Brooklyn American Cakery by Pancious Group

ABOUT US: After more than 8 years in F&B Industry, Pancious group, the pioneer of pancake-based-restaurant chain in Indonesia is once again bringing a fresh new concept that will surely entice your palate in delightful ways. Introducing Brooklyn American Cakery, which basic premise is creating tasty and decadent products. Every cakeries are provided in 3Continue reading “Brooklyn American Cakery by Pancious Group”

Pancious Pancake Grand Indonesia Thamrin Jakarta

December 4th, 2013. On 6th anniversary, Pancious was launching their new logo while opening their 14th outlet in Grand Indonesia. So happy that they invited me to be part of this moment. This new outlet was inspired by market, a place where food lovers are gathering to share ideas and happiness. Their taglines are GoodContinue reading “Pancious Pancake Grand Indonesia Thamrin Jakarta”

Birthday Party @ Pancious PP

Setelah perbincangan ngalor ngidul di group whatsapp, diputuskan untuk ultah Kevin dan Ken2 (keponakan2 gw), kita2 akan ditraktir makan di Pancious Pacific Place (PP) hr Sabtu siang, tgl 27 Oktober 2012. Yaaaaaay, pasta dan pancake-waffle Pancious emang paling the best 😀 So, jam 11:30 gw en hubby udah sampe di PP. Sempet muter2 nyari temenContinue reading “Birthday Party @ Pancious PP”