Semasa di Kota Tua at Gedung Olveh Kota Tua Jakarta

January 26th, 2018. Semasa di Kota Tua became my third destination of my Kota Tua journey. I walked from the previous coffee shop, and got lost. LOL. When I asked a man near the exit gate, he said, “Go to that way!” But my maps said, “Go the other way!” Huft. I trusted my maps,Continue reading “Semasa di Kota Tua at Gedung Olveh Kota Tua Jakarta”

Kopi Kota Tua at Kerta Niaga Marketplace Kota Jakarta

January 26th, 2018. My second destination at Kota Tua area was Kopi Kota Tua. I walked from my previous coffee shop, about 750m. It was quite hot day, luckily I always bring cap. And good thing, I met a guy who helped me crossing the busy road. *thank you mister, you’re so kind* Located atContinue reading “Kopi Kota Tua at Kerta Niaga Marketplace Kota Jakarta”

Pantjoran Tea House at Glodok Pinangsia Jakarta

April 12th, 2017. I saw about this place from IG account. The area is very familiar. My parents always came to Pancoran to buy medicines, had breakfast with us, bought everything for Chinese tradition etc. So when I found out about this place, I was very happy to be back to my childhood’s area. PantjoranContinue reading “Pantjoran Tea House at Glodok Pinangsia Jakarta”