1945 Restaurant at Fairmont Hotel Senayan Jakarta

October 4th, 2018. First timer ke 1945 Restaurant nih. Dulu cuma ngeliatin temen2 udah ke sana hahaha. Pengen ke sana sendiri tapi dulu tuh gw gak terlalu suka Indonesian food. Jadinya takut gak cocok sama lidah gw. Nah pas banget skr udah mulai doyan, eh pas diajakin ke sana. Yuk cusss. 1945 is an innovativeContinue reading “1945 Restaurant at Fairmont Hotel Senayan Jakarta”

Peacock Lounge Fairmont Hotel Senayan Jakarta

August 20th, 2016. The first time I heard about this place, one of my friends asked me to come with her. But it never happened. *cry* Yeah, we’re too busy with our own life. LOL. So, when I had chance to go there, I didn’t take a long time to decide. Finally! I saw theirContinue reading “Peacock Lounge Fairmont Hotel Senayan Jakarta”

Barong Bar and View, Fairmont Hotel Senayan Jakarta

September 30th, 2015. I went to Fairmont Hotel Senayan. After their grand launch back in August, Fairmont placed themselves as the most F&B establishment in Jakarta with total 10 restaurants / bar. Well, I couldn’t agree more with those who said to me that Fairmont will be the most luxurious five star hotel in Jakarta. ButContinue reading “Barong Bar and View, Fairmont Hotel Senayan Jakarta”

Sapori Deli Fairmont Hotel Senayan Jakarta

August 10th, 2015. I went to Sapori Deli, the newly launched deli at Fairmont Hotel Jakarta. I met fellow foodies there. And I thought, “yes, definitely will have so much fun.” Located in 3rd floor of Fairmont Jakarta, Sapori Deli divided into 2 parts. I will tell you about the place after this, with picturesContinue reading “Sapori Deli Fairmont Hotel Senayan Jakarta”