[EVENT] Breakfasting with Archipelago Cuisines at Holiday Inn Jakarta Kemayoran

May 12th, 2017. Event: Breakfasting with Archipelago Cuisines at Holiday Inn Jakarta Kemayoran.

Ramadan is a month full of blessings and special moments for all Muslims around the world. Soon we will enter the holy month of Ramadan. One tradition that is never abandoned during Ramadan is the moment of breaking the fast with family, friends or relatives.


Every year, Botany All Day Dining which is part of the Holiday Inn Jakarta Kemayoran Hotel always presents a variety of special menus to enliven the moment of breaking fast during Ramadan. “This year, we will present an iftar buffet with the concept of archipelago cuisine, this is the right moment to promote special cuisines of our own country and this buffet is a favorite buffet theme from Botany All Day Dining customers,” said Nina – Food & Beverage Manager, Holiday Inn Jakarta Kemayoran.

hik02 hik01

The “Iftar Delights” buffet dinner will be available from 25 May to 25 June 2017. Some special menus will include: Escargot Mercon, Wagyu Fried Rice, Sum-Sum Iga Soup, Sugar Smashed Banana with Durian Ice Cream, Indonesian BBQ Corner and many more. You can enjoy this iftar delights at an affordable price, only IDR 250,000 ++ per person. Get 25% off on 1ST week of Ramadan, 25 May – 1 June 2017. Every Thursday and Friday from 6:00 pm, you will be accompanied by acoustic music while breaking the fast.

hik06 hik05

For those who like to break the fast with a light meal, you can try the “Ramadan Sweets” package that features a variety of traditional snacks and takjil at Habitat Lounge. Get 20% off for BCA credit cardholders. With only IDR. 100,000 ++ per person, you can enjoy this “Ramadan Sweets” offer. This promo available daily during Ramadan period from 5.30 pm.


Botany All Day Dining and Habitat Lounge are located at Lobby Level Holiday Inn Jakarta Kemayoran Hotel with 150 person capacity for Botany and 80 persons for Habitat Lounge. With the concept of natural and contemporary interior, the presence of Botany All Day Dining and Habitat Lounge will provide a new color as a culinary destination for culinary lovers in North Jakarta. For information and reservations, please call 021-2956 8800 or Email to jessica.jessica@ihg.com.

Based on Press Release from Holiday Inn Kemayoran Jakarta

[HOTEL] Holiday Inn Cikarang Jababeka – Deluxe Room with Terrace – Part Two

December 17th – December 18th, 2016

Holiday Inn Cikarang Jababeka have 4 places to eat. Delizio Restaurant which serves a fine selection of Indonesian and western dishes, sharing place with Huang’s Chinese Cuisine which serves (of course) chinese food. There’s also Ikkyu Restaurant, a Japanese food restaurant. Light snacks and refreshing beverages can be enjoyed at Rilassato Coffee Shop. Fresh pastries and cakes are available at Cannella Bakery. Let me share you a little bit about their food. Oh I forgot to tell you guys that I asked Fiona and Tom *her new husband* to join us. Well, it’s not that Fiona had old husband. I mean, they’re newly-wed hahaha..


Lunch and dinner served in Delizio and Huang’s. They have 2 menus for each restaurant. Well, when we arrived, we got complimentary lunch *yaaaaaay* and we had the power to choose which restaurant *another yaaaaay* hahahaha. So, for lunch we chose chinese food from Huang’s. Because.. we got complimentary dinner too *hooraaaaaay*and for dinner we chose Indonesian and western dishes from Delizio. Happy tummy!


Huang’s Chinese Cuisine

Corn & Crab Soup 30k / 45k

Best corn and crab soup ever! Luckily, I asked them to reheat this soup. If it’s cold, I don’t think it will be as good as it was. Tip for eating soup: keep it hot or warm. Best for your taste bud.

IMG_1278 IMG_1279

Lemon Fried Chicken 48k / 72k / 95k

Lemon chicken was always my hubby’s favourite. So when they ordered it for us, I was like, “Oh my, he will be very happy to see lemon chicken.” And he was. 🙂 It was really good, he said. Well for me, I didn’t really like lemon chicken, so I guess it’s just another delicious lemon fried chicken hahaha..

IMG_1275 IMG_1276

Black Pepper Beef 75k / 98k / 145k

Black Pepper Beef was also one of my hubby’s favourite dish. Since his mom never cooked beef, we seldom ate beef. But black pepper beef was always a choice when we wanted to eat beef. Good thing, this black pepper beef from Huang’s was very delicious. Tender and juicy meat in a sticky black pepper sauce. Bell pepper and onions enhanced the fragrance of the dish. Recommended!

IMG_1280 IMG_1281

Sweet and sour sauce Grouper Fish 55k / 85k / 120k

This was the best dish, I guess. Simple, and yet it left me very very satisfied. The fish was tender and delicious. The sauce was definitely the boost of this dish. I said, “This is delicious.” many many times hahahaha..

IMG_1274 IMG_1277

Ifu Mie 56k

Ifumie was never my favourite. I prefer softer and fluffier noodle. So yeah, it was one of the “okay” dish for me.

IMG_1284 IMG_1285

Sauteed Hongkong Kailan 37k / 59k / 75k

What a fresh vegetables. If you knew me better, you will know that I used to like vegetables. But, these years, I started to feel bored with vegetables. Some people that didn’t know me will say that I never liked vegetables. They were so wrong hahahaha.. yet they thought they knew me. So, this time, I ate the kailan. It was fresh and tasted so good.

IMG_1282 IMG_1283

Delizio All Dining Restaurant

Soup Buntut 95k

A local favourite beef oxtail broth with fragrant herbs and spices served with steamed rice

Best oxtail soup ever! The beef were all tender and juicy and very appetizing. The broth was perfectly well seasoned. And it was one generous oxtail dish. Some place gave only 3-4 beef tops. I think in this bowl, countless beef hahahahaha.. I was very satisfied that night. Full tummy, smile face, sleepy head. LOL.


Laksa Benteng 43k

Peranakan spicy soup with vermicelli noodles served with shredded cucumber, chicken, prawns and coriander leaves

This wasn’t my order. I tried a sip and I knew right away that it was good. Will order it next time. 🙂

IMG_1296 IMG_1297

7 Spices Lamb Shank by Chef Vikas Khanna 108k

Lamb shank cooked in a mild yoghurt curry

I forgot to try this one, I guess. I didn’t really like curry sauce. But Fiona said it was heavenly delighted.


Sirloin Steak 111k

Grilled 8 oz imported sirloin served with vegetables, mashed potatoes and black pepper sauce

Too bad, we ordered medium well, and it came in well done. I didn’t try it because Tom said it was hard to chew. I asked him whether he wanted to keep it or to change it. Lucky them, he said no need to change it. If it’s me, I would definitely ask for new one. The correct one. 😀


Tenderloin Steak 175k

Grilled beef tenderloin served with roasted potatoes, steamed vegetables and barbeque sauce

This was my hubby’s order. He asked for medium well, but I guess it’s well done too. *sigh* Good thing, the beef tenderloin still tender for my palate, lucky him, right? Love the mashed potato. Yup, I changed the roasted potatoes into mashed potatoes. And it was delicious!


Rilassato Coffee Bar

Comfortable place for tea or coffee with simple snacks.

SAM_6861 SAM_6840

Wasabi Prawns by Chef Sam Leong 58k

Fresh prawns deep fried with crispy batter, dressed in wasabi mayonnaise and served with a mango salad

This is so good! I was skeptical about the wasabi mayonnaise. Turned out it was really really delish. They said it was one of their signatures. And I couldn’t agree more. It was worth it.


Cannella Bakery

Red Velvet

It tasted good but the texture was a little bit dry. Hope next time will be fluffier.


Lapis Surabaya

Same with the red velvet. A little bit dry. But, I love lapis surabaya, so I forgave the cake hahahaha..



We had our breakfast in the Delizio/Huang’s. It’s not much, but enough for us. I ate my breakfast before swimming. And after nobody came to swimming pool, I finished my swimming and went right back to the restaurant. Continued my breakfast hahaha..

SAM_6863 IMG_1310 IMG_1309 IMG_1317 IMG_1313 IMG_1314 IMG_1315


IMG_1319 IMG_1318 IMG_1330 IMG_1334 IMG_1335 IMG_1320 IMG_1326

Thank you so much Holiday Inn Cikarang Jababeka for the hospitality. Definitely one of the best hotels I’ve ever stayed.

Holiday Inn Cikarang Jababeka
Jl. Jababeka Raya Kav. A-2
Kawasan indrustri Jababeka 1
Cikarang, Bekasi
Phone: +62 21 28510000
IG: @holidayinncikarangjababeka

[HOTEL] Holiday Inn Cikarang Jababeka – Deluxe Room with Terrace – Part One

December 17th – December 18th, 2106.

I was very lucky to have a chance to visit a hotel in Cikarang area. When I told about this hotel, some people were like, “What? Cikarang? What can you do there? There’re only factories and industrial estates.” And the good thing is, I made up my mind to visit the hotel. Holiday Inn Cikarang Jababeka.


Located in a busy town, the capital of Bekasi, Holiday Inn Cikarang Jababeka offers a nice ambiance. The spacious lobby with Bali atmosphere greeted us when we came in. Such a calming and serene mood. We also got friendly gesture from the people there. I asked my hubby, “Are we really in Cikarang? Or you kidnapped me to Bali? LOL!” Actually it’s a silly question because we were picked up by driver from the hotel, directly to Cikarang hahahaha.. There’s no way we’re in Bali!! *big grin*

SAM_6841 SAM_6843 SAM_6842 SAM_6844 SAM_6854 SAM_6853

Deluxe Room with Terrace (Room 308)

– Free WiFi and wired Internet access, LED TV
– Refrigerator, minibar, coffee/tea maker, and 24-hour room service
– Premium bedding and a pillow menu
– Private bathroom, bathtub or shower, bathrobes, and free toiletries
– Sofa bed, safe, and iron/ironing board; rollaway/extra beds available on request
– Air conditioning and daily housekeeping
– No cribs (infant beds) or rollaway/extra beds available

Cute elephant in our room! LOL! Always fun to see animal-towel. Hihihi.. Well, the room is spacious enough for us. The beautiful bed is a modern tatami bed. It’s very uncommon, of course. But, it’s very comfortable. In my experience, I needed so much effort to leave the bed. It’s one possessive bed, I think. Hahahah. Nice bathroom with complete amenities. We’re so happy to see a balcony with pool view. Too bad, there’s still a construction beside the hotel, we felt uncomfortable to sit at the balcony. Maybe next time. 🙂

SAM_6850 SAM_6819 SAM_6825 SAM_6821 SAM_6826 IMG_1257 IMG_1258 IMG_1264 IMG_1269 IMG_1261 IMG_1260 IMG_1259 IMG_1303 SAM_6820 IMG_1263 IMG_1262 IMG_1265 IMG_1266 IMG_1267


OMG! Love the pool. Balinese atmosphere is all around. I took my swimming time alone, since my friends forgot to accompanying me. They’re too busy doing breakfast and OOTD stuff hahahahaha.. But trust me, the pool is outstanding. If you bring family, the children will love the pool. They also have a pool bar. Amazing, right? Cannot wait to visit the place again.

SAM_6849 IMG_1294 IMG_1304 IMG_1305 IMG_1306 IMG_1308


Relax, rejuvenate and restore at our luxury Orchidea Spa, with our new fusion concept of aromatherapy and massage. Sweep away your tiredness with us! 6 private rooms for spa are available.

Lucky me, I had a chance to do spa there. Well, it’s my 2nd time. Hahahaha. Still not a favourite since I had to open my clothes in front of the massage therapist LOL. So I turned my back while she’s giggling hihihi.. But I love the way she massaged me. She’s a very feminine girl but she’s very strong! She must be very tired for giving me such a great massage. And after the spa, I’m the one who need sleep more than her. LOL!!

IMG_1288 IMG_1289 IMG_1286 IMG_1287 IMG_1290 IMG_1293 IMG_1292 IMG_1291

to be continued

[HOTEL] Holiday Inn Bandung – King Executive Club Modern Tower

October 14th – October 15th, 2106

Weekend Getaway with hubby. Time for staycation after so many busy days and sleepless nights. Bandung, here we come!! First night, we stayed at Holiday Inn Bandung.

The perfect choice for your Bandung city stay. Holiday Inn Bandung is one of the international hotel located in the heart of the city. Only 5KM from Husein Sastranegara Airport and 3KM from Bandung Train Station. Located in Dago street, very close to some major attractions in Bandung, such as shopping and culinary.

Holiday Inn Bandung

photo credit to http://bandung.holidayinn.com

King Executive Club Modern Tower (Room 2502)

Located in the modern building relax and enjoy the peaceful surroundings of your spacious 35 sqm rm with modern design. Get entertained on various channels LCD TV and DVD player. Rooms feature WiFi iron and ironing board also safe deposit box. Get access to executive lounge for afternoon tea.

It’s a nice room. Too bad we had smoking room. But I love the size of the bed. It’s big with fluffy pillows. Carpeted flooring and wooden furnishings, the room was decorated in a modern style with elegant ambiance. They have bath tub and shower in the bathroom. Cool!

SAM_6141 SAM_6140 SAM_6142 SAM_6143 IMG_8457 IMG_8482 SAM_6137 IMG_8488 IMG_8483 IMG_8485 IMG_8486 IMG_8487 IMG_8515 IMG_8454 IMG_8455 IMG_8456


We were so happy when we were told that we will have dinner for complimentary there. Wow, what a nice offer. So, at dinner time, we went to downstair and were guided to Plum Lounge. We ordered food and drinks. Then, the server told us to try their Angkringan. Actually it’s from Yogyakarta’s tradition. Angkring means sit and relax. In most Central Java and Yogyakarta, Angkringan is a push cart that sells a variety of foods and beverages. In Holiday Inn Bandung, it’s at the lobby, only every Friday. From 3pm to 9pm.

IMG_8459 IMG_8462 IMG_8470 IMG_8471 IMG_8474 IMG_8475 IMG_8469 IMG_8460


Love the siomay bandung and the fried rice and kue cubit. OMG! The rest were also delicious but I prefer the siomay bandung hahaha.. It’s so good!!! 🙂 Not too spicy, sweet and savoury. Perfect.



First, we went to Kebun Bambu Restaurant, but it’s so crowded, they placed us at some meeting room at the back of the restaurant. Felt a little bit uncomfortable, then we moved to Executive Lounge. Proper place for a calm and serene breakfast moment. Love it! Some hotels make it less variants of food when we talk about lounge. But at Holiday Inn Bandung, the food was similar with the restaurant. Nice job!

IMG_8489 IMG_8499 IMG_8496 IMG_8510 IMG_8511 IMG_8509 IMG_8512 IMG_8513 IMG_8497 IMG_8498 IMG_8500 IMG_8501 IMG_8502 IMG_8503 IMG_8505 IMG_8508 IMG_8507 IMG_8506 IMG_8504


IMG_8491 IMG_8492 IMG_8494 IMG_8495 IMG_8514

Thank you Holiday Inn Bandung for your hospitality. We were very happy.

Holiday Inn Bandung
Jl. Ir. H. Juanda No. 31-33
Phone: +62 22 4211333
IG: @holidayinnbandung

[HOTEL] Holiday Inn Jakarta Kemayoran – Executive Double Room – Part Two

September 10th – September 11th, 2016

Botany Restaurant

Mixes vibrant and contemporary urban designed all day dining, our Botany features a blend of distinctive International and Local flavors in high quality standard to add more intrigue to your dining experience. Complimented by a unique service culture, Botany is creating a moments with family, friends or even in your special occasion.

Shabu Shabu Dinner

Back here again for our anniversary dinner. Every Saturday is Shabu Shabu Dinner. So yeah, we enjoyed shabu shabu for our dinner. We were so happy because I love shabu shabu. 🙂 It’s really a good time for us. We talked, we laughed, we did everything! Btw, there were only us and a couple sat right next to us.

IMG_7298 IMG_7295 IMG_7293 IMG_7290 IMG_7281 IMG_7282 IMG_7283 IMG_7284 IMG_7285 IMG_7306 IMG_7302 IMG_7291 IMG_7305 IMG_7287 IMG_7300 IMG_7292 IMG_7294 IMG_7286 IMG_7289 IMG_7288 IMG_7303 IMG_7304

Funny thing happened. After we almost finished our dinner, I saw they prepared a cake with candles. And I said to my hubby, “Wow, they are preparing cake for the couple next to us. Birthday cake! Birthday cake!” I was ready to sing for them hahahahaha.. Then, they sent the cake to my table. Uh oh.. and they said out loud, “Happy Anniversary!” What a surprise!


Breakfast Time

Breakfast time in a hotel is always a good time. We woke up in the morning with hungry tummy. Then, like a magic, breakfast buffet was in front of you. You could eat anything. And they had pork for breakfast. Pork fried rice. AMAZING!

IMG_7308 IMG_7309 IMG_7314 IMG_7310 IMG_7311 IMG_7313 IMG_7312

Thanks Holiday Inn Kemayoran for the very nice staycation experience. Definitely one of the best staycations ever. Pssst, my hubby said, “We should do this again. I love their connecting door to Food Centrum!” LOL.

Holiday Inn Jakarta Kemayoran
Jl. Griya Utama Blok B No. 1
Kemayoran, Jakarta Pusat
Phone: 021-29568800
IG: @hikemayoran

[HOTEL] Holiday Inn Jakarta Kemayoran – Executive Double Room – Part One

September 10th – September 11th, 2016

I haven’t got any plan for our 13th anniversary. I guess I need a staycation. No.. no.. not I, but We! We need staycation. Lucky me, I got a chance to stay in a hotel at Sunter Kemayoran area for one night. I’ve been to the hotel twice for foodtasting, and I love it. They have this great hospitality with friendly gesture everywhere. That’s what we need nowadays, right. Holiday Inn Jakarta Kemayoran.

The perfect base accommodation for any business traveler located just 1 km from Jakarta International Expo (JIEXPO) and 1.8 kms from Kemayoran toll gate providing easy access to Jakarta Soekarno-Hatta International Airport. For golf enthusiasts, our hotel is a short walk from 18-hole Bandar Kemayoran Golf Course. Holiday Inn Jakarta Kemayoran offering 257 rooms with complimentary Internet access and convenient facilities including Botany all day dining, Habitat Lounge, Infinity Pool and Bar and Health Club. We are ready to welcome you with a commitment to friendly and attentive service.


Love their huge lobby. High ceiling with bright lighting. I think I said before in another review, that I think lobby is one important element for a hotel. It’s the first impression that’s important. 🙂 Well, after checked-in, we claimed our welcome drink in Habitat. They gave us options, whether soft drinks or juices. So I chose orange juice while hubby chose apple juice. And we enjoyed our welcome drinks first before went to the room.

Habitat Lobby Lounge

Need a release valve? Habitat located at the heart of Hotel lobby, allows you to warm up and feel relaxed. Indulge with your favorite cocktail mixed by our mixologist. If you need caffeine, like it hot or cold, simply ask our barista to make it for you. Be yourself while experiencing your drink at Habitat.

SAM_5743 SAM_5745 SAM_5746 SAM_5747

Headed our steps to level 15 (we needed our keycard to click the button on the elevator), we were so happy. It’s been so long since we had our honeymoon staycation in executive room. LOL.

We offers an unprecedented 257 fresh rooms designed in modern style with selection of 8 room choices with all the amenities hotel guests now come to expect from hotel accommodation. Each room at Holiday Inn Jakarta Kemayoran is air-conditioned and fitted with a flat-screen satellite TV, seating area, and an en suite bathroom featuring hot and cold shower facilities, hairdryer, and free toiletries. Fresh towels and bed linens are also provided. Guests can enjoy views of the city from the rooms.

Executive Double Room (Room 1528)

Room size: 32 m²
Bed: 1 extra-large double bed
This double room features a bathrobe, electric kettle and DVD player.
Room facilities: Air Conditioning, Bath or Shower, Bathroom, Carpeted, City view, Desk, DVD Player, Electric kettle, Flat-screen TV, Free toiletries, Hairdryer, Iron, Ironing Facilities, Linen, Pool view, Satellite Channels, Telephone, Toilet, Toilet paper, Towels, Wardrobe/Closet.

Well, it’s comfortable. Not a huge room, but very comfortable. The bed is very cozy with soft and fluffy pillow. The executive room is so beautiful and restful. My hubby had to drag me from the room to go out and had lunch with him LOL. But he said, “I love the options of their TV programs. It’s everything in there.” Hahaha. My hubby was a moviegoer. So it’s very important to him to have many options in the TV. Btw, we love the bathroom. Like the bedroom itself, it’s not huge but lovely.

SAM_5748 IMG_7256 SAM_5750 IMG_7257 IMG_7265 SAM_5749 IMG_7260 IMG_7259 IMG_7258 SAM_5751 SAM_5752 IMG_7261 IMG_7264 IMG_7262 IMG_7263

Executive Lounge

Before we had lunch nearby, we stopped by at Executive Lounge. They served soft drinks and juices. Biscuits and snacks were served too. A really nice place to have chit chat or just listen to slow music. At night, they have wine and finger food. Isn’t it amazing?

SAM_5762 SAM_5760 SAM_5759 IMG_7267 IMG_7266 IMG_7268 IMG_7269

Infinity Pool and Bar

You can enjoy our poolside service from Infinity Pool and Bar, upbeat the sun or stay healthy in our fitness centre, located at the same floor.

SAM_5782 SAM_5783 IMG_7315 IMG_7316 IMG_7317 IMG_7318 IMG_7319

Fitness Centre

Located at 3rd floor, include exercise facilities, shower and changing rooms with self-service concept. Towels are also provided. Fitness Center Equipment:Rower, Treadmill, Stationary Bicycle.

SAM_5784 SAM_5785 SAM_5786 IMG_7321 IMG_7322 IMG_7323 IMG_7320

to be continued