JEP Kopi at Tebet Jakarta

December 26th, 2017. As usual, when I went to one area, I went to several places. At the time I went to Tebet area, and JEP Kopi was one of them. It’s really a hidden gem. A humble place with overwhelming coffee and friendly baristas. We almost missed the place, but just in time the waze told us, “you are arriving at your destination.” Well, something like that.


JEP Kopi opened their stall at the same place with another stall. But the other stall wasn’t selling coffee, but selling food. The place is really modest. Just a petite place with gentle gesture. JEP means drink in Aceh language. The concept is actually grab and go, utilizing an area in front of the terrace of the house.

IMG_9541 IMG_9542 IMG_9543 IMG_9546 IMG_9545 IMG_9544

JEP Es Kopi Susu 18k

ice latte, creamer and brown sugar

It was creamy, sweet and milky with delicious aroma. I was impressed. I thought it would be just an ordinary es kopi susu. Turned out I was wrong. It was one of the best es kopi susu for me. Well, some es kopi susu for me just tasted sweet or overly-sweet. This one was a little bit different. I think they put something else hahahaha. Something very very good. LOL! Just kidding!

IMG_9547 IMG_9548

Thank you JEP Kopi for the delicious coffee.

JEP Kopi
Jl. Tebet Timur IV No.9
Tebet, Jakarta
Phone: +62 819-0800-4633
IG: @jepkopi


Darling Habit Bake & Butter at Tebet Jakarta

December 26th, 2017. I fell in love with Darling Habit Bake & Butter the minute I laid my eyes on it. It’s very cute, like a house in fairytales. LOL. I asked hubby to take me there. “I must go there..” I said to hubby. “..before anyone else.” Hahahaha.. Ambitchious!


Divided into 2 areas. Smoking area in a very dazzling garden. Non smoking area in a very beautiful house. Located just across of Taman Tebet, it’s very easy to find. At first, we couldn’t get any parking area. There was a good spot, but a taxi parked there first. So we went to another place, then came back. And the taxi was still there. Then I told hubby to go to another place. But in a second, the taxi drove away. OMG. Such a coincidence.

IMG_9553 IMG_9554 IMG_9556 IMG_9555 IMG_9557 IMG_9550 IMG_9551 IMG_9552 IMG_9560 IMG_9564 IMG_9559 IMG_9558 IMG_9561 IMG_9562 IMG_9563 IMG_9565 IMG_9566

Ice Coffee Darling 18k

They have 2 coffee, darling and habit. I chose darling because it’s more milky than the habit. It’s sweet and creamy. Just perfect for me. If you like more coffee in your ice coffee, you should order ice coffee habit. But if you prefer a lighter coffee, order this ice coffee darling. It’s literally coffee, milk, palm sugar and cream. Nice!

IMG_9570 IMG_9571

Iced Tea 12k

Yeah, hubby never liked coffee, so he ordered iced tea. Well, big glass. Love it hahaha..


Smoked Beef & Cheese Croissant 20k

I didn’t really like the texture of the croissant. Too mushy for me. I prefer the croissant a little bit crunchier and crispier. But the smoked beef and cheese were good. The flavour was strong and marvelous. But I will try their other food next time I go there again.

IMG_9568 IMG_9569

Thank you Darling Habit for the lovely day. You are such a darling, indeed.

Darling Habit Bake & Butter
Jl. Tebet Barat No.66
Tebet, Jakarta
Phone: +62 822-1190-9981
IG: @darlinghabit

Pardon My French at Wahid Hasyim Jakarta

October 18th, 2017. Yup, I went to Pardon My French over two months ago. And didn’t have the urge to make the review. Well, maybe because I wasn’t impressed much there. I went at the time with Aline. When we arrived, they said that we couldn’t order the big menu. Only the small plates. Aline was quite disturbed because she called them first and asked them, and they said we can order everything on the menu. Annoying, right? Then they said that the chef hasn’t arrived yet. After the chef arrived, we could order everything.


Regardless of the previous matter, I must saying that Pardon My French is a beautiful place, dominated with blue and white colour, wooden accent, marble and golden interior. Lovely ambiance with Teddy Bear as the mascot, they caught so many hearts with the cuteness of the bear hahaha.. Before they opened, I messaged them almost every day, asking when they will open hahaha. Still, they needed to upgrade their service. When we wanted to order another drink, the person behind the bar ignored Aline when she talked to her. Hmmmph.. what a disturbing gesture. Hopefully they improve their service. Anyway, Pardon My French means that they wanna tell us, “sorry we’re not French restaurant. we’re Japanese restaurant with a touch of French.” Nice. Oh, one more, they have spacious parking lot. Cool.

IMG_6905 IMG_6903 IMG_6904 IMG_6909 IMG_6911 IMG_6910 IMG_6913 IMG_6915 IMG_6916 IMG_6914 IMG_6912 IMG_6899 IMG_6896

Lemonade Lychee 40k

Refershing drink.with sweet and sour flavour. The presentation was very beautiful. A cooling drink for hot day.


Es Kopi Susu My Mother 40k

And I still don’t know why they named it es kopi susu my mother. Made by a mom, perhaps? Well, it was good, with light texture and mild flavour. Made by coffee, milk and chocolate, it was perfect for my taste bud. *applause*

IMG_6925 IMG_6926

Lasagne Rolls 60k

Home-made Lasagne Sheets, Bolognese Sauce, Creamed Spinach

Tasted good, but the texture was too mushy. The spinach was too creamy and too soggy. I prefer they make the spinach crunchy hahaha.. Generous meat. Good!

IMG_6917 IMG_6918 IMG_6919

Truffle Wagyu Don 135k

Wagyu Beef, Steamed Rice, 63*Eggs

I put high expectation to this menu. Too bad, I didn’t find any special flavour in this menu. Well, the wagyu beef was tender but needed more flavour. And the rice was tasteless. Hope they will improve the flavour.

IMG_6920 IMG_6922 IMG_6924


Pardon My French
Jl. KH. Wahid Hasyim No.154
Kampung Bali, Jakarta
Phone: +62 21 29627721
IG: @pardonmyfrench.jkt

Kalima Coffee Shop at Kelapa Gading Jakarta

July 21st, 2017. Yes, it’s a very long time ago when I visited Kalima Coffee Shop. LOL. So, I will make it simple. Let us begin with the place. It’s not big. Quite petite, I say. Actually, they shared the place with @eatlahjkt. I went there alone and not staying too long.

IMG_1705 IMG_1707IMG_1708 IMG_1709 IMG_1706 IMG_1711 IMG_1712 IMG_1713

Iced Kopi Kalima 16k

I loved it. The light texture with creamy flavour and sweet taste. One of my favourite es kopi susu. 🙂

IMG_1717 IMG_1716

Why Kalima? See the address below. Cool, aight?

Kalima Coffee Shop
Jl. Sumagung 3 Blok K5 No.1
Kelapa Gading Timur
Kelapa Gading, Jakarta
Phone: +62 878-7885-8727
IG: @kalima.gdg

Roti Tiam at Pasar Modern BSD Tangerang

June 28th, 2017. I knew about Roti Tiam from Cindy. It’s too far away from my place, so it’s not on my list to visit the place hahaha. But, all of a sudden, I got a chance to stay in Serpong area. That’s when I asked my hubby to take me to Roti Tiam. Waaaaa.. so happy.


When I arrived there, it’s very crowded in the place. My hubby ordered for us while I went upstair to find more seats. Lucky me, there’s still one table upstairs. But I knew right away that he didn’t like the place. It was too crowded. There’s a girl screaming all the time to her mom. It’s still hot even though there’s AC upstairs. And I couldn’t took photos since there’s a lot of people. *sobbing* Psst, there were still waiting-list people after me. *still sobbing*

IMG_0695 IMG_0694 IMG_0693 IMG_0699 IMG_0700 IMG_0701 IMG_0697 IMG_0710 IMG_0713 IMG_0712 IMG_0711

Es Teh Tawar 6k


Es Kopi Susu 20k

They gave me Level 1 for the coffee. It was really good. It looked so milky and creamy, but the taste wasn’t that milky or creamy. Actually, I found myself addicted to this coffee.

IMG_0703 IMG_0704

Roti Kombinasi 26k

I chose combination of Meijses and Nogat. And it was dabest! Always love meijses and nogat. Combined those two and I got that bomb. My hubby was in love with the meijses and the nogat. We actually fought each other for the bread. And while writing about this one, I was literally drooling!

IMG_0705 IMG_0708 IMG_0709

Thank you Cindy for telling me about this place. It’s one worth-the-wait place to come back again and again.

Roti Tiam
Pasar Modern BSD R15
Pintu Barat R15
Jl. Letnan Sutopo
Phone: +62 21 53158440
IG: @rotitiam