[HOTEL] Ayaka Suites – Junior Suite Room

August 26th, 2017 – August 27th, 2017. My 2nd staycation at Ayaka Suites. I was very happy. This time, I was with Hans, Aline and Cindy. Yaaaay. Our first staycation together. I wanted to have staycation with them since forever. LOL. Well, I don’t wanna bore you with my chitty-chatty. You can see my previousContinue reading “[HOTEL] Ayaka Suites – Junior Suite Room”

Kopineto Coffee at Karet Pedurenan Kuningan Jakarta

April 9th, 2017. I knew about this place from an owner of coffee shop nearby. I planned to go there with friends, but evidently everybody went there already. So, before an event not far from my place, I went there, alone. Kopineto Coffee. Located on the roadside of Karet Pedurenan near a beauty parlor, KopinetoContinue reading “Kopineto Coffee at Karet Pedurenan Kuningan Jakarta”

Homepage (previously HiLo) Coffee at Emerald Residence Karet Pedurenan Setiabudi Jakarta

February 19th, 2017. Another new coffee shop opened near my place. I saw it before it opened, but I totally forgot to mention the coffee shop to my friends. When I saw a friend posted it in his IG account, I asked #DFS to visit the place. But too bad, I had to go thereContinue reading “Homepage (previously HiLo) Coffee at Emerald Residence Karet Pedurenan Setiabudi Jakarta”

Kayu Manis Cafe and Bistro Ayaka Suites Jakarta

August 13th, 2016. I got weekend staycation at Ayaka Suites. You must see the reviews, right? Now, I wanna review about their restaurant. They have a restaurant for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Kayu Manis Cafe and Bistro. This comfortable Jakarta hotel also enthralls guests with its legendary Kayu Manis restaurant. Our professional chefs serve delectable,Continue reading “Kayu Manis Cafe and Bistro Ayaka Suites Jakarta”

[HOTEL] Ayaka Suites Karet Pedurenan Setiabudi Jakarta – Part Two

August 13th, 2016. In this part, I wanna share about room types that they have in Ayaka Suites. So you can choose which room that you need next time you happen to be there. Just look at the photos and choose the room types. 🙂 Trust me, they are all comfortable and very cozy. They alsoContinue reading “[HOTEL] Ayaka Suites Karet Pedurenan Setiabudi Jakarta – Part Two”

[HOTEL] Ayaka Suites Karet Pedurenan Setiabudi Jakarta – Part One

August 13th, 2016. Awesome! I got chance to have a staycation in a new hotel nearby. It’s in the heart of Jakarta. Near Lotte Shopping Avenue and easy to access. Spacious lobby and parking lot. I came to the grand opening, and fell in love in a flash. It’s one of the hotel that I loveContinue reading “[HOTEL] Ayaka Suites Karet Pedurenan Setiabudi Jakarta – Part One”

Kecapi Cafe and Bistro Avissa Suites Karet Pedurenan Jakarta

December 8th, 2013. I was invited to Kecapi Cafe and Bistro which located in Avissa Suites. They had this foodtasting for my family 🙂 So it’s like a small reunion with my cousins. They served so many food. We had so much fun there. The place is not very spacious, but quite cozy. They haveContinue reading “Kecapi Cafe and Bistro Avissa Suites Karet Pedurenan Jakarta”