[SINGAPORE] Fook Kin at Kiliney Road Orchard Singapore

September 24th, 2019. It’s my first time to accept invitation from outside Indonesia. Located in Singapore, Fook Kin, out of the blue, sent me private message through my Instagram account. They asked me if I was willing to try their food. When I saw their IG account, I was so excited. Definitely a yes! But,Continue reading “[SINGAPORE] Fook Kin at Kiliney Road Orchard Singapore”

Nudles at Senayan City Jakarta

September 27th, 2018. Pas banget main ke Senayan City, trus liat ada Nudles resto. Seinget gw pernah diundang pas opening tapi gak bisa datang. Seinget gw ya hahaha. Soalnya sering dapet email dari Boga group, tapi hampir selalu gak bisa datang. Apalagi sejak gw review lebih sering private. Sekali lagi gw info, gw pengen privateContinue reading “Nudles at Senayan City Jakarta”

Umaramu Indonesian Noodle at Menteng Huis Cikini Jakarta

March 12th, 2017. Once upon a time, there’s a young man. He was born in a family with noodle business. He really loves noodle. He wanted to build a place where everybody can find a lot of authentic Indonesian noodles. Well, he did it! Finally. Umaramu. “Uma” word comes from traditional custom home from Sumba. RamuContinue reading “Umaramu Indonesian Noodle at Menteng Huis Cikini Jakarta”