[JAPAN] My Third Airbnb – Kyoto Japan

April 2nd, 2018 – April 4th, 2018 This is my Third Airbnb. TGK303 4min to subway, 25min from Kyoto Sta. Actually I wanted to stay near Kyoto Station, but it was too late to book other airbnb. So, when I found this one, I was glad that it’s not really far from train station. Just aContinue reading “[JAPAN] My Third Airbnb – Kyoto Japan”

[JAPAN] Lost in Kyoto Japan

April 2nd, 2018 – April 4th, 2018. Finally sampe juga di Kyoto. Horeeeee. Gw bakal 2 malam di Kyoto. Setelah 2 jam lebih berangkat dari Tokyo St naek Shinkansen, finally gw nyampe di Kyoto St. Gw masih harus lanjut lagi menuju Ono St. Airbnb gw selama di Kyoto gak jauh dari Ono St. 🙂 SoreContinue reading “[JAPAN] Lost in Kyoto Japan”