another event. But I didn’t have a chance to try the beers. Well, now I got the chance. Yaaay. Beervana travels the world in search of the finestContinue reading “[EVENT] Beer Pairing Dinner AWkitchen and Beervana at Plaza Indonesia Jakarta”

Khung Bar & Restaurant at Plaza Indonesia Thamrin Jakarta

 July 27th, 2017. I saw this place at my IG timeline, then I stalked Plaza Indonesia IG hahaha.. The new place called Khung. Why they named it Khung? Well, I’m still waiting for the answer from them. Since they still haven’t responded my first question about the cuisine, I think I have to wait long *rollContinue reading “Khung Bar & Restaurant at Plaza Indonesia Thamrin Jakarta”

eskimomo at Pop On Plaza – Plaza Indonesia Thamrin Jakarta

June 10th, 2017. I think everybody loves ice cream. Me too! LOL. I heard about eskimomo when I came to a Japanese restaurant at Senopati area, and their collaboration amazed me. Who knew that the founders of eskimomo (Gupta Sitorus and Primo Rizky) could become my friends? *hug hug* By the way, I read somewhereContinue reading “eskimomo at Pop On Plaza – Plaza Indonesia Thamrin Jakarta”