[EVENT] Weekend Brunch at Patio Venue by Plataran

February 11th, 2018. It’s been too long since I came to Patio Venue by Plataran. They invited me over and over again, but I couldn’t come. I think they had it enough hahahaha.. Until two week before, they contacted me and asked me to come to their latest event. It’s weekend brunch. They said IContinue reading “[EVENT] Weekend Brunch at Patio Venue by Plataran”

Patio Venue by Plataran – Kebayoran Jakarta

March 20th, 2016. I was stunned when an acquaintance sent me a picture from Instagram. Actually she worked there. She said to me to come to her place, and bring my squad LOL. So I arranged the date with them. On a lovely Sunday, we went there. Patio Venue by Plataran. Strategically located in the central exclusive areaContinue reading “Patio Venue by Plataran – Kebayoran Jakarta”