[JAPAN] Fujiko F Fujio Museum at Kawasaki Kanagawa Japan

April 1st, 2018. It’s my dream to go to Doraemon Museum. I love Doraemon since forever. The cute chubby cat stole my heart right after his first gadget hahaha.. Yes, I really wanted Doraemon for my best friend. Nobita is so lucky! LOL. Gw udah beli tiketnya via klook.com. Kayanya sih jatohnya lebih mahal dibandingContinue reading “[JAPAN] Fujiko F Fujio Museum at Kawasaki Kanagawa Japan”

[JAPAN] My Second Airbnb – Shibuya Tokyo Japan

March 31st, 2018 – April 2nd, 2018 This is my Second Airbnb. New listing!Heart of Shibuya/wifi. I was very happy to find the good place. It’s just 5 minutes walking from Shibuya St. Well, it’s 5 minutes if you walk fast and non-stop. But when you’re in Shibuya, you cannot walk fast hahaha.. Too manyContinue reading “[JAPAN] My Second Airbnb – Shibuya Tokyo Japan”