Habitual Coffee & Eatery X RBK at Bendungan Hilir Jakarta

September 14th, 2017. Before Habitual Coffee & Eatery opened its door, Aline told me and Cindy about it. She got the information about the new coffee shop from her friends. It’s actually the same group with Roti Bakar Kemang. Well, after opened for a week, we visited the place. Yaaaaay. When we came, they still hadContinue reading “Habitual Coffee & Eatery X RBK at Bendungan Hilir Jakarta”

[BALI] Habitual Quench and Feed Kerobokan Bali

January 19th, 2016. Before we went back home, we wanted to try a place that serve delicious food. And I heard somewhere, there’s a place that fit with our needs. We met up with one of BaliFoodies there, Martha. So yeah.. it’s her recommendation. Habitual Quench and Feed. One good thing about habit is, you haveContinue reading “[BALI] Habitual Quench and Feed Kerobokan Bali”