[SINGAPORE] Trip to Singapore in March 2019

March 20th, 2019 – March 24th, 2019 Buat ngerayain ultah hubby yang ke 45 *pffffft* gw ajakin ke Singapore karena emang demen ke sana hahaha. Trus iseng nyari hotel donk. Adek gw bilang tinggal di area Bencoolen tuh enak. Deket ke mana2, trus transport juga gampang. Akhirnya gw searching donk berhari2 tuh. Terpilihlah Hotel Mi.Continue reading “[SINGAPORE] Trip to Singapore in March 2019”

[SINGAPORE] Weis Sorbet Shack Pop Up at Orchard Rd Singapore

July 18th, 2018. Lucky me. When I went to Singapore for celebrating my 42nd birthday *yes.. you read it correctly.. 42nd.. sigh..* I got information before that Weis Sorbet Shack opened a pop-up from July 9th, 2018 to August 12th, 2018. 12pm to 10pm daily. Located in front of Ngee Ann City, it’s pretty easyContinue reading “[SINGAPORE] Weis Sorbet Shack Pop Up at Orchard Rd Singapore”

[HOTEL] Concorde Hotel at Orchard Road Singapore

September 25th, 2017 – September 28th, 2017. Finally, I visited Singapore again. Hooray. It was hard to find hotel when you stayed in so many kind of hotels. But, after some considerations, we chose to stay at Concorde Hotel. Actually my sister stayed there and she didn’t really like the place. But after that herContinue reading “[HOTEL] Concorde Hotel at Orchard Road Singapore”

[SINGAPORE] Coffeesmith at Orchardgateway Orchard Rd Singapore

September 26th, 2017. When we visited Orchardgateway, I asked my friend, Arnest, to meet us there. He brought his girlfriend and introduced us. Nice to meet you Novie. After a quick dinner, we visited the new coffee shop there. Coffeesmith. Our name coffeesmith is derived from the English suffix -smith, which means that someone isContinue reading “[SINGAPORE] Coffeesmith at Orchardgateway Orchard Rd Singapore”

[SINGAPORE] Tanuki Raw at Orchard Central Singapore

January 17th, 2017. Last day in Singapore. A friend of mine told me about this place. And I told the group right away, before we off to Singapore. So, I was waited eagerly to have lunch here. They said it’s one of the best lunch place in Singapore. And I want to prove it. TanukiContinue reading “[SINGAPORE] Tanuki Raw at Orchard Central Singapore”

[SINGAPORE] Chabuton Tonkotsu Rahmen 313@Somerset Singapore

November 13th, 2016. What’s for lunch? My hubby craved for ramen since the first time we arrived in Singapore. So I looked for delicious ramen around our hotel. How? Googling hahahahaha. Actually, the day before, a friend of mine, @nestdarmawan from Singapore told me about a new ramen nearby. But it’s new, and Michelin-Star ramen place.Continue reading “[SINGAPORE] Chabuton Tonkotsu Rahmen 313@Somerset Singapore”

[HOTEL] Jen Orchardgateway Hotel Singapore – Superior Cityview Room

November 11th – November 13th, 2016 It’s time for me to tell you about my 2 nights in Singapore. On Thursday, my hubby asked me to come with him to Singapore. I wasn’t confident enought. But after talking to Hans, I said YES to my hubby. He bought me the ticket and when I was home,Continue reading “[HOTEL] Jen Orchardgateway Hotel Singapore – Superior Cityview Room”

[SINGAPORE] Lady M® Confections at Orchard Central Orchard Road Singapore

November 11th, 2016. After fill my tummy with savoury food, it’s time for dessert. Well, when I walked around previously, I saw this dessert place which very happening in Singapore. So, I thought, let’s try it while it’s near my hotel. I walked in and a lady approached me, and she said something. I couldn’tContinue reading “[SINGAPORE] Lady M® Confections at Orchard Central Orchard Road Singapore”

[SINGAPORE] Joe & Dough at Orchard Gateway Orchard Road Singapore

November 11th, 2016. Finally, I arrived in Singapore. My last trip to Singapore was 2 years ago. OMG! That’s because I was too lazy to renew my passport hahaha. So, after checked-in at a hotel around Sommerset, I went to the nearest mall. I walked around and found this coffee shop. It looked comfortable withContinue reading “[SINGAPORE] Joe & Dough at Orchard Gateway Orchard Road Singapore”