DELICAÈ: A Kitchen with a Soul at Senayan City Jakarta

May 31st, 2017. I was invited to grand opening of DELICAÈ. It’s a delightful dining experience curated by Senayan City spotlighting the best of Jakarta’s favourite culinary under one roof. DELICAÈ introduce the most exciting food concepts and menu creations with the people that give Jakarta its heart. Vegans, omnivores, pescetarians, gluten-free, and everything inContinue reading “DELICAÈ: A Kitchen with a Soul at Senayan City Jakarta”

[SINGAPORE] I Left My Heart in Singapore (day four)

25 November, seperti kemaren, bangun kesiangan *tepok jidat* perut udah laperrrrrrrrr.. Hubby kepingin makan di Ho Kee Pau, tp gw gak rela kalo cuma makan Songfa sekali doank. So, gw kabur ke Songfa Bakuteh pagi itu, hubby mandi dan segala macam. Setelah selesai, baru kita otw ke Ho Kee Pau di People’s Park Centre. GwContinue reading “[SINGAPORE] I Left My Heart in Singapore (day four)”