[EVENT] Monday Prime Time Spectrum Restaurant Fairmont Hotel Senayan Jakarta

April 11th, 2016. I was invited to Spectrum Restaurant for Monday Prime Time. Located in Fairmont Jakarta on 2nd floor, Spectrum is very lovely with comfortable place to eat. Spectrum is the hotel’s all-day-dining restaurants, offering multi-cultural cuisine served on its ‘Culinary Theater’ stations and buffet spread. A contemporary restaurant for breakfast, lunch and dinnerContinue reading “[EVENT] Monday Prime Time Spectrum Restaurant Fairmont Hotel Senayan Jakarta”

[HOTEL] Raffles Ciputra World Kuningan Jakarta – Part Two

November 29th, 2015. continuing the first part of our weekend getaway. BREAKFAST TIME Always love breakfast time. It’s a time to fill my tummy with delicious food after a long nite sleep. We had breakfast at Arts Cafe. It was such a lovely breakfast. It was raining and the place wasn’t crowded. We really hadContinue reading “[HOTEL] Raffles Ciputra World Kuningan Jakarta – Part Two”

[HOTEL] Raffles Ciputra World Kuningan Jakarta – Part One

November 28th, 2015. For one night, I stayed at Raffles Hotel Jakarta. OMG! Such a windfall! LOL. We were very happy. I was in love with the hotel when I first came to their place. The room was very spacious. And full of arts, of course. When I came, the people there were very polite andContinue reading “[HOTEL] Raffles Ciputra World Kuningan Jakarta – Part One”

[HOTEL] Holiday Inn Express Thamrin Jakarta

Whoaaaaaaaaaaa.. I can’t describe my feelings. Hmmm.. How how how? Ok, first of all I wanna show off to all of you. Tadaaaaaaaaa.. Yes!! Correct!! This was my first invitation for a complimentary stay in Jakarta hotel.. Yaaaaay.. I screamed out loud! Yup, out loud, luckily I was all alone that day hahahaha.. That’s whyContinue reading “[HOTEL] Holiday Inn Express Thamrin Jakarta”

[PRODUCT] KitKat GreenTea @ Hitokuchi-Shoppu

Berawal dari bantuin adik gw jualan KitKat GreenTea, skr gw kecanduan.. OMG! Gw sampe beli di Candylicious Suria KLCC, KL. Terus sampe titip ke Desy, sepupunya temen gw Patty, waktu dia ke sana hahahaha.. En skr gw udah kepingin lagi, karena semua persediaan gw udah abisssssss.. Gw muter2 sih nyari2 di mana2 yg jual murahContinue reading “[PRODUCT] KitKat GreenTea @ Hitokuchi-Shoppu”