[HOTEL] Mercure Jakarta Kota – Executive Deluxe Room

September 21st, 2019 – September 22nd, 2019 Mercure Jakarta Kota is strategically located in the heart of business, shopping, important landmarks or attractions making it a popular destination for tourists. Kali ini gw staycation di Mercure Jakarta Kota. Tak lupa mengajak 2 keluarga lain yang gampang gw geret2 kalo mo nginep2 hahaha. Iyak, Aline danContinue reading “[HOTEL] Mercure Jakarta Kota – Executive Deluxe Room”

RM. Ayam Goreng “H. Mardun Martinah” at Mangga Besar Raya Jakarta

January 27th, 2018. When we had staycation around Mangga Besar, I never thought that I would see my childhood’s favourite fried chicken. RM. Ayam Goreng H. Mardun Martinah. Legendary! My parents used to bring us there. It was very different from any other fried chicken. It was totally different. And we all loved it. ActuallyContinue reading “RM. Ayam Goreng “H. Mardun Martinah” at Mangga Besar Raya Jakarta”

Viverri Coffee at Delua Hotel Mangga Besar Jakarta

January 27th, 2018. When we were staying at DELUA Hotel, we got complimentary to enjoy coffee at Viverri Coffee. Such a great opportunity for me to try their coffee. The last time I went to Viverri, I didn’t try the coffee. Well, let’s go on with my simple review below. Located at the lobby DELUAContinue reading “Viverri Coffee at Delua Hotel Mangga Besar Jakarta”

Bubur Ayam Mangga Besar I at Mangga Besar Jakarta

January 27th, 2018. That lovely Saturday, my sister picked us up to take us to Bubur Mabes I. Days before, I often saw her IG story about the place. She said that it’s one of the best porridge house in town. Hmm.. it made me very curious. So, we visited the place. When we arrived,Continue reading “Bubur Ayam Mangga Besar I at Mangga Besar Jakarta”

[HOTEL] DELUA Hotel at Mangga Besar Jakarta – Superior Room

January 26th, 2018 – January 28th, 2018 DELUA Hotel JAKARTA presents 70 – modern room from Superior to Suite, puts guests on famous “Mangga Besar” dynamic street, within walking distance with Lokasari, Hayam Wuruk & Gajah Mada area – popular with Nightlife Entertainment, Chinatown Food Street on the best places to eat, tasty fair priceContinue reading “[HOTEL] DELUA Hotel at Mangga Besar Jakarta – Superior Room”

Pitstop Culinary Heaven at Mangga Besar Jakarta

May 13th, 2017. I was invited to their opening, but couldn’t come. So when I had a chance to visit the place, I told one of the owners, who happened to be my best friend’s girlfriend hahaha. After a previous foodtasting, my hubby picked me up and drove me to Pitstop. It’s quite challenging toContinue reading “Pitstop Culinary Heaven at Mangga Besar Jakarta”

Orenchi Ramen Mangga Besar Jakarta

April 20th, 2015. I went to Orenchi Ramen with a friend. Actually my friend, Tim, he texted me a couple days before, told me about this place. He said the ramen was delicious, authentic, and I should try. So, when he offered to pick me up, I was agree right away. Well, it’s Mangga Besar, definitelyContinue reading “Orenchi Ramen Mangga Besar Jakarta”

Bakmi Yong Yam Singkawang Mangga Besar Jakarta

February 15th, 2015. I went to Mangga Besar area with hubby and his mom. Actually, his mom wanted to buy layer cake for Chinese New Year. So, we took her to traditional market in dwiwarna street. While waiting for her, we sat in a noodle house called Bakmi Yong Yam (Singkawang, 1928). It’s located exactlyContinue reading “Bakmi Yong Yam Singkawang Mangga Besar Jakarta”

Mie Ayam Jamur Lily Dwiwarna Mangga Besar Jakarta

Setiap kali ke Dwiwarna, pasti gw sama hubby nunggu mertua belanja di Mie Ayam Jamur Lily 🙂 9 Februari 2013 kemaren, gw mampir lagi, setelah sekian lama jarang ke Dwiwarna. Maklum, mertua banyakan belanja di Petojo. Lumayan gak terlalu rame kemaren itu, masi pagi kali ya jam 6an gitu deh 🙂 Tempatnya gak terlalu gede,Continue reading “Mie Ayam Jamur Lily Dwiwarna Mangga Besar Jakarta”