Khung Bar & Restaurant at Plaza Indonesia Thamrin Jakarta

 July 27th, 2017. I saw this place at my IG timeline, then I stalked Plaza Indonesia IG hahaha.. The new place called Khung. Why they named it Khung? Well, I’m still waiting for the answer from them. Since they still haven’t responded my first question about the cuisine, I think I have to wait long *rollContinue reading “Khung Bar & Restaurant at Plaza Indonesia Thamrin Jakarta”

SaladStop! at Plaza Indonesia Thamrin Jakarta

March 9th, 2017. When it came to Jakarta, first outlet opened in Senayan City. I got the invitation last year but couldn’t make it. And now, another outlet opened in Plaza Indonesia. Should I come or not? What do you think? Hahahaha. Yes, of course I came. A friend of mine, Fiona, was the oneContinue reading “SaladStop! at Plaza Indonesia Thamrin Jakarta”

Kitchenette Restaurant & Crêperie Plaza Indonesia Thamrin Jakarta

December 20th, 2016. Lately, it’s been hard for me to start a review. It’s like I didn’t have anything in my head. OMG. I think I should make some opening for my blog. Hmm.. “Hi Eaters”.. and @designerdoyanmakan will kill me hahhahahha.. Let’s try another one.. Heyho!! Me again!! Now I will tell you aboutContinue reading “Kitchenette Restaurant & Crêperie Plaza Indonesia Thamrin Jakarta”

GODIVA Chocolatier Plaza Indonesia Thamrin Jakarta

May 18th, 2015. I went to GODIVA Chocolatier, after a very nice lunch. It’s time for another desserts! LOL. I should meet the brand manager but too bad she stucked in some meeting. So the people there helped me to taste the latest chocolixir. 🙂 The interior of the place didn’t change at all. Ugh, it’sContinue reading “GODIVA Chocolatier Plaza Indonesia Thamrin Jakarta”